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The IndyCar Series now heads to a track that's been in operation since World War I, the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin, for round 14 of the season, the ABC SUPPLY WISCONSIN 250! Qualifying was rained out, so the field was set by points. Here's how they'll line up:

1. Marco Diaz (22)
2. Otto Rocket (26)
3. Dan Kuso (9)
4. Timmy Turner (16)
5. Dipper Pines (18)
6. Jonesy Garcia (6)
7. Phineas Flynn (99)
8. Randy Cunningham (1)
9. Alvin Seville (28)
10. Ben Tennyson (10)
11. Tommy Pickles (3)
12. Tommy Turnbull (20)
13. Todd Daring (2)
14. Becky Botsford (27)
15. Eli Shane (17)
16. Manny Rivera (25)
17. Ish Taylor (14)
18. Ashoka Tano (83)
19. Jimmy Neutron (67)
20. Guy Hamdon (19)

21. Johnny Test (4)
22. Ash Ketchum (8)
23. Wyatt Williams (7)
24. Ferb Fletcher (77)
25. Abigail Lincoln (5)
26. Ricky Cervantes (41)

27. Tai Kamiya (15)
28. Arnold Shortman (68)
29. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)

30. Hank Hill (82)
31. Nigel Uno (98)

32. Spongebob Squarepants (34)
33. Gumball Waterson (91)

Track Specs:

Description: 1 mile permanent oval
Turns: 4
Distance: 250 laps/miles

Race Conditions:

Air Temp: 74 degrees
Track Temp.: 92 degrees
Weather: Cloudy, 70% chance of rain.
Green Flag Time: 2:25 PM


Announcer: The NBC Sports Network welcomes you to the following presentation of the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Leigh Diffey (voiceover): Last time the Verizon IndyCar Series hit the track, the series made its return to Atlanta. After a wreck-fest of a race, rookie Marco Diaz led the final 18 laps en route to his 2nd victory of the season. Now it's on to one of the oldest tracks on the circuit with now just 11 races left in the title chase. Who will rise to the challenge and claim victory at the Milwaukee Mile?

(Metallica - Fuel)


Leigh Diffey: NBC Sports presents....THE VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES! Today, it's the ABC SUPPLY WISCONSIN 250, live from the Milwaukee Mile in Milwaukee! In operation since World War I, the Milwaukee Mile has been the home of NASCAR, USAC, modifieds and the IndyCar Series, where names like Foyt, Unser, Hornish and Castroneves have claimed victory. Who'll be the next to claim victory here on the Milwaukee Mile? Our NBC race family welcomes you to Milwaukee for the Verizon IndyCar Series, I'm Leigh Diffey. I can tell you right now that we are in the hurry up. There's rain in the area, IndyCar wants to get this race in before any significant rain showers hit the area. Let's head down trackside.

Track Announcer: Race fans, here to deliver the most famous words in motorsports, please welcome head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks, legendary NBA point guard JASON KIDD!


(33 900 horsepower engines fire up)

Leigh Diffey: Engines fired here at Milwaukee as we welcome in Wally Dallenbach and Steve Letarte. Gentlemen, big news out of the series this week, Spongebob Squarepants has been released from Andretti Autosport as of the end of this season and current Indy Lights points leader Tom Majors will replace him in 2016. What do you make of this move?

Wally Dallenbach: Very surprising move on the part of Andretti Autosport replacing a driver with 2 years experience in the series with a young development driver like Tom Majors. I've seen him race in the Indy Lights series. He's good, but I don't think he's quite ready for the level of competition in the IndyCar Series.

Steve Letarte: This guy, Tom Majors, has 8 career Indy Lights wins. He lost out on the championship last year by 2 points to Marco Diaz. He's got 5 wins this year, firmly in control of the Indy Lights title hunt midway through the year. I think he's ready for 2016!

