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Got one last side story before the Ford EcoBoost 400! This will not only welcome 2 new members to the NASCAR family, but set up the post-Homestead side story.

We begin in the motorhome of Danny Fenton, the current Sprint Cup Series points leader. He qualified 20th on Friday, leaving him with a difficult road to the championship. All he must do is finish ahead of Phineas Flynn, Kim Possible and Tommy Pickles to claim his first Sprint Cup. We see Danny in the 'living room' of his motorhome with his relief driver, NASCAR Nationwide Series champion (and his teammate in 2015), Matt Quinlan, as they battle it out in NBA 2K15 for PlayStation 4. The game at hand pits Danny's favorite team, the Chicago Bulls, against Matt's favorite team, the New York Knicks.

Matt: Double teaming Carmelo Anthony....well played, Fenton. However, you forgot about Amare Stoudemire! From behind the arc....Anthony....alley-oop to Amare....


Inez: Really, Matt? How could you not have covered Derrick Rose?

Matt: Oh, I had Rose covered....I just didn't expect Danny to be THIS GOOD at NBA 2K15! I've never played any game in the NBA 2K series against anyone but you, Jackie or Slider!

Inez: Yet you've only beaten me once.

Matt: Oh, can it, Nezzie!

Inez: DON'T...CALL....ME....NEZZIE!

Naturally, a reaction like that left Danny's sister Jazz confused. She had but one thing to say....which was essentially the only thing on her mind right now.

Jazz: Let me guess, and Inez boyfriend/girlfriend?

Matt: Uh....yeah. How'd you figure?

Jazz: Oh, I don't know....maybe the fact that you have a cute petname for her, you guys are always flirting when you're atop the pit box're kissing her right now.

Sure enough, Jazz's suspicions were right. Matt and Inez were making out right next to her. Matt and Inez broke off their makeout session, knowing that they were in trouble with Danny's sister, with only one thought.....

Inez: Matt?

Matt: Yeah, Inez?

Inez: We are so busted!

Matt: Yes, yes we are.

While Jazz smiled in victory, she was quick to realize that all was not right with Danny. She almost forgot that her brother's girlfriend and usual crew chief was due any day with twins. This meant that Matt had to be ready to jump into the 16 car at a moment's notice. Only when Sam walked in did Jazz figure out her brother's current situation. Sam wore her usual black and green plaid miniskirt and black tank top, complete with black combat boots and purple leggings. This display of darkness stunned the Nationwide Series Champion and his girlfriend to no end.

Matt: Are you seeing what I'm seeing, Nezzie?

Inez: Uh...yeah! I had no idea that Sam was a goth chick!

Sam: That's because you guys never got to know me until now.

Earlier this year, Sam Manson was as slim as a twig. Now, towards the end of her pregnancy, she's a human version of Shamu the Killer Whale. Her abdomen now measures at 36 inches long and her womb is 9 inches above her navel. Danny never expected this to happen when he and Sam were skinny dipping in Lake Lloyd back in February at Daytona (mainly because he's a C+ average student and nearly flunked health class), but it did.

Danny: You know, if I didn't screw up in Tetslaf's health class, I would've figured this out 4 months ago.

Jazz: Danny, what am I going to do with you?

Before Danny could answer, a tight sensation coarses through Sam's body.

Danny: You alright there, Sam?

Sam: Not unless you count these contractions being a pain in the neck!

Matt: I think that's our cue to CUT AND RUN!

Inez: Right behind you, Matt!

As Matt and Inez leave to prepare for final Sprint Cup practice, Jazz takes out her Droid Turbo smartphone and dials up someone who's always been like a brother to Danny, their good friend Timmy Turner. (Note: Seriously, Danny and Timmy look eerily similar! They look like they could be brothers!)

Jazz: Hey Timmy, it's Jazz. Sam just went into labor. Can you come down here to the 16 trailer after final practice? Oh, and bring one of your Ducky Momo kiddie pools because I think we might be needing one. You rock, Timmy!

Just after final practice, Timmy charged into Danny's motorhome with his fairy family in tow.

Wanda: You haven't told us, Timmy...why the urgency?

