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It's the greatest day in motorsports! We have Monaco in the morning, Indy in the afternoon and we're off to Charlotte for NASCAR's longest night to cap everything off! This is the COCA-COLA 600! Here is how they will line up:

1. Timmy Turner (20)
2. Tristan Taylor (22)
3. Dudley Puppy (19)
4. Danny Fenton (16)
5. Yugi Moto (11)
6. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
7. Vince Lasalle (55)
8. Edd (4)
9. Johnny Test (42)
10. Blossom (78)
11. Otto Rocket (3)
12. Kick Buttowski (14)
13. Randy Cunningham (48)
14. Guy Hamdon (41)
15. Kim Possible (88)
16. Storm Shadow (21)
17. Joey Wheeler (18)
18. Tommy Pickles (24)
19. Jeremy Johnson (31)
20. Cindy Vortex (10)
21. Phineas Flynn (43)
22. Nigel Uno (1)
23. Ed (27)
24. Ashley Armbruster (15)
25. Dipper Pines (66)
26. Ferb Fletcher (9)
27. Matt Quinlan (6)
28. Marco Diaz (25)
29. Rudy Tabootie (17)
30. Ben Tennyson (47)
31. Ash Ketchum (36)
32. Arnold Shortman (37)
33. Abigail Lincoln (5)
34. Nikki Wong (13)
35. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
36. Eric Cartman (26)
37. Aang (35)
38. Ginger Foutley (30)
39. Sokka (38)
40. Katara (34)
41. Hank Hill (23)
42. Homer Simpson (83)
43. Virgil Hawkins (32)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 88 degrees
Track Temp.: 116 degrees
Weather: Sunny and clear, no chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 6:14 PM


(1812 Overture)

Mike Joy: Going Tchaikovsky on the opening here, his 1812 Overture a fitting way to start our coverage of NASCAR's longest night, the 56th running of the Coca-Cola 600! This tradition started in 1960 and has since become one of the largest single day sporting events in the world! Tonight, we salute those who have served and those who have given their lives in the defense of our freedom. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Charlotte for the Coke 600 and NASCAR on FOX. Alongside Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds, I'm Mike Joy. Thanks for having us in for the race and a Happy Memorial Day to you and all those who have served at home and abroad. Larry, you're gonna be making upwards of around 15 pit stops across these 600 miles. As a crew chief, how do you keep yourself and your drivers sane during this race?

Larry Mac: I can tell you right now, Mike, that this race is absolute insanity! We're used to the 400-500 mile races. Add that extra 100 miles to that and you're pushed to the brink both physically and mentally. Attrition will come into play as well as fatigue. This is gonna be like the 24 hour endurance races at Daytona and Le Mans. The team that can endure the insanity is the team that we'll be seeing in Victory Lane at the end of 600 miles.

DW: We've seen all that there is to see here in this Coke 600....or so we think. Who knows what we're gonna see tonight? 600 miles is a lot of time for things to go awry and rest assured, anything can and will happen!

Mike Joy: Charlotte always puts on a big show for this Memorial Day, let's go down trackside for opening ceremonies.

Track Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats as the Charlotte Police Department honorguard presents our nation's colors. Please remain standing as the 108th Air Defense Batallion representing the 18th Airborne Corps in Fort Bragge preforms a salute to our nation's military.


(the 7 soldiers prepare their rifles)

Sergeant: AIM!

(guns are pointed towards the sky)

Sergeant: FIRE! 

(7 blanks are fired)

Sergeant: READY! AIM! FIRE!

(7 more blanks are fired)

Sergeant: READY! AIM! FIRE!

(7 more blanks are fired)


('Taps' is played)

Track Announcer: Here to preform our National Anthem, please welcome country music superstar and former 'American Idol' winner CARRIE UNDERWOOD!

(Carrie Underwood preforms the National Anthem as a set of F-18 from VFA 103 flies over the track)

Track Announcer: Race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports, please welcome our grand marshal, 2 time Super Bowl champion quarterback ELI MANNING!

Eli Manning: NASCAR Nation, I want you to raise your Coke bottles and join me in saying.....DRIVERS....START.....YOUR.....ENGINES!

(43 850 horsepower engines fire up)

Mike Joy: A day that began in Monaco, ran through Indy and comes to a dramatic conclusion here in Charlotte. This is NASCAR's longest night, the Coca-Cola 600. Ryan Seacrest set to drive the pace car here as we take a look at our Coca-Cola starting grid.

Timmy Turner scores his first Coke 600 pole with Tristan Taylor alongside him - a Toyota and a Ford on the front row.

Former Roush-Fenway teammates Danny Fenton and Dudley Puppy are in row 2.

Row 3 - Yugi Moto and Hoagie Gilligan, teammates to our front row starters.

In row 4 is where we find our first Chevy driver in Edd, driving the Fantastic 4 car for Stewart-Haas Racing.

Phineas Flynn, the defending winner of this race, starts outside row 9. 

Our In-Race Reporter starts on the inside of row 6, that's Otto Rocket. Let's dial him up, DW.

DW: I'm afraid we can't do that, Mike. Got some issues with the radio.

Mike Joy: NOT AGAIN!

DW: I'm gonna have the tech guys check the radio out during commercial and hope to get in touch with Otto soon.

Mike Joy: Let's check in with our NASCAR rules analyst, Andy Petree.

Andy Petree: It's all about mental sharpness here, Mike. In a 500 mile race, you'll make about 7 stops on average. Here in the 600, there's bound to be about 12-15 stops. There's been an increase of speeding penalties and tire violations this season and only about 20% of drivers that have been busted have finished in the top 10.

Mike Joy: Thanks, Andy. Pace car peels off to the pit lane. Now we can get to the business we came here for.

DW: Comin' to the green. Memorial Day weekend, this one's for the troops. BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! LET'S GO RACIN' FOR THE TROOPS, BOYS!

(Start of Coca-Cola 600)


Danny Fenton, the white car in 4th! Tristan Taylor 3rd!

None of the Hendrick cars cracked the top 10 in qualifying on Friday.

Larry Mac: And that's very uncharacteristic of those Chevys. You expect to see at least one of those cars in the top 10. Not the case here.

DW: Here we go again! Battle for the lead! Turner says 'NO WAY, DAWG!'

Mike Joy: If you thought the first laps were gonna be give and take....THINK AGAIN! These guys are racing like it's lap 390 instead of lap 4! Finally, the leaders are single file!

Rudy Tabootie up 7, Johnny Test up 7, Marco Diaz up 10 from where he started.

Larry Mac: We talked about this in the prerace, the Coke 600 is all about patience. You can't win it in the first lap, but you can certainly lose it on lap 1.