Leigh Diffey: Differing opinions on the big move by Andretti Autosport earlier this week. We take a look at our starting grid for today presented by Verizon:

1. Marco Diaz (22)
2. Otto Rocket (26)
3. Dan Kuso (9)
4. Timmy Turner (16)
5. Dipper Pines (18)
6. Jonesy Garcia (6)
7. Phineas Flynn (99)
8. Randy Cunningham (1)
9. Alvin Seville (28)
10. Ben Tennyson (10)
11. Tommy Pickles (3)
12. Tommy Turnbull (20)
13. Todd Daring (2)
14. Becky Botsford (27)
15. Eli Shane (17)
16. Manny Rivera (25)
17. Ish Taylor (14)
18. Ashoka Tano (83)
19. Jimmy Neutron (67)
20. Guy Hamdon (19)
21. Johnny Test (4)
22. Ash Ketchum (8)
23. Wyatt Williams (7)
24. Ferb Fletcher (77)
25. Abigail Lincoln (5)
26. Ricky Cervantes (41)
27. Tai Kamiya (15)
28. Arnold Shortman (68)
29. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
30. Hank Hill (82)
31. Nigel Uno (98)
32. Spongebob Squarepants (34)
33. Gumball Waterson (91)

We'll run 250 laps to cover the 250 mile distance. Pit road speed is 55 MPH and the pit window around 58-62 laps. Safety car to pit road! Field out of turn 4 and WE ARE GREEN IN MILWAUKEE! Let's get the SPIRIT OF INDYCAR!

(Spirit of IndyCar graphic)

(Lap 54 - Caution 1)

Leigh Diffey: We got a spin in turn 3! That's the 17 of Eli Shane! Caution will fly as he collects the 20 of Tommy Turnbull!

Wally Dallenbach: This is all a product of a slick racetrack, green racetrack, not much grip, cars are gonna be loose to start. Shane and Turnbull were just plain victims.

Steve Letarte: Looks like Shane got loose heading into 3, lost a right rear tire, Tommy Turnbull just had nowhere to go.

Leigh Diffey: Pits are open here on lap 56 and everyone's coming in! Kelli Stavast?

Kelli Stavast: 4 tire change upcoming for the 8 of Ash Ketchum, no adjustments this time and he's away! Meanwhile, the 19 of Guy Hamdon going to the super-soft compound tire, no adjustments for Hamdon and he's away! Dave Burns?

Dave Burns: Marco Diaz, the winner last time out at Atlanta, going for 4 tires and fuel, no adjustments for the 22 and he's away!

Top 10:

1. Marco Diaz (22)
2. Guy Hamdon (19)
3. Dan Kuso (9)
4. Ash Ketchum (8)
5. Randy Cunningham (1)
6. Ben Tennyson (10)
7. Ish Taylor (14)
8. Dipper Pines (18)
9. Phineas Flynn (99)
10. Alvin Seville (28)

(RESTART: Lap 63 - 9 caution laps)

Leigh Diffey: 63 of 250 laps now complete as we go back to green flag racing here at Milwaukee. Marco Diaz has led from the outset, Hamdon and Kuso right behind him but here comes Ketchum! Daring move by Ash Ketchum and he's up to 2nd! Cunningham to 3rd and Hamdon drops to 4th!

Wally Dallenbach: And what happened to Guy Hamdon? Let's take a look at this restart again. Steve, what do you make of this?

Steve Letarte: I think Hamdon spun the tires coming to the green. A costly mistake on his part, Wally. Kicked him back 3 positions!

(Lap 108 - Caution 2)

Leigh Diffey: 17 laps from halfway, under caution for the 2nd time as the 28 of Alvin Seville is stopped in turn 2. Possible engine failure for the 28 car has put us under caution here.....

Steve Letarte: And here comes the wrecker.

(RESTART: Lap 116 - 8 caution laps)

Leigh Diffey: 116 of 250 laps complete, 9 short of halfway and the rain is coming as we go back green and we give you the Spirit of IndyCar!

(Spirit of IndyCar graphic)

 (Lap 158 - Caution 3)

Leigh Diffey: 92 laps to go here at Milwaukee, under caution for the 3rd time today for debris in turn 4 and now a spin in turn 2, that's the 82 of Hank Hill! He collects the 41 of Ricky Cervantes!

Wally Dallenbach: That's exactly what happens when you race on a wet racetrack like this here at Milwaukee.

Leigh Diffey: These cars ducked on to pit lane last at lap 152, pit road not so busy this time, so we'll take a break from here in Milwaukee and come right back. This is INDYCAR ON NBC!

(RESTART: Lap 169 - 11 caution laps)

Leigh Diffey: 81 laps to go this time by at Milwaukee with the rain on the way as we go back to green flag racing! Kelli Stavast has an update for us. Kelli?