Timmy: It's Danny. His sister Jazz called and told me that his girlfriend Sam is in labor. Danny's like a brother to me, Wanda. Something tells me I have to be there for him.


Jazz: Take it easy there, bro! No need to go kicking down doors!

Timmy: Relax, Jazz! It's just me.

Jazz: Good to see ya, Timmy!

Danny: How've you been, buddy?

Timmy: I've been fine, Danny. We'll catch up later. Cosmo, Wanda....get Dr. Studwell here as soon as possible! Poof,'re coming with me!

Sparky: You got it, bro!

Poof: Here we go again.

Well played, Poof. Within a few minutes, Timmy's old Ducky Momo kiddie pool was filled and set up outside Danny's motorhome. Jazz and Danny walked Sam out to the pool where Timmy awaited their arrival with Dr. Studwell alongside him. Danny was in his checkered flag swim trunks and Sam was in a deep black two-piece bikini which showed off her baby bump. Once Sam stepped into the pool, a sharp pain went through her.

Danny: Sam, what's wrong?

Sam: water broke....THE TWINS ARE COMING!

Danny: Hang in there, Sam. Timmy and Dr. Studwell are on the case.

Sam: I sure hope Jazz knows what she's doing calling Timmy in. Hey, Danny....can you help me out of my bikini?

Danny helps Sam out of her bikini, which revealed her dripping vagina and tender, milky breasts.

Danny: How's it goin' over there, T-man?

Timmy: As cool as it'll ever be....and don't call me 'T-man', Danny. Status report, Doc?

Dr. Studwell: Fetal heartbeats measure at 140 beats per minute. Judging by the size and tenderness of Sam's nipples, I can tell that she is about to start producing milk. There's nothing abnormal with her breasts nor is there anything wrong with her baby bump. Conclusion - the twins are healthy. Since her amniotic sac has ruptured, the contractions will become more frequent and much more violent.

Danny: And by 'frequent', you mean....

Dr. Studwell: About 30 an hour.


Timmy:'re becoming your dad.

Dr. Studwell: Anyway, Sam's cervix is only about 2 centimeters dilated. It'll be a while before she's ready to give birth.

Danny: Lucky for us, Matt and Inez are over at the Nationwide race. They won't be back until around 8.

Timmy: Here's hoping that Sam brings her twins into the world before Matt and Inez get back. I'm sorry, but I see it unhealthy for a 12 year old kid to witness a gross medical procedure like this one. No offense, Dr. Studwell.

Matt ended up 6th in final Sprint Cup practice and won the Nationwide Series Ford EcoBoost 300, clinching the series title. Since Matt practiced the car, Danny will have to drop to the rear of the field for Sunday's Ford EcoBoost 400. We flash forward to 8:30 PM. The Nationwide Series championship celebration continues on track while right near Danny's motorhome, he and Sam are about to welcome 2 new members to the NASCAR family. Danny had just turned to TeenNick for an episode of 'Drake & Josh' when.....


Sam screams as her vagina opens. She is now at full dilation, ready to bring her twins into the world.

Danny: Sam, cool it! I haven't left your side! Calm down, control yourself.

Sam smiles at Danny and kisses him. Their kiss is stopped short as she groans loudly in reaction to a violent contraction. A red stream appears from Sam's vagina. Following the blood comes a smooth, round lump, a baby head. Danny reaches down to Sam's genital area and smiles as he touches his baby boy for the first time, Sam adding a kiss as an afterthought.

With each contraction, the baby slowly comes out, his head becoming more visible. Sam pushes down forcefully, bleeding more noticeably as her moans become shrieks with tears forming in her eyes as her insides feel like a blown engine. With another shriek, accompanied by a huge push, the first baby's head was out. The blood that was flowing from Sam has now been replaced with white fluid from her cervix. After another contraction and push, the first baby slipped out of Sam's vagina.

Sam: And.....we got a boy, Danny! What should we name him?

Danny: Daniel Jack Fenton.

Sam: How'd I know you'd name him after yourself?

Danny: Sam, we've been best friends since we were 3. I'm pretty sure we know EVERYTHING about each other.