DW: I figure that once we get into the night, it'll be a complete role reversal. I guarantee it.

Mike Joy: We like to think of this race as a day-night triple header.

Breaking Down The Race
First 200 miles
Start - 8:30 PM

Air Temp.: 88 degrees
Track Temp.: 116 degrees

Trouble Spots: Turns 3 and 4

Car Needs: MORE GRIP!

(Lap 42 - Caution 1)


Larry Mac: No caution yet.....there it is.

Mike Joy: This will erase a 4.2 second lead that Timmy Turner had built up over Dudley Puppy. Crews now getting ready for the first of what on average is about 12-15 pit stops. Pits are now open and everyone's coming down! We start with Jamie Little.

Jamie Little: You talked about sticky feet there, Mike. Dudley Puppy's gonna be handed a rag to help with that, there's the drink for Puppy, 4 tires and fuel for Puppy and he's away!

Matt Yocum: Timmy Turner's car too free on exit, wedge adjustment complete - 4 tires and fuel for the 20 and Turner's away!

Top 10:

1. Timmy Turner (20)
2. Dudley Puppy (19)
3. Danny Fenton (16)
4. Randy Cunningham (48)
5. Otto Rocket (3)
6. Kick Buttowski (14)
7. Tommy Pickles (24)
8. Phineas Flynn (43)
9. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
10. Nigel Uno (1)

(RESTART: Lap 47 - 5 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Restart to come here at lap 47, it's Turner and Puppy leading them to green and Turner showing us how he won the All-Star Race last Saturday night!

Larry Mac: His crew was absolutely on point that night, Mike. Just like the initial start, Turner just shot out of turn 3 and wheeled his way past teammate Dudley Puppy!

DW: Whatever they did to Turner's car, it appears to be working so far!

Mike Joy: And look who's cracked the top 10? That's your Daytona 500 winner, Marco Diaz!

DW: That kid's gonna go far in this sport. I see great things for Marco Diaz.

Larry Mac: I see a woman on a mission right now, that's that 15 of Ashley Armbruster. She started 24th and now she's searching for a route to the top 10, bringing Dipper Pines in the 66 along for the ride!

(Lap 98 - Caution 2)

Mike Joy: And through the grass goes Storm Shadow!

Larry Mac: Caution is out.

DW: Storm Shadow in the 21....doin' a little lawn mowing.

(RESTART: Lap 102 - 4 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 102 laps complete this time by in Charlotte, green flag is out and this edition of CRANK IT UP goes out to the troops who have served at home and abroad on this Memorial Day.

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 158 - Caution 3)

Mike Joy: Cunningham gets loose, saves it, doesn't hit anything....CAUTION!

DW: And from what I've seen over the years, Randy Cunningham appears to be the best at rebounding from a spin. He just goes gas, brake, gas, brake and somehow manages not to hit anything.

Mike Joy: The race has entered its 2nd phase, the dusk phase! More from Charlotte after this!

(RESTART: Lap 165 - 7 caution laps)

Mike Joy: The dusk phase begins now, green flag is out and we're back to action in Charlotte!

Larry Mac: We break down the race once again, this time it's Phase 2 of the race, the 2nd 200 mile set:

Breaking Down The Race
Middle 200 Miles
8:30-9:45 PM

Air Temp.: 80 degrees
Track Temp.: 97 degrees

Trouble Spot: Turn 3


Mike Joy: And here comes the 41 of Hamdon....GUY HAMDON TO THE LEAD IN THE COKE 600!

(Lap 228 - Caution 4)

Mike Joy: Caution flag out for the 4th time as Spongebob Squarepants hits the wall hard in turn 3 to bring the yellow out this time with 228 laps on the board.

(RESTART: Lap 234 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 350 of 600 miles complete, green flag in the air, let's CRANK IT UP AGAIN!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 288 - Caution 5)


DW: And he finds the wall this time!

Larry Mac: Caution is out.

(RESTART: Lap 294 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 159 miles to go in the Coca-Cola 600, green flag will fly and Marco Diaz, one of the drivers who stayed out during the last round of stops, is paying the price for it now!

Larry Mac: And this is right around the time that you'd see a bunch of 2 tire, 4 tire stops. We're in the final 100 miles of this Coke 600 and we always say you're on borrowed time in these final 100 miles.

Mike Joy: 35 of the 36 Sprint Cup Series races are either 300, 400 or 500 miles. Those 500 mile races would be over in about....20-25 minutes from now. We've still got another 102 laps to run in this Coke 600. Some news right here in Charlotte - Speedway Motorsports and Coca-Cola just signed an extension. This race will be known as the Coca-Cola 600 through the year 2020. LEAD CHANGE! ASHLEY ARMBRUSTER TO THE LEAD IN THE COKE 600 WITH 100 TO GO!

(Lap 386 - Caution 6)


DW: And what have we always said about these final 100 miles, Larry?

Larry Mac: You're on borrowed time in these last 100 miles of the Coke 600. It was only a matter of time before something went bad.

(RESTART: Lap 392 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 8 laps, 12 miles to go in NASCAR's longest night, the Coca-Cola 600 - it's an MWR 1-2 as Armbruster and Lasalle lead them to the restart!

DW: It's been a rough start to the season for this 55 team. They need a spark, a win, a top 5....anything to build momentum as we get into the 2nd half of the regular season.

Mike Joy: They'd love a win because it would get them into the Chase! Vince Lasalle's teammate, Ashley Armbruster, is already in the Chase based on points. If she wins, she locks up a spot. Question is....will she give up the win to help her teammate?

Larry Mac: No team orders now, Mike. It's everyone for themselves. The bigger question is who can make it on fuel? Lasalle and Armbruster last pitted on lap 344. That's 56 laps to go, just outside the window to make it to the end. However, I think that caution on lap 386 helped them because they can make it to the scheduled distance here. 2 TO GO THIS TIME!

DW: And for the drivers still in the race, this time can't come soon enough.

Mike Joy: Ashley Armbruster with the lead, Vince Lasalle, her MWR teammate in 2nd. Armbruster to the high side and they pull the switch! Lasalle to the lead! FINAL LAP OF THE COKE 600! CAR IN THE WALL, TURN 2! That's the Wood Brothers car of Storm Shadow!

Larry Mac: No caution yet, they'll race on!

Mike Joy: A rough start to the year for Michael Waltrip comes the rebound! VINCE LASALLE WINS THE COCA-COLA 600! MWR COMES HOME WITH A 1-2 FINISH ON NASCAR'S LONGEST NIGHT!

(55 Team Communications)

Vince: Now this is more like it!

TJ: Go ahead and celebrate, Vince. You deserve it!