Kelli Stavast: Leigh, I'm here with Tommy Turnbull, who's just been released from the infield care center. Tommy, tell us what happened there.

Tommy Turnbull: I saw the 17 get loose off of 3, got me thinking "Please don't go up the track, please don't go up the track.....". Sure enough, Eli did go up the track and took me out with him. Story of our season so far - one race, we get a good finish and the next race it all unravels.

Kelli Stavast: Tommy Turnbull walks away with a 33rd place finish here in Milwaukee.

(Lap 206 - Caution 4)

Leigh Diffey: Back here at Milwaukee, caution comes out this time for.....

Steve Letarte: The humidity.

Wally Dallenbach: The humidity, exactly, Steve!

Leigh Diffey: Caution comes out with 44 laps to go here in Milwaukee as the rain is really starting to come down now.

Steve Letarte: And this was really close! Watch this:

Wally Dallenbach: Guy Hamdon was in the lead, Otto Rocket was right behind him, caution comes out right! Hamdon led that lap by a nose!

Leigh Diffey: Twister Rodriguez could not believe it!

(Lap 214 - RED FLAG)

Leigh Diffey: As you saw in our IndyCar Non-Stop, we are under the red flag for rain here with 36 laps to go. Guy Hamdon leads, Otto Rocket 2nd, Marco Diaz runs 3rd, Tommy Pickles 4th and Dan Kuso rounds out the top 5.....

Wally Dallenbach: That's it! They've called it!

Leigh Diffey: IndyCar has just made this race official! Guy Hamdon picks up his first win of 2015, he will win at Milwaukee! And Otto Rocket, came within a nose of claiming victory for himself.

(26 Team Communications)

Otto: We were this close, guys! THIS CLOSE!

Reggie: Clio, control my brother!

Clio: Relax, Reggie! You and I both have some news for Otto and Twister.

Otto: What kind of news?

Clio: Otto.....

Reggie: Twister.....

Clio and Reggie: We're pregnant.

Otto: Okay.....I'm gonna have to have a talk with Twister when we get to the hauler.

(19 Team Communications)

Guy: There it is, guys! Career win #1!

Kelly: Way to go, little bro!

Maz: You rock, dude!

That wraps up the ABC Supply Wisconsin 250! Here's how they finished:

1. Guy Hamdon (19)
2. Otto Rocket (26)
3. Marco Diaz (22)
4. Tommy Pickles (3)
5. Dan Kuso (9)
6. Ben Tennyson (10)
7. Randy Cunningham (1)
8. Dipper Pines (18)
9. Ish Taylor (14)
10. Phineas Flynn (99)
11. Ash Ketchum (8)
12. Arnold Shortman (68)
13. Jimmy Neutron (67)
14. Ashoka Tano (83)
15. Todd Daring (2)
16. Jonesy Garcia (6)
17. Timmy Turner (16)
18. Abigail Lincoln (5)
19. Nigel Uno (98)
20. Becky Botsford (27)
21. Manny Rivera (25)
22. Wyatt Williams (7)
23. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
24. Spongebob Squarepants (34)
25. Tai Kamiya (15)
26. Ferb Fletcher (77)
27. Gumball Waterson (91)
28. Johnny Test (4)
29. Ricky Cervantes (41) (DNF: Accident)
30. Hank Hill (82) (DNF: Accident)
31. Alvin Seville (28) (DNF: Engine)
32. Eli Shane (17) (DNF: Accident)
33. Tommy Turnbull (20) (DNF: Accident)

Points (after 14 of 24 races):

1. Marco Diaz - 397 points
2. Otto Rocket - 390 points
3. Dan Kuso - 377 points
4. Dipper Pines - 369 points
5. Timmy Turner - 359 points
6. Phineas Flynn - 325 points
7. Jonesy Garcia - 322 points
8. Tommy Pickles - 316 points
9. Randy Cunningham - 315 points
10. Ben Tennyson - 314 points