Another loud shriek is heard. This is a signal that Sam's 2nd baby is on its way. Danny takes a firm grip of Sam's and and kisses her to try to take her mind off the pain she's feeling. The head comes out after 10 pushes. By 9:50, after 18 pushes and 14 hours of labor, the 2nd of the twins is welcomed into the world and Sam's belly is returning to its normal size.

Timmy: Congratulations, Danny! You got a baby girl, too!

Sam: Let me name her, Danny.

Danny: Give it your best shot!

Sam: Let's see....Jasmine Rebecca Fenton.

Having already cut the umbilical cord from Daniel, Dr. Studwell takes his scissors and cuts Jasmine's umbilical cord, officially making her a free inhabitant of the planet Earth. Danny then jumps out of the kiddie pool and dries himself off. With little work at all, Dr. Studwell removes the placentas from Sam's cervix. She then dresses back in her usual black tank top and black and green miniskirt. (Note: Honestly, how many of those does she have?)

Danny: This is it, Sam. Our lives are about to change forever.

Sam: No doubt about it. How did you put up with it, Timmy?

Timmy: That's a story for another day, guys. Thanks again for your help, Dr. Studwell.

Dr. Studwell: Anytime, Timmy! Any time there's a medical emergency, don't hesitate to call me.

Timmy: You know I won't!

We now head over to the #3 Cheerios/GM Goodwrench Service Chevrolet, piloted by Otto Rocket. We won't be focusing on Otto this time. Instead, we'll be focusing on his crew chief and spotter, Twister Rodriguez and Reggie Rocket. We see them walking through the garage area, talking about the upcoming Sprint Cup race, when they meet up with someone they thought they wouldn't see again.

???: Hello, Regina!

Twister: Oh no, not him!

Reggie: (grunts) TRENT! How'd you find us?

Trent: Leave it to that purple-haired daredevil to rat you out.

Twister: Couldn't have been Tommy!

Reggie: Why are you here, Trent?

Trent: You know....Championship Weekend....and to take back what's mine!

Trent snatches Reggie in a burlap sack and throws the sack over his shoulder.


Trent: If you want to see your girlfriend again, meet me at Gatorade Victory Lane in 30 minutes. Bring your Duel Disk!

Trent then disappeared into the shadows with Reggie behind him. Twister was speechless. How could he have let something like this happened to his best bro's sister? Obviously, he simply had to call Otto! Luckily for him, he had Otto on speed dial on his iPhone 6.

Twister: (on phone) Otto-man, it's Twister. Meet me at Victory Lane. Trent has Reggie! Call Yugi too because I think Trent wants to duel me for her!

30 minutes later, we find Otto, Sam, Clio and Twister at Victory Lane....with no sign of Trent.

Otto: Yugi and Joey should be here any minute, Twist.

Twister: I knew I could count on you, Otto-man!

Otto: So where is that sexist jerk!

Trent: Why don't you try looking right in front of you?

Trent appeared at the Victory Podium with Reggie tied up behind him and a Battle City Duel Disk on his arm.

Trent: I was thinking you wouldn't show up at all, Rodriguez.

Twister: Well, I'm here! Now, for the last time....GIVE ROCKET GIRL BACK!

Trent: Listen here, Rodriguez. There's only one way I'll give your girlfriend back.....duel me! Win and she's yours. If you lose, she's all mine!

Twister: You sexist jerk! YOU'RE ON! FOR REGGIE!

Just as Trent and Twister's Duel Disks activate, Yugi and Joey arrive on the scene.

Yugi: We got here as soon as we could, Otto.

Joey: What's going on here?

Otto: Trent, the sexist jerk my sister used to like, just snatched her up and won't give her back unless Twister beats him in a duel.

Yugi nods and makes his way to the Victory Podium and raises his Millennium Puzzle.

Joey: Yo, Yugi. What are you doing?

Yugi: I've learned that there's only one way to deal with a have to stand up to them. YU-GI-OH!

Yugi's puzzle activates, transforming him into the Pharoah Atem.


Trent: This can't be! It''s....

Twister: It's the King of Games himself!