Finishing order - Coca-Cola 600:

1. Vince Lasalle (55)
2. Ashley Armbruster (15)
3. Otto Rocket (3)
4. Marco Diaz (25)
5. Tommy Pickles (24)
6. Edd (4)
7. Yugi Moto (11)
8. Joey Wheeler (18)
9. Timmy Turner (20)
10. Dudley Puppy (19)
11. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
12. Kim Possible (88)
13. Nigel Uno (1)
14. Jeremy Johnson (31)
15. Phineas Flynn (43)
16. Ben Tennyson (47)
17. Johnny Test (42)
18. Ferb Fletcher (9)
19. Kick Buttowski (14)
20. Guy Hamdon (41)
21. Danny Fenton (16)
22. Abigail Lincoln (5)
23. Cindy Vortex (10)
24. Rudy Tabootie (17)
25. Dipper Pines (66)
26. Ginger Foutley (30)
27. Ash Ketchum (36)
28. Arnold Shortman (37)
29. Blossom (78)
30. Tristan Taylor (22)
31. Ed (27)
32. Hank Hill (23)
33. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
34. Aang (35)
35. Katara (34)
36. Sokka (38)
37. Nikki Wong (13)
38. Storm Shadow (21) (DNF: Accident)
39. Matt Quinlan (6) (DNF: Engine)
40. Randy Cunningham (48) (DNF: Accident)
41. Eric Cartman (26) (DNF: Electrical)
42. Homer Simpson (83) (DNF: Brakes)
43. Virgil Hawkins (32) (DNF: Overheating)

Points (after 12 of 36 races):

1. Marco Diaz - 441 points (1 win)
2. Tommy Pickles - 439 points
3. Edd - 413 points
4. Yugi Moto - 410 points (1 win)
5. Otto Rocket - 399 points (2 wins)
6. Timmy Turner - 397 points (1 win)
7. Joey Wheeler - 380 points (1 win)

8. Dudley Puppy - 347 points
9. Dipper Pines - 346 points (1 win)
10. Kim Possible - 339 points
11. Randy Cunningham - 333 points
12. Kick Buttowski - 324 points (1 win)
13. Phineas Flynn - 322 points
14. Guy Hamdon - 321 points (1 win)
15. Nigel Uno - 320 points
16. Hoagie Gilligan - 319 points
17. Ashley Armbruster - 318 points
18. Danny Fenton - 313 points
19. Jeremy Johnson - 309 points

20. Abigail Lincoln - 305 points
21. Tristan Taylor - 279 points
22. Johnny Test - 276 points
23. Matt Quinlan - 262 points
24. Rudy Tabootie - 255 points
25. Ferb Fletcher - 248 points
26. Vince Lasalle - 237 points (1 win)
27. Cindy Vortex - 229 points
28. Ed - 227 points
29. Ben Tennyson - 221 points
30. Arnold Shortman - 213 points (1 win)
31. Blossom - 210 points
32. Nikki Wong - 202 points
33. Ash Ketchum - 201 points
34. Ginger Foutley - 200 points
35. Aang - 179 points
36. Katara - 176 points
37. Sokka - 163 points
38. Hank Hill - 154 points
38. Storm Shadow - 138 points
40. SpongeBob Squarepants - 117 points
41. Virgil Hawkins - 97 points
42. Homer Simpson - 67 points
43. Eric Cartman - 49 points

Next Race: FEDEX 400 benefiting Autism Speaks

NASCAR Toon Cup 2015: COCA-COLA 600
It's time for NASCAR's longest night! We start in the heat of late afternoon, go through dusk and end under the bright lights of Charlotte Motor Speedway. It's a Memorial Day Weekend tradition over half a century old....THE COCA-COLA 600!

Note: I may be a little late in posting the FedEx 400 because I'm actually going to the real life race.
It's that time of year again! It's Memorial Day Weekend, a time to look back and celebrate those who gave their lives in the defense of the world. It is also a time for racing! We have the 3 biggest races of the year all on the same day! Monaco in the morning, Charlotte at night and The Greatest Spectacle In Racing, the Indianapolis 500, RIGHT NOW! Here are the 33 drivers who will battle it out for the Borg-Warner Trophy:

1. Otto Rocket (26)
2. Marco Diaz (22)
3. Randy Cunningham (1)
4. Dipper Pines (18)
5. Tommy Pickles (3)
6. Dan Kuso (9)
7. Todd Daring (2)
8. Ben Tennyson (10)
9. Ash Ketchum (8)
10. Ish Taylor (14)
11. Johnny Test (4)
12. Timmy Turner (16)
13. Spongebob Squarepants (34)
14. Guy Hamdon (19)
15. Tommy Turnbull (20)
16. Becky Botsford (27)
17. Alvin Seville (28)
18. Wyatt Williams (7)
19. Jonesy Garcia (6)
20. Manny Rivera (25)
21. Ricky Cervantes (41)
22. Ashoka Tano (83)
23. Tai Kamiya (15)
24. Phineas Flynn (99)
25. Abigail Lincoln (5)
26. Hank Hill (82)
27. Jimmy Neutron (67)
28. Eli Shane (17)
29. Ferb Fletcher (77)
30. Nigel Uno (98)
31. Gumball Waterson (91)
32. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
33. Arnold Shortman (68)

Track Specs:

Description: 2.5 mile permanent oval
Distance: 200 laps/500 miles

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 80 degrees
Track Temp.: 102 degrees
Weather: Sunny and clear, no chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 12:20 PM


(ABC Wide World of Sports intros 1960s-2006)

(Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones)

Jim McKay: Good afternoon, I'm Jim McKay speaking to you from one of the most exciting spots at one of the most exciting moments in all the Wide World of Sports. Behind me the cars are being wheeled out onto the track....

Jack Nicholson (voiceover): Imagine a place that transcends time....where the thrill of victory brings our heroes together.

Jim McKay: You think you can be leading?

Tommy: I don't think you'll ever beat the track. You gotta show respect.

Jack Nicholson (voiceover): Where racing legacies last forever....a place where the bounty is worth the blood.


Jack Nicholson (voiceover): The story is still the same. Man and machine bending time....pushing limits to the razor's edge at a track where the limits push back. A singular desire passed down through generations. That's immortality. The Indianapolis today, live forever. 

(ESPN SpeedWorld 1998-2006 theme)

Marty Reid: That intro tease pretty much summed up the atmosphere here in Indianapolis as for the 51st consecutive year, ABC welcomes you to live flag to flag coverage of the one race on the IndyCar schedule that guarantees immortality. This is the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500! Happy Memorial Day everyone. Alongside Rusty Wallace and Scott Goodyear, I'm Marty Reid, welcome to Indianapolis. Let's now head down to the Yard of Bricks and track announcer Dave Callabro for driver intros.