11. Alvin Seville - 293 points
12. Tommy Turnbull - 283 points
13. Guy Hamdon - 269 points
14. Todd Daring - 268 points
15. Ish Taylor - 264 points
16. Becky Botsford - 262 points
17. Ashoka Tano - 257 points
18. Eli Shane - 254 points
19. Manny Rivera - 251 points
20. Jimmy Neutron - 240 points
21. Johnny Test - 224 points
22. Ash Ketchum - 216 points
23. Abigail Lincoln - 198 points
24. Wyatt Williams - 197 points
25. Arnold Shortman - 192 points
26. Ferb Fletcher - 192 points
27. Ricky Cervantes - 183 points
28. Tai Kamiya - 180 points
29. Sonic the Hedgehog - 180 points
30. Nigel Uno - 178 points
31. Hank Hill - 177 points
32. Spongebob Squarepants - 167 points
33. Gumball Waterson - 114 points

Next Race: IOWA CORN INDY 300

Toon IndyCar 2015: ABC SUPPLY WISCONSIN 250
We now head to a track that's been in operation since World War I, the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin, for the running of round 14 of the season, the ABC Supply Wisconsin 250!
Well, here we go! I'm opening the 2016 season with a side story! We're gonna kick off the season at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Media Tour. For the first half, we'll focus in on the Hendrick brigade - defending Sprint Cup champion Kim Possible, 2013 champion Tommy Pickles, 2nd year driver Marco Diaz, 4th year driver Randy Cunningham and 5th year driver Abigail Lincoln. The 5 Hendrick drivers have some major announcements today including what paint schemes they'll be driving in 2017. And it all as FOX's Matt Yocum introduces the cast of characters.

Matt Yocum: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Charlotte Motor Speedway as we kick off the NASCAR Media Tour. We have a lot to cover in the next few hours, so let's get started and introduce our panel. First, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, Mr. Rick Hendrick. Defending Sprint Cup champion and driver of the #88 Nationwide Insurance/National Guard Chevrolet, Kim Possible. 2013 Sprint Cup champion and driver of the #24 AXALTA Coating Systems Chevrolet, Tommy Pickles. Last year's Rookie of the Year, driver of the #25 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet, Marco Diaz. 2013 Rookie of the Year, driver of the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet, Randy Cunningham. And driver of the #5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet, Abigail Lincoln.

After each introduction, that member of the panel, be they team owner or driver, entered the media center and took their respective seat on the panel.

Matt Yocum: I'm now going to hand the mic off to Mr. Hendrick to introduce the first piece of news for the day. The floor is yours, Mr. Hendrick.

Rick Hendrick: Thank you, Matt. Good morning, everyone. It's been a long and pretty successful off-season for us here at Hendrick Motorsports as we build off of Kim's 2015 title run and work towards a repeat in 2016. I'm sure you members of the media have a lot of questions and we'll get to you as soon as we can. First, however, I'll turn things over to the champion, Kim Possible. Kim?

Kim's microphone was turned on as she prepared to let the media know her team's first announcement of the day.

Kim: Thank you, Mr. Hendrick. Over the off-season, there's been plenty of speculation as to where I'd be going in 2017. I talked it over with Randy, Marco and Tommy and they all said the same thing....they wanted me to stay. We all had our contracts set up so that we could all re-sign together, like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh did in Miami. And that's what the 5 of us did. So now, I can put all that 2017 speculation to rest and officially announce that me and my friends will be staying at Hendrick Motorsports for the 2017 season and beyond. We have all just signed an 8 year extension that will take us through to the 2024 season.

Cameras were flashing as Tommy, Kim, Randy, Marco and Abby hugged to celebrate their new contracts with Hendrick Motorsports. Kim then handed the mic off to Tommy.

Kim: Tommy, I believe you're up now.

Tommy: Thanks, KP. In addition, we have some paint scheme reveals for the 5 of us. First up, my car, the 24. AXALTA will be on for 21 races each year, Drive to End Hunger is on for 8 races, 3M for 2 races, Panasonic for 2 races and Pepsi will be on for the 3 restrictor plate races, outside of the Daytona 500. First, the new AXALTA paint scheme I'll be running starting in 2017. In celebration of Jeff Gordon's career, Rick Hendrick and I have decided to bring back an old friend. Fans, you've waited a long time for this.....THE RAINBOW WARRIOR PAINT SCHEME RETURNS IN 2017!

Randy: Those that say NASCAR doesn't listen to the fans, you're dead wrong. They do. So, thank you, fans. You made this all possible.