Yami Yugi: That's right! I think it's time we upped the ante on this duel. Let's make it a 2 on 1 duel. Me and Twister against you!

Trent: Fine, Yugi....2 on 1. Since this is a 2 on 1 duel, the only way for justice to be served is for me to start with 16,000 Life Points, while you 2 begin with 8,000. Win and Twister will be reunited with his girlfriend. Lose and Reggie Rocket belongs to me! Now stand back, I'll go first! I DRAW!

Trent draws his first card. His hand contains Catapult Turtle, Magician of Faith, Legendary Fisherman, Revenge Sacrifice, A Legendary Ocean and Hysteric Angel.

Trent: First thing's first. I play this Spell Card! A LEGENDARY OCEAN!

An Atlantis-like ocean submerges Victory Lane as the card in question is activated.

Trent: Next, I'll summon this....THE LEGENDARY FISHERMAN!

A man with blue hair, similar to ocean duelist Mako Tsunami, takes the field riding a shark.

Legendary Fisherman:

ATK: 1850
DEF: 1600

Twister: HEY! You have to sacrifice something to play that card! It's too powerful to summon to the field on your first move!

Yugi: With his Spell Card, he can.

Trent: You are correct, Yugi. A Legendary Ocean decreases the level of all Water monsters by 1. I'm afraid this allows me to summon my Fisherman directly to the field without sacrifices.

Yugi: Be careful, Twister. As long as that card is in play, he's at a dangerous advantage.

Twister: Don't worry, Yugi! We'll dry up his ocean in no time!

Trent: You'll sink long before that!

Yugi: You take the next move, Twister. Remember, this sexist jerk can't be trusted.

Twister: No sweat, Yugi. We're gonna put Trent out of business permanently! MY TURN! HERE GOES!

Twister draws his first card and adds it to his hand which contains Skyscraper, Elemental Heroes Bubbleman, Clayman, Avian, Burstinatrix and Polymerization.

Twister: Your ocean's as good as gone, Trent! I play this Spell! ACTIVATE SKYSCRAPER!

The ocean is replaced by a city filled with skyscrapers. Trent is taken aback as his ocean has been eliminated.

Twister: Now I'll play my Polymerization to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix in order to summon.....ELEMENTAL HERO FLAME WINGMAN!

A green and red mutant hero takes the field. His right hand is actually a dragon's mouth, ready to strike.

Flame Wingman:

ATK: 2100
DEF: 1200

Otto: WOAH! Flame Wingman already? That's his favorite Fusion Monster!

Joey: Twister's not playing around.

Twister: That ends my turn.

Yugi: My move!

Yugi draws Beta the Magnet Warrior and adds it to his hand which contains Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, Berfomet, Kuriboh, Card Destruction and Mystical Elf.

Yugi: I summon Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in Defense Mode!

A horned lion creature takes the field ready to pounce on its prey.


ATK: 1500
DEF: 1200

Yugi: That'll do for now.

Trent: MY TURN! DRAW! I activate my Card of Sanctity! This forces us to draw until we each have six cards in our hands!

As per the card's effect, they all draw until their hands contain 6 cards.

Trent: Next, I'll activate DOUBLE SUMMON! This will allow me to summon out my NIGHTMARE PENGUIN and CATAPULT Defense Mode!

Nightmare Penguin:

ATK: 900 -> 1100
DEF: 1800

Catapult Turtle:

ATK: 1000 -> 1200
DEF: 2000

Legendary Fisherman:

ATK: 1850 -> 2050
DEF: 1600

Trent: Now, Yugi....YOUR NUMBER'S UP! Legendary Fisherman, ATTACK HIS GAZELLE!

Trent's Legendary Fisherman rises to the surface and strikes Yugi's Mythical Beast with its harpoon, destroying it.

Trent: That ends my turn!

Twister: Alright, Trent! You better give back my girlfriend NOW because you're all done!

Twister draws his Hero Spirit Trap Card and adds it to his hand. His hand now contains Bubbleman, Clayman, Sparkman, Necroshade, Element Sword and Neos.