Dave Callabro: Race fans, please turn your attention to the Yard of Bricks for the starting grid of the 2015 INDIANAPOLIS 500! ARE YOU READY?

Starting in row 11 - On the outside, from Seattle, Washington, ARNOLD SHORTMAN! In the middle, from Osaka, Japan, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! And on the inside, from England, GUMBALL WATERSON!

In row 10 - On the outside, originally from Sheffield, England, now living in Richmond, Virginia, NIGEL UNO! In the middle, his fellow countryman, FERB FLETCHER! And on the inside, from Vancouver, Canada, ELI SHANE!

In row 9 - On the outside, from Houston, Texas, JIMMY NEUTRON! In the middle, his fellow statesman, HANK HILL! And on the inside, from Richmond, Virginia, ABIGAIL LINCOLN!

Moving to row 8 - On the outside, from Danville, Washington, PHINEAS FLYNN! In the middle, from Japan, TAI KAMIYA! And on the inside, from South Africa, ASHOKA TANO!

In row 7 - On the outside, from Canton, Ohio, RICKY CERVANTES! In the middle of row 7, from Mexico City, Mexico, MANNY RIVERA! And from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on the inside of row 7, JONESY GARCIA!

Off to row 6 - On the outside, also from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, WYATT WILLIAMS! In the middle, from Los Angeles, California, ALVIN SEVILLE! And on the inside, from Oklahoma, Alvin's Andretti teammate, BECKY BOTSFORD!

In row 5 - On the outside, from England, TOMMY TURNBULL! In the middle, from Sydney, Australia, GUY HAMDON! And on the inside, from Florida, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

In row 4 - On the outside, from Los Angeles, California, TIMMY TURNER! In the middle, from Denver, Colorado, JOHNNY TEST! And on the inside, from Canton, Ohio, ISH TAYLOR!

Moving to the 3rd row - On the outside, from Tokyo, Japan, ASH KETCHUM! In the middle, from California, BEN TENNYSON! And on the inside of row 3, from Colorado, TODD DARING!

In row 2 - On the outside, from Tokyo, Japan, DAN KUSO! In the middle, from New York, TOMMY PICKLES! And on the inside, from Piedmont, California, DIPPER PINES!

On our front row - On the outside, from New York, RANDY CUNNINGHAM! In the middle, from California, his teammate MARCO DIAZ! And our polesitter for the 99th Indianapolis 500, from Daytona Beach, Florida.....OTTO ROCKET!

RACE FANS! Here they are! The 33 drivers in today's 2015 Indianapolis 500 mile race! DRIVERS, TO YOUR CARS!

Marty Reid: So there they are, the 33 gladiators who hope to conquer the Brickyard and claim that coveted Borg-Warner Trophy at the end of 500 miles. Now we welcome in Scott Goodyear and Rusty Wallace. Guys, it's game time!

Scott Goodyear: Game time indeed. This is a high speed chess match, Marty. Teams have to predict what their opponent's next move will be. One mistake could end their Indy 500 early.

Rusty Wallace: These teams started preparations for this year's 500 right after the checkered flag waved on last year's race. You need to be absolutely perfect here because you won't get another shot at an Indy 500 until next year. 500 perfect miles and you'll be the one drinking the milk in Victory Lane!

Marty Reid: The Greatest Spectacle in Racing just moments away from going green. Let's head down trackside.

Dave Callabro: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats as the Indianapolis Police Department colorguard presents our nation's colors. Please remain standing as multi-Platinum recording artist JORDIN SPARKS honors America with the singing of our National Anthem.

(Jordin Sparks sings the National Anthem as the 122nd Fighter Wing Battalion from the Indiana National Guard flies over the track)

Dave Callabro: Race fans, it's time for a magical moment at the Indianapolis 500! Here to preform BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA, please welcome Indiana a capella group STRAIGHT NO CHASER!

Straight No Chaser: Back home again in Indiana
And it seems that I can see
The gleaming candlelight, still burning bright
Through the sycamores for me
The new-mown hay sends out its fragrance
Through the fields I used to roam
When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash
How I long for my Indiana home

Dave Callabro: Ladies and Gentlemen, STRAIGHT NO CHASER! And now for the most famous words in motorsports, please welcome the honorable MARI HULMAN GEORGE!

Mari Hulman George: Ladies and Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!

(33 900 horsepower engines fire up)

Marty Reid: Well, this is it everyone. A year of preparations have come down to 1 day of perfect execution. That's all that stands in the way of 1 driver claiming the coveted Borg-Warner Trophy. We take a look at our starting grid as it rolls across the top of your screen and as we do that, we'll get some stories from pit road starting with Rick DeBruhl.

Rick DeBruhl: Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick, Graham Rahal, all famous names if you're a race fan. But could today be the day that an unknown becomes familiar worldwide. Maybe it'll be Andretti Autosport driver Manny Rivera, the 16 year old Mexican who's shocked the world with his speed throughout the month. Who's day will it be today?

Dave Despain: The drivers near the back of the field will soon find out that patience is the key here at the Indianapolis 500. They have to choose the right moment to attack and charge through the field. When you've built your life around speed, patience doesn't always come easy.

Bill Weber: The drivers may get all the glory, but 8-10 times today for about 9-11 seconds, it'll be the pit crew's turn in the spotlight and the one thing that sits in their mind each time these guys jump over the pit wall....'don't let me be the one to screw up'.

Allen Bestwick: Bill, this race often takes precedence over life itself, not just for drivers, but for the girlfriends of the drivers. 2 drivers in today's field - Timmy Turner and Randy Cunningham - both of their girlfriends - Trixie Tang and Heidi Weinerman - are expecting children. Both of them are due today. Heidi Weinerman just informed me she is feeling light contractions, but she made a pact with Randy and with the team. They will not say anything. Why? Randy's focus is on winning the biggest race of his career. Then, he can focus on Heidi. Marty?

Marty Reid: Thanks, gentlemen. We'll check back in with you a little later on. Here's our 'What 2 Watch 4':

Tommy Pickles - Seeking Back To Back Indy 500 Championships

Drivers looking to break barriers

Rookie Marco Diaz - Starting 2nd

Scott Goodyear: Here we go, everyone. Pace car's on pit road!

Rusty Wallace: Goin' green this time!

Marty Reid: The Corvette Z06 pace vehicle piloted by Jeff Gordon pulls onto pit lane; This year's Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady, is at the ready, he has the green flag in hand, it's in the air and THE 99TH RUNNING OF THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 IS GREEN! Let's go FULL THROTTLE!

(START - 200 Lap Race)

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 52)

Marty Reid: Pit stops continue to cycle around here at Indianapolis. Hank Hill's in, so is Timmy Turner, Tai Kamiya, Ish Taylor....RACE LEADER'S IN! Allen?