Tommy: Drive to End Hunger's scheme and Panasonic's scheme will remain the same. For 3M, we'll continue the Rainbow Warrior comeback, but it'll be done with a paint scheme made out of 3M's signature Post-It notes. And for Pepsi, that scheme will be a season-long promotion leading up to the 8th 'Star Wars' movie. The spring Talladega race will feature Yoda on the hood, Daytona July race features R2-D2 and C3PO on the hood and to cap it all off at the Fall Talladega race, we're gonna have Luke Skywalker and and Princess Leia on the hood for that race! Randy, you're up.

Randy: Thanks, Tommy. My regular Lowe's paint scheme will remain the same, except for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veteran's Day. On those 3 holidays, we'll run our iconic 'Power of Pride' paint scheme to celebrate America's military. Marco?

Marco: I'm so on this one, Randy. You know, this won't feel right without a special someone by my side and here she comes now!

Out from the crowd came Marco's girlfriend, inter-dimensional princess Star Butterfly, as hyperactive as usual. Star and Marco share a quick kiss before getting to the reveal of Marco's 2017 paint scheme.

Marco: Hey there, Star.

Star: Hey, Marco! You ready?

Marco: Of course, Star! Let's reveal the 2017 looks for the #25!

Marco's 2017 paint scheme brought back shades of Michael Waltrip's 2001 and 2003 Daytona 500 winning cars, right down to the Earnhardt legacy symbol, combined with Bill Elliott's 1985 Triple Crown winning car. The 25 was as it was back when Brad Keselowski made his debut with the team back in 2007. He would have that look for 24 races in 2017, the other 12 would be sponsored by either Microsoft (8 races), Kelley Blue Book (2 races) and Axalta (2 races)

Marco: Kim, your turn.

The focus was back on Kim as she revealed her 3 new paint schemes for 2017. For 13 races, fans would see Nationwide Insurance on the car, 10 races would have National Guard on the hood and for the other 13 races, a new Axalta paint scheme, dubbed by fans as 'Solar Flare' would be seen on the track.

Kim: And finally, Abigail Lincoln will reveal her 2017 paint schemes.

Focus shifted to Abigail Lincoln as she revealed her paint schemes for 2017, which marked the return of another retro paint scheme. The iconic Kellogg's Corn Flakes paint scheme made famous by Terry Labonte during his time with Hendrick would return for 16 races in 2017. Farmers Insurance would still be on the car, but for 20 races in 2017.

Tommy: Any questions?

The Q & A portion took up about 35 minutes, then everyone adjourned to the Hendrick race shop in Charlotte.

Marco: This is it, you guys. Thanks go out to you, Tommy. You're the one that kept us together.

Kim: If it wasn't for you, I don't know where I'd be going next year.

Tommy: As you would say, Kim, it was 'no big'.

Randy: Now on to the task at hand.....winning another Daytona 500. It'll be a difficult task, but we have proven time and again that we are up to that challenge.

Tommy: You guys ready?

Everyone cheered as they put their hands in a circle and chanted their goal.....Daytona.

Kim: 'WIN' ON 3! 1, 2, 3.....

All: WIN!

With that, the teams headed off to Daytona Beach, to a newly-renovated Daytona International Speedway, for Speedweeks 2016.

That wraps up this side story! The Sprint Unlimited is next! STAY TUNED!
NASCAR Toon Cup 2016: Press Conference I
The 2016 NASCAR season is upon us and I'm opening up the 4th edition of Toon Cup with a press conference!
With my 2015 season about to come to a close, I figure it's time to reveal the lineup of drivers for Toon Cup 2016!

[R]= Rookie


BK Racing; 23; Hank Hill; Toyota; Dr Pepper/MAXIM Fantasy; Peggy Hill

BK Racing; 26; Homer Simpson; Toyota; LiveDeals; Marge Simpson

BK Racing; 83; Stan Smith; Toyota; Dustless Blasting; Francine Smith

Chip Ganassi Racing; 1; Nigel Uno; Chevrolet; Cessna/McDonald's/Sherwin-Williams/Energizer Eco Advance; Rachel Tyra McKenzie

Chip Ganassi Racing; 42; Johnny Test; Chevrolet; Target/AXE/Coke Cola; Susan Test

Front Row Motorsports; 34; Katara; Ford; KFC/CSX/Dockside/All American Food; Zuko

Front Row Motorsports; 35; Aang; Ford; Speed Stick/KFC/Taco Bell; Mai

Front Row Motorsports; 38; Sokka; Ford; Love's/ Lottery; Azula

Furniture Row Racing; 78; Blossom [PPGZ]; Toyota; Furniture Row; Professor Utonium