Twister: First I'll equip Flame Wingman with Element Sword! This new piece of weaponry gives my Hero an additional 800 points!

Flame Wingman:

ATK: 2100 -> 2900
DEF: 1200

Twister: Flame Wingman, strike down his Fisherman with SKYDIVE SCORCHER!

Flame Wingman swoops down from one of the skyscrapers, engulfed in a cloak of flames and char-broils Trent's Legendary Fisherman, destroying it.

Trent's LP: 15150

Twister: Now for Flame Wingman's super power! Your fisherman's Attack Points get subtracted from your Life Points!

Trent: WHAT?!

Trent's LP: 13100

Twister: I'll play 2 cards face-down and that ends my turn!

Yugi: And starts mine! Here goes!

Yugi draws Buster Blader and adds it to his hand. Looking at his hand, Yugi sees that he has absolutely nothing that can get past Trent's defenses.

Yugi: I summon Mystical Elf in Defense Mode!

Mystical Elf:

ATK: 800
DEF: 2000

Yugi: That ends my turn for now.

Trent: (draws card) I should've expected more from the King of Games. Guess I was wrong. I'll lay a monster face-down in Defense Mode and end my turn.

Twister: My turn again! Here goes! (draws card) I play another POLYMERIZATION card! With it, I'll fuse Clayman and Sparkman to form THUNDER GIANT!

What looked to be a 10 foot tall version of X-Men's Cyclops appeared on the field. On his chest was a series of lightning bolts, symbolizing his control over electricity.

Thunder Giant:

ATK: 2400
DEF: 1500

Twister: Now for his effect! Once a turn, I can destroy any monster on your field who's original Attack Points are less than Thunder Giant's!

Trent: NO WAY!

Twister: I'm afraid so! Say goodbye to your Turtle!

Thunder Giant generates lightning from his palms and launches it right at Catapult Turtle, destroying it.

Twister: Time for my assault! Thunder Giant, take out his mystery monster with VOLTIC THUNDER!

The monster is revealed as Magician of Faith, leaving Twister shocked and Trent with an evil grin on his face.

Trent: It appears you've triggered my Magician of Faith's effect. Thank you, Rodriguez! Now I can bring back a Spell Card! I choose my LEGENDARY OCEAN!

Twister: I was afraid of that. I still have an attack left, so get set to get burned! Flame Wingman, take out his Penguin with SKYDIVE SCORCHER!

Just like before, Flame Wingman swoops down cloaked in flames. This time, his target is Trent's Nighmare Penguin.

Twister: And don't forget about Wingman's superpower!

Trent's LP: 12000

Twister: That ends my turn!

Yugi: And starts mine! DRAW! (draws card) I summon Kuriboh in Defense Mode!


ATK: 300
DEF: 200

Yugi: Next I play CARD DESTRUCTION! Too bad!

Trent: NO! That forces us to toss out our entire hand!

Yugi: I'm glad you know the rules, Trent. That means your Legendary Ocean card is gone again.


Yugi: Now we must each draw a new hand....right, Trent?

Yugi, Twister and Trent each draw 5 new cards, as per Card Destruction's effect. Trent does not look pleased as he was forced to toss out his Legendary Ocean card again.

Yugi: I'm through for now.

Trent: My turn! (draws card) First, I activate RAIGEKI! This will destroy all of your monsters!

A huge lightning bolt descends from the sky, striking Flame Wingman, Thunder Giant, Mystical Elf and Kuriboh, destroying them.

Trent: Now that your field's clear, it's time to work on your Life Points! I call Hysteric Angel to the field!

A fairy dressed as a lawyer appears on the field and adjusts her glasses.

Hysteric Angel:

ATK: 1800
DEF: 500

Trent: Now I'll play Monster Reborn! This will allow me to bring back my Catapult Turtle!

Catapult Turtle:

ATK: 1000
DEF: 2000


Hysteric Angel fires a white beam of light from her glasses, striking Twister in the chest.

Twister: Now I know why I can't stand lawyers.

Twister's LP: 6200

Trent: If you loved that move, just wait until you see what I'm doing next! Angel, use my Turtle's launch ability to fire yourself