Allen Bestwick: Marco Diaz had just taken the lead from Otto Rocket prior to ducking onto pit road, routine 4 tire stop for the 22 team and the rookie's away! Rick?

Rick DeBruhl: Ish Taylor was involved in that scary wreck late in the race last year. He's back at Indy, running strong to start, 4 tires and fuel for the 14 and he's away! Bill Weber?

Bill Weber: Timmy Turner on and off of pit road. His last radio check in wasn't about the car, it was to check in with his girlfriend. Trixie Tang radioed back to tell Timmy that she's hanging in there. 4 tires and fuel was all that Turner needed for now.

Marty Reid: Race lead has cycled back to Randy Cunningham. He has now led 24 of the 56 laps we have run. Doc, what's the latest on the 1 team?

Dr. Jerry Punch: Cunningham pulled into the pits 2 laps early because he thought he had a right rear tire going down. This is the right rear tire off Cunningham's car. The inner liner torn to shreds and the tire about ready to blow. A case of crew chief/driver chemistry in the pairing of Howard Weinerman and Randy Cunningham catching that tire situation may have just saved Cunningham's chances here at the Indy 500.

Scott Goodyear: Cunningham handled that like a veteran. He heard what sounded like a pop from the right side and rather than ride it out, he came right to the pit lane.

Rusty Wallace: Scott, with all my years in motorsports, I highly doubt I would've been able to pick up on that if I was driving these cars.

Scott Goodyear: That's because you never drove these IndyCars, Rusty.

Marty Reid: LEAD CHANGE! Marco Diaz snags the lead away from teammate Randy Cunningham and Diaz Nation goes wild!

(22 Team Communications)

Jackie: Marco, you are now leading the Indianapolis 500!

Star: I've never been here before and even I know leading is a good thing! Keep it up, Marco! 60 laps on the board!

Marco: (chuckles) 10-4, Star.

(Lap 98 - Caution 1)

Marty Reid: We've run almost half the race caution free to this point and right as I say that....we get a caution.

Rusty Wallace: I think you jinxed it, Marty.

Marty Reid: It's for debris in turn 2. There it is....

Scott Goodyear: Runaway hot dog wrapper!

Marty Reid: Caution comes here at lap 98, right after a cycle of green flag stops. There are some takers to the pit lane, but not a lot. We'll go Side-By-Side and be right back with you for the restart! You're watching the 99th Indianapolis 500 on ABC!

(RESTART: Lap 104 - 6 caution laps)

Marty Reid: Just past halfway here in the Indianapolis 500 as we go back to green flag racing! Turner, Diaz, Cunningham, Taylor, Ketchum are your top 5 as Turner pounces on the restart, he'll take the lead through turn 1!

Scott Goodyear: Rick DeBruhl talked at the top of the broadcast about the unknown driver becoming globally recognized. Timmy Turner races for Newman Haas Racing, a team that has won the 500 but once. That was back in 2004 with Buddy Rice. They've got a chip on their shoulders and they're looking to break the Curse of Buddy Rice.

Rusty Wallace: Speaking of curses, the Andretti Curse might be broken here today if any of the Andretti Autosport cars end up making it to Victory Lane! They've been strong all month, they have an all-star crop of drivers, it's only a matter of time before one of them breaks through to win the 500.

Marty Reid: We take a look and see where the Andretti cars are running right now at 106 laps:

Andretti Autosport:

Otto Rocket - 6th
Alvin Seville - 10th
Manny Rivera - 11th
Spongebob Squarepants - 14th
Becky Botsford - 15th

Marty Reid: But it is Timmy Turner who leads The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, but for how long? Here comes the rookie, Marco Diaz! 22 TO THE LEAD IN THE INDIANAPOLIS 500!

(Lap 158 - Caution 2)


Scott Goodyear: And we just saw why the Indy 500 is the greatest danger in motorsports.

Involved in Wreck - Lap 158:

Todd Daring (2)
Johnny Test (4)
Abigail Lincoln (5)
Jonesy Garcia (6)
Wyatt Williams (7)
Ish Taylor (14)
Tai Kamiya (15)
Guy Hamdon (19)
Tommy Turnbull (20)
Manny Rivera (25)
Becky Botsford (27)
Spongebob Squarepants (34)
Ricky Cervantes (41)
Hank Hill (82)
Gumball Waterson (91)
Nigel Uno (98)
Phineas Flynn (99)

Rusty Wallace: 17! That's got to be the most spectacular crash we have ever seen!

Marty Reid: 17 cars involved in our 2nd caution of the race coming out with now 40 laps to go here in the 99th Indianapolis 500. Cleanup continues here in Indianapolis, we'll be right back.

(Lap 164 - RED FLAG)

Marty Reid: Welcome back to Indianapolis, 36 laps to go here in the Indy 500, under the red flag for a massive 17 car wreck in turn 3 that claimed 4 of our contenders. Jack Arute is with one of the casualties. Jack?

Jack Arute: Phineas Flynn was just checked and released from the infield care center. Phineas, tell us what happened.

Phineas: I was heading down the backstretch, saw that 15 car close in and I tried to block him down low and ended up crashing us out along with half the field. Tai and I had some good runs going too. We were both running inside the top 10. Hate to see those kinds of runs go out the window.

Jack Arute: Phineas Flynn sees a top 10 run fly by the wayside. He'll finish 33rd in the Indy 500.

(RESTART: Lap 171 - 13 caution laps)

Marty Reid: Rocket, Turner, Pickles, Cunningham, Diaz are your top 5, we go back to green flag racing, we also go FULL THROTTLE!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 188 - Caution 3)

Marty Reid: The engine on the 16 of Timmy Turner has just let go! Caution comes out for the 3rd time with only 12 laps to go here in the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500. Otto Rocket is your race leader here. Saturday, the Verizon IndyCar Series heads for the Motor City for the lone doubleheader of the season, the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans. ABC coverage begins Saturday, 3:30 PM Eastern for race 1, race 2 begins Sunday, 3:30 PM Eastern, also on ABC. Coverage is presented by Pennzoil.

(RESTART: Lap 194 - 6 caution laps)

Marty Reid: 6 laps to go, you either bring home the Borg-Warner Trophy or the steering wheel! GREEN FLAG! HERE WE GO! Rocket to the lead!

Scott Goodyear: On board with Otto Rocket now, take a look at our biometric telemetry on Rocket. He's a 152 beats per minute, respiration at 50 breaths a minute and he's burning 28 calories a minute. This is one of the more stressful times of the race with less than 10 to go.