Germain Racing; 13; Nikki Wong; Chevrolet; GEICO; Jen Masterson

Go FAS Racing; 32; Adam Lyon [R]; Ford; 
C&J Energy Services; Jake Spidermonkey

Hendrick Motorsports; 5; Abigail Lincoln; Chevrolet; Farmer's Insurance/Time Warner Cable/Great Clips/LiftMaster; Kuki Sanban

Hendrick Motorsports; 24; Tommy Pickles; Chevrolet; AXALTA Coating Systems/Panasonic/AARP Drive to End Hunger/3M; Chuckie Finster

Hendrick Motorsports; 25; Marco Diaz; Chevrolet; NAPA Auto Parts; Jackie Lynn Thomas

Hendrick Motorsports; 48; Randy Cunningham; Chevrolet; Lowe's/Kobalt; Howard Weinerman 

Hendrick Motorsports; 88; Kim Possible; Chevrolet; Nationwide/Mountain Dew/DewShine/Valvoline; Ron Stoppable

Hillman-Circle Sport LLC; 40; Doug Funnie; Chevrolet; Snap Fitness/; Skeeter Valentine 

Joe Gibbs Racing; 11; Yugi Moto; Toyota; FedEx/Monster Energy; Tea Gardner

Joe Gibbs Racing; 18; Joey Wheeler; Toyota; M&M's/Skittles; Serenity Wheeler 

Joe Gibbs Racing; 19; Dudley Puppy; Toyota; DeWalt/ARRIS; Kitty Katswell

Joe Gibbs Racing; 20; Timmy Turner; Toyota; Dewalt XR/Dollar General; Chester McBadbat

JTG Daugherty Racing; 47; Ricky Cervantes [R]; Chevrolet; Kroger/Bush's Best/Scott 1000/Hungry Jack; Troy Kang

Leavine Family Racing; 95; Hunter Steele [R]; Ford; K-Love/Thrivent Financial; Corona

Michael Waltrip Racing; 15; Ashley Armbruster; Toyota; 5 Hour Energy; Ashley Quinlan

Michael Waltrip Racing; 55; Dipper Pines; Toyota; Aaron's; Wendy Corduroy

RAB Racing; 29; Eli Shane [R]; Toyota; American Born Moonshine; Trixie Sting

Richard Childress Racing; 3; Otto Rocket; Chevrolet; Cheerios/DOW/Bass Pro Shops/American Ethanol; Twister Rodriguez

Richard Childress Racing; 27; Ed; Chevrolet; Menards; Jonny 2X4

Richard Childress Racing; 31; Jeremy Johnson; Chevrolet; Quicken Loans/Caterpillar/Grainger/WIX Fliters; Candace Flynn

Richard Petty Motorsports; 9 (Note: I already know Chase Elliott's not gonna take it. I only made the 44 since it was originally Lee Petty's number back in the 50s and I was under the assumption that Chase Elliott would bring the 9 with him to Sprint Cup); Ferb Fletcher; Ford; Twisted Tea/Camping World/Mercury Marine/Nature Blast; Baljeet Tjinder

Richard Petty Motorsports; 43; Phineas Flynn; Ford; Smithfield/STP/Fresh from Florida/U.S. Air Force; Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Roush Fenway Racing; 6; Matt Quinlan; Ford; Fastenal/AdvoCare; Slider

Roush Fenway Racing; 16; Danny Fenton; Ford; Ortho/Cheez-It/Roush Performance/Ford Performance; Sam Manson

Roush Fenway Racing; 17; Arnold Shortman; Ford; Fastenal/Fifth Third Bank/Zest/Nos Energy; Gerald Johannsen

Stewart-Haas Racing; 4; Edd; Chevrolet; Budwieser/Jimmy John's; Nazz

Stewart-Haas Racing; 10; Ben Tennyson; Chevrolet;; Gwen Tennyson

Stewart-Haas Racing; 14; Kick Buttowski; Chevrolet; Office Depot/Mobil 1; Kendall Perkins