Rusty Wallace: These Andretti boys have a lot of pressure on them to do well. They want to break that Andretti curse. It dates back to Mario's win here in 1969. Since then, an Andretti car has yet to win here at Indianapolis.

Marty Reid: That may change within the next few minutes! 4 LAPS TO GO! Otto Rocket has now built up a 1 second lead over new 2nd place driver Marco Diaz. 3rd place now in the hands of Randy Cunningham. Penske looking to make it back to back wins in the 500, but will they have enough time to get to Rocket? 3 TO GO!

Scott Goodyear: Last time by, Rocket ran a 238.90 to Diaz's 238.40. That's a 41.08 for Rocket and a 41.22 for Diaz.

Rusty Wallace: All Otto Rocket has to do is continue at that rate and this race is his! It's his race to lose right now.

Marty Reid: We saw what happened here to JR Hildebrand in 2011. He was 1 turn away from victory and he slammed the wall coming to the line. Sure victory can turn into heartbreak in a flash here at Indianapolis. White flag in the air, THIS WILL BE THE FINAL LAP OF THE INDIANAPOLIS 500! Diaz is gonna try down low, he won't get him in turn 2, he'll try through 3 and 4....he'll run out of time! FLORIDA'S OTTO ROCKET WINS THE INDIANAPOLIS 500!

(26 Team Communications)

Otto: THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! Reggie, Clio....please tell me I'm dreaming right now!

Reggie: Rocket Boy, you aren't dreaming! You've just won the Indy 500!


Otto: YEAH! THE CURSE IS REVERSED! This win's for you, Andretti family!

Twister: Go ahead and celebrate, Otto-man. You and the Andretti family deserve it.

(Victory Podium)

Rick DeBruhl: Otto Rocket came into today with one goal on his mind....END THE ANDRETTI CURSE. He did more than that by claiming the pole and absolutely dominating the Indy 500. There he is! Otto Rocket, you are the 2015 Indy 500 champion! There's his girlfriend, Clio Rodriguez, placing the victory wreath around Otto's neck.'s what makes it official....the milk is what makes it official. THE TRADITION CONTINUES! Otto, that final lap, you had 2 of the Penske cars dogging you. What went through your mind during that last lap?

Otto: I was thinking 'please let there be a yellow'. I really thought that I wasn't gonna make it around without getting sandwiched by Marco and Randy. Those Penske guys are strong, put up a good fight and I commend Roger and the guys for putting together a great team. I also congratulate Marco on his new girlfriend. I already know he's got a keeper in Star Butterfly. She and Marco are just inseparable, it was just a matter of time before they hooked up. Tommy, my brother from another mother and of course, Randy Cunningham....congrats on the new additions. Can't wait to see them at the track. I couldn't have done this without the Andretti family, my sister Reggie, my best friend Twister, my dad Raymundo and my girlfriend, Clio. I think I'm forgetting someone here....oh, almost forgot another one of my friends and race strategist, Sam and my mom Noelani. Big thanks to Tito, too. Tito, if you're watching this back at the Shore Shack, just know that your boy Otto's comin' home with the Borg-Warner Trophy! Hold down the fort 'til we get home, 'kay? Thanks, dude!

Rick DeBruhl: Otto Rocket ends the Andretti Curse with a dominating performance in the Indianapolis 500.

That wraps up the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500! Here's how they finished:

1. Otto Rocket (26)
2. Marco Diaz (22)
3. Randy Cunningham (1)
4. Dan Kuso (9)
5. Timmy Turner (16)
6. Dipper Pines (18)
7. Tommy Pickles (3)
8. Ben Tennyson (10)
9. Ash Ketchum (8)
10. Alvin Seville (28)
11. Jimmy Neutron (67)
12. Arnold Shortman (68)
13. Eli Shane (17)
14. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
15. Ferb Fletcher (77)
16. Ashoka Tano (83)
17. Todd Daring (2) (DNF: Accident)
18. Johnny Test (4) (DNF: Accident)
19. Abigail Lincoln (5) (DNF: Accident)
20. Jonesy Garcia (6) (DNF: Accident)
21. Wyatt Williams (7) (DNF: Accident)
22. Ish Taylor (14) (DNF: Accident)
23. Tai Kamiya (15) (DNF: Accident)
24. Guy Hamdon (19) (DNF: Accident)
25. Tommy Turnbull (20) (DNF: Accident)
26. Manny Rivera (25) (DNF: Accident)
27. Becky Botsford (27) (DNF: Accident)
28. Spongebob Squarepants (34) (DNF: Accident)
29. Ricky Cervantes (41) (DNF: Accident)
30. Hank Hill (82) (DNF: Accident)
31. Gumball Waterson (91) (DNF: Accident)
32. Nigel Uno (98) (DNF: Accident)
33. Phineas Flynn (99) (DNF: Accident)

Points (after 6 of 24 races):

1. Marco Diaz - 253 points
2. Otto Rocket - 237 points
3. Randy Cunningham - 223 points
4. Tommy Pickles - 213 points
5. Dipper Pines - 199 points
6. Timmy Turner - 182 points
7. Dan Kuso - 169 points
8. Ben Tennyson - 146 points
9. Jonesy Garcia - 134 points
10. Phineas Flynn - 129 points

11. Todd Daring - 115 points
12. Alvin Seville - 111 points
13. Ash Ketchum - 107 points
14. Johnny Test - 93 points
15. Ferb Fletcher - 87 points
16. Jimmy Neutron - 86 points
17. Arnold Shortman - 84 points
18. Ashoka Tano - 83 points
19. Ish Taylor - 83 points
20. Abigail Lincoln - 83 points
21. Becky Botsford - 81 points
22. Eli Shane - 80 points
23. Sonic the Hedgehog - 76 points
24. Manny Rivera - 75 points
25. Guy Hamdon - 75 points
26. Tommy Turnbull - 74 points
27. Wyatt Williams - 73 points
28. Hank Hill - 71 points
29. Nigel Uno - 67 points
30. Ricky Cervantes - 66 points
31. Tai Kamiya - 57 points
32. Gumball Waterson - 56 points
33. Spongebob Squarepants - 54 points


Toon IndyCar 2015: 99TH INDIANAPOLIS 500
It's Memorial Day Weekend and that means it's time for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing! It's the 99th running of the INDIANAPOLIS 500!
Just one round separates 2 teams from the Stanley Cup Finals! 4 teams enter, 2 teams will advance to play for Lord Stanley's Cup! It's time for the Conference Finals! Here's the matchup schedule:

Devils vs. Sabers:

Game 1: Devils - 3; Sabers - 1 (Devils lead series 1-0)
Game 2: Devils - 2; Sabers - 0 (Devils lead series 2-0)
Game 3: Sabers - 6; Devils - 2 (Devils lead series 2-1)
Game 4: Sabers - 2; Devils - 0 (Series tied 2-2)
Game 5: Sabers - 4; Devils - 1 (Sabers lead 3-2)
Game 6: Devils - 6; Sabers - 3 (Series tied 3-3) 
Game 7: 5/29 @ Devils - 8 PM (Featured Game #3)

Sharks vs. Blues:

Game 1: Sharks - 5; Blues - 0 (Sharks lead series 1-0)
Game 2: Sharks - 3; Blues - 2 (Sharks lead series 2-0)
Game 3: Blues - 4; Sharks - 2 (Sharks lead series 2-1)
Game 4: Blues - 3; Sharks - 0 (Series tied 2-2)
Game 5: Sharks - 4; Blues - 1 (Sharks lead series 3-2) 
Game 6 (if necessary): 5/27 @ Blues - 8 PM (FEATURED GAME #2)
Game 7 (if necessary): 5/30 @ Sharks - 9 PM

The run for the Stanley Cup rages on! Who's your pick?
We're in Buffalo for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals! Can Pacifica Northwest lead her Sabers to a crucial win or will Tommy Pickles and the Devils continue their postseason dominance and put the Sabers on the brink of elimination? Here are tonight's starters:

Sabers (43-36-13):

Center: Robbie Valentino (29) [A]
Left Wing: Dipper Pines (14) [C]
Right Wing: Mabel Pines (33) [A]
Defenseman: Soos Ramirez (40)
Defenseman: Ford McGucket (11) 
Goalkeeper: Wendy Courduroy (1)

Devils (48-24-10):

Center: Tommy Pickles (24) [C]
Left Wing: Phil Deville (19)
Right Wing: Dylan 'Dil' Pickles (68) [A]
Defenseman: Kimi Finster (2)
Defenseman: Angelica Pickles (6)
Goalkeeper: Savannah Shane (35)

Referees: Brad Watson and Dennis LaRue
Linesmen: Shandor Alphonso and Don Henderson


Gary Thorne (voiceover): The Buffalo Sabers came into the league in 1970 and though they found success in the 80s and 90s, they've yet to win the Stanley Cup. In the 2015 Playoffs, Buffalo has come up with the most improbably of runs, upsetting the Islanders and the Flyers in their previous rounds. But they may have met their match. The Devils are the epitome of a dynasty. They have won 3 Stanley Cups and have been to the Finals 2 other times. The Devils are ruthless, efficient....a well-oiled machine, determined to destroy any and all pretenders to the throne. Their next target could be the Sabers unless their unexpected star, Pacifica Northwest, can pull a rabbit out of her hat and lead her team to a critical victory. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals....NEXT ON ABC!

(NHL on ABC 1999-2004 theme and opening)

Presented by Sprint

Gary Thorne: We're in Buffalo tonight and so are the Sabers, who put up an offensive explosion against the Devils in a 6-2 triumph Wednesday night. They'll need another performance like that as they look to even up the series and force a Game 6 back here on Tuesday. The Devils, on the other hand, once again turn to their #1 goaltender, Savannah Shane, trying to make sure they have a shot to close out the series at home on Sunday. We welcome you to Buffalo and to the NHL on ABC, Gary Thorne, Bill Clement, Mike Greenberg with you. Here we go again, gentlemen.

Mike Greenberg: That blowout win in Game 3 is keeping the Sabers in this series, but it'll take more than just that win to keep this team from the brink of elimination. They need their defense to come up big tonight.

Bill Clement: Gary, you said this during the pregame, this Devils team is a well-oiled machine. They know when to work for better shots and when to let it fly. They are bound and determined to win these games, win this series....they haven't won the Cup in 12 years and they're looking to change that.

Gary Thorne: Only 2 wins against the Sabers stand in their way of another shot at the Cup. We take a look at our officiating crew - Brad Watson, Dennis LaRue are the referees, Shandor Alphonso and Don Henderson are the linesmen, off-ice officials are from Tampa Bay and we are underway at First Niagara Center in Buffalo! 

Sabers will start with their potent first line of Valentino and the Pines twins. Defense consists of Ramirez and McGucket, Wendy Corduroy is in net.

Devils have Tommy and Dil Pickles with Phil Deville on the first line. Angelica Pickles and Kimi Finster out on defense and Savannah Shane is in goal.

Delayed call coming up, play continues until the puck changes hands.

Mike Greenberg: Judging by Peter DeBoer's reaction, looks like the call's against the Devils.

Gary Thorne: Kimi Finster will touch up, it will be icing on Buffalo and here's the call....

Bill Clement: It will be against the Devils, Greeny.

Brad Watson: Devils penalty, #24, 2 minutes for cross checking.

Mike Greenberg: Most obvious call in the book there. Both hands on the stick, powers his arms right through the attacking player....definitely a cross check.


Tommy Pickles
Cross Checking (Minor)
Time: 1:22 - 1st Period

(Later in the period....)

Mike Greenberg: Battle of the PK units so far, Gary. Neither one has given an inch to the other.

Bill Clement: You watch these units at work here, Mike, they are efficient, relentless, nothing will faze them.

Gary Thorne: Dipper Pines with an odd man rush, 2 on 1! Pines fakes a shot, fires....

....Rebound for Northwest.....SCORES!

(Buffalo Sabers goal horn)


Bill Clement: And Northwest continues her postseason explosion! She's gonna be a Conn Smythe finalist for sure if she keeps this up!

Mike Greenberg: She just kicks it into overdrive here. Pacifica sees the lapse on the defense for the Devils, the ill-advised double team on Dipper Pines. Pines takes a shot, has it blocked by Kimi Finster but what the Devils didn't account for and should've accounted for was the killer instinct of Pacifica Northwest as she launches an absolute laser beam past Savannah Shane!

Goal: Pacifica Northwest (20)
Assist: Dipper Pines (23)
Time: 17:34 - 1st Period

Period Summary:


BUF: Pacifica Northwest (20)
Assist: Dipper Pines (23)
Time: 17:34 - 1st Period


NJ: Tommy Pickles
Cross Checking (Minor)
Time: 1:22 - 1st Period

BUF: Pacifica Northwest
Interference (Minor)
Time: 6:02 - 1st Period

BUF: Preston Northwest
Elbowing (Double Minor)
Time: 8:44 - 1st Period

NJ: Drew Pickles
Charging (Minor)
Time: 14:33 - 1st Period

2nd Period Summary:




NJ: Savannah Shane (Served by Timothy McNulty)
Delay of Game (Minor)
Time: 3:19 - 2nd Period

NJ: Angelica Pickles
Fighting (Major)
Time: 7:16 - 2nd Period

BUF: Pacifica Northwest
Fighting (Major)
Time: 7:16 - 2nd Period

BUF: Dipper Pines
Tripping (Minor)
Time: 13:44 - 2nd Period

NJ: Tommy Pickles
Fighting (Major)
Time: 14:02 - 2nd Period

BUF: Robbie Valentino
Fighting (Major)
Time: 14:02 - 2nd Period

BUF: Robbie Valentino
Instigation (Minor)
Time: 14:02 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

Gary Thorne: Devils have pulled Shane, they trail 1-0, 1:20 to play in regulation. Extra attacker is on the ice, that's Estes Pangborn.