Stewart-Haas Racing; 41; Guy Hamdon; Chevrolet; HAAS; Maz Kepler

Team Penske; 2; Atticus Rhodes (R); Ford; Miller Lite; Alexis Rhodes

Team Penske; 22; Tristan Taylor; Ford; Shell/Pennzoil; Duke Devlin

Tommy Baldwin Racing; 7; Ash Ketchum; Chevrolet; Nikko's RC; Gary Oak 

The Motorsports Group; 30; Raimundo Pedrosa [R]; Chevrolet; Smokey Mountain Harbal Snuff; Kimiko Tohomiko

Wood Brothers Racing; 21; Tom Majors [R]; Ford; Motorcraft; Kaz Kalinkas


Here's the schedule:

~Daytona International Speedway (Sprint Unlimited)

~Daytona International Speedway (Can-Am Duel at Daytona)

Daytona International Speedway (Daytona 500)

Atlanta Motor Speedway (Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Kobalt 400)

Phoenix International Raceway (Good Sam 500)

Auto Club Speedway (Auto Club 400)

Martinsville Speedway (Goody's Fast Relief 500)

Texas Motor Speedway (Duck Commander 500)

Bristol Motor Speedway (Food City 500)

Richmond International Raceway (Toyota Owners 400)

Talladega Superspeedway (Aaron's 499)

Kansas Speedway ( 400)

Dover International Speedway (FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks)

~ Charlotte Motor Speedway (NASCAR All-Star Race)

Charlotte Motor Speedway (Coca-Cola 600)

Pocono Raceway (Pocono 400)

Michigan International Speedway (Quicken Loans 400)

Sonoma Raceway (Toyota/Save-Mart 350)

Daytona International Speedway (Coke Zero 400)

Kentucky Speedway (Quaker State 400)

New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Lenox Industrial Tools 301)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Brickyard 400)

Pocono Raceway (Pennsylvania 400)

Watkins Glen International (Cheez-It 355)

Michigan International Speedway (Pure Michigan 400)

Bristol Motor Speedway (Irwin Tools Night Race)

Darlington Raceway (Bojangles' Southern 500)

Richmond International Raceway (Federated Auto Parts 400)


Challenger 16

Chicagoland Speedway* (GIECO 400)

New Hampshire Motor Speedway* (Sylvania 300)

Dover International Speedway* (AAA 400)


Contender 12

Charlotte Motor Speedway* (Bank of America 500)

Kansas Speedway* (Hollywood Casino 400)

Talladega Superspeedway* (Alabama 500)


Elimination 8 

Martinsville Speedway* (TUMS Fast Relief 500)

Texas Motor Speedway* (AAA Texas 500)

Phoenix International Raceway* (Can-Am 500)


Championship 4

Homestead-Miami Speedway* (Ford EcoBoost 400)

(Races marked with an asterisk (*) comprise the Chase for the Cup. Races with a tilde (~) are non-points races.)

'Milo Murphy's Law', Dan and Swampy's new show, will star Weird Al Yankovic as Milo, alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Mekai Curtis as Melissa and Zack. 'Phineas and Ferb' alum Vincent Martella will voice Milo's classmate Bradley Nicholson, while Povenmire and Marsh voice a pair of pistachio protectors. The show is to debut this fall! So, with that out of the way......let's COUNTDOWN TO GREEN!

This is NASCAR COUNTDOWN TO GREEN, served by Sonic, as we get ready to go racing!


Michael Nebbia
United States
'Milo Murphy's Law', Dan and Swampy's new show, will star Weird Al Yankovic as Milo, alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Mekai Curtis as Melissa and Zack. 'Phineas and Ferb' alum Vincent Martella will voice Milo's classmate Bradley Nicholson, while Povenmire and Marsh voice a pair of pistachio protectors. The show is to debut this fall! So, with that out of the way......let's COUNTDOWN TO GREEN!

This is NASCAR COUNTDOWN TO GREEN, served by Sonic, as we get ready to go racing!

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Burstflame24 this Sunday is Valentines Day so if you can make some of the Valentines Day Toon Game Shows for love Couples from Phineas and Ferb, Rugrats/All Grown Up, Rocket Power and the rest That's my request so if you can do it now or later in a day Thank you have a Happy Valentines Day.
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Welcome to 2016 fans of BurstFlame24 #Welcometo2016 #BurstFlame24Rules
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Hey man, I added the Petit Le Mans aka the race when me, TG and you will do write
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Can the Ninjago characters be in nascar toon cup 2016
So... where's your journal?
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If you need help you can contact me with your journal.
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