50 seconds left.

Pangborn will start the rush for the Devils. Pangborn, to Tommy Pickles for a shot! Rebound for Kimi Finster and cleared onto the stick of Dipper Pines!

Pines with a breakaway! Clear shot at the open net.....HE SCORES!

(Buffalo Sabers goal horn)


Goal: Dipper Pines (21)
Time: 19:48 - 3rd Period

Period Summary:


BUF: Dipper Pines (21) [Empty Net]
Time: 19:48 - 3rd Period


BUF: Soos Ramirez
Fighting (Major)
Time: 3:16 - 3rd Period

NJ: Kimi Finster
Fighting (Major)
Time: 3:16 - 3rd Period

BUF: Soos Ramirez
Unsportsmanlike Behavior (Game Misconduct)
Time: 3:16 - 3rd Period

NJ: Phil Deville
Fighting (Major)
Time: 9:44 - 3rd Period

BUF: Dipper Pines
Fighting (Major)
Time: 9:44 - 3rd Period

BUF: Robbie Valentino
Cross Checking (Double Minor)
Time: 13:18 - 3rd Period

3 Stars:

3rd Star: Dipper Pines
2nd Star: Pacifica Northwest
1st Star: Wendy Corduroy


Sabers - 38
Devils - 27

Final Score:

Buffalo Sabers - 2
New Jersey Devils - 0
Series tied 2-2

Time: 2:28

Attendance: 19,042

We head to San Jose for Game 5 between the Sharks and the Blues! STAY TUNED!
Toon NHL Playoffs: Sabers vs. Devils Game 4
Dipper Pines and the Sabers find themselves down 2 games to 1 in their best of 7 series against Tommy Pickles and the New Jersey Devils. Can Dipper's crew snatch a win at home or will the Devils put the Sabers on the brink of elimination?
This October, Toon NHL returns! 30 teams, 82 games, 1 mission....TO CLAIM THE STANLEY CUP! Here are the teams:

Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division:

Boston Bruins (Ben 10)
Buffalo Sabers (Gravity Falls)
Detroit Red Wings (Phineas and Ferb)
Montreal Canadiens (Total Drama)
Ottawa Senators (TUFF Puppy)
Tampa Bay Lightning (Johnny Test)
Toronto Maple Leafs (Code Lyoko)
Florida Panthers (Recess)

Metropolitan Division:

New Jersey Devils (Rugrats: All Grown Up!)
New York Islanders (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
New York Rangers (American Dragon: Jake Long)
Philadelphia Flyers (Hey Arnold!)
Washington Capitals (Codename: Kids Next Door)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Madagascar)
Carolina Hurricanes (King of the Hill)
Columbus Blue Jackets (American Dad)

Western Conference:

Central Division:

Winnipeg Jets (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
Chicago Blackhawks (Danny Phantom)
Colorado Avalanche (Kim Possible)
Dallas Stars (Jimmy Neutron)
Minnesota Wild (Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil)
Nashville Predators (Bakugan)
St. Louis Blues (The Fairly OddParents)

Pacific Division:

Anaheim Ducks (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
Calgary Flames (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Edmonton Oilers (6teen)
Los Angeles Kings (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Phoenix Coyotes (Family Guy)
San Jose Sharks (Rocket Power)
Vancouver Canucks (Wayside)


To be released on June 22nd

Broadcast Teams:


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Gary Thorne & Bill Clement
Ice Level Reporter: Mike Milbury
Studio Hosts: John Anderson, Barry Melrose, Ken Daneyko


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Mike Emrick/Ed Olczyk
Ice Level Reporter: Pierre McGuire
Studio Hosts: Liam McHugh (Bob Costas for the Winter Classic), Michelle Tafoya, Mike Keenan


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Kenny Albert & Mickey Redmond
Ice Level Reporters: Chris Myers, Matt Yocum
Studio Hosts: Curt Menefee, Dave Maloney, Erin Andrews, Jamie Little

Who's your team?


Michael Nebbia
United States
This October, Toon NHL returns! 30 teams, 82 games, 1 mission....TO CLAIM THE STANLEY CUP! Here are the teams:

Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division:

Boston Bruins (Ben 10)
Buffalo Sabers (Gravity Falls)
Detroit Red Wings (Phineas and Ferb)
Montreal Canadiens (Total Drama)
Ottawa Senators (TUFF Puppy)
Tampa Bay Lightning (Johnny Test)
Toronto Maple Leafs (Code Lyoko)
Florida Panthers (Recess)

Metropolitan Division:

New Jersey Devils (Rugrats: All Grown Up!)
New York Islanders (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
New York Rangers (American Dragon: Jake Long)
Philadelphia Flyers (Hey Arnold!)
Washington Capitals (Codename: Kids Next Door)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Madagascar)
Carolina Hurricanes (King of the Hill)
Columbus Blue Jackets (American Dad)

Western Conference:

Central Division:

Winnipeg Jets (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
Chicago Blackhawks (Danny Phantom)
Colorado Avalanche (Kim Possible)
Dallas Stars (Jimmy Neutron)
Minnesota Wild (Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil)
Nashville Predators (Bakugan)
St. Louis Blues (The Fairly OddParents)

Pacific Division:

Anaheim Ducks (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
Calgary Flames (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Edmonton Oilers (6teen)
Los Angeles Kings (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Phoenix Coyotes (Family Guy)
San Jose Sharks (Rocket Power)
Vancouver Canucks (Wayside)


To be released on June 22nd

Broadcast Teams:


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Gary Thorne & Bill Clement
Ice Level Reporter: Mike Milbury
Studio Hosts: John Anderson, Barry Melrose, Ken Daneyko


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Mike Emrick/Ed Olczyk
Ice Level Reporter: Pierre McGuire
Studio Hosts: Liam McHugh (Bob Costas for the Winter Classic), Michelle Tafoya, Mike Keenan


Play By Play/Color Commentary: Kenny Albert & Mickey Redmond
Ice Level Reporters: Chris Myers, Matt Yocum
Studio Hosts: Curt Menefee, Dave Maloney, Erin Andrews, Jamie Little

Who's your team?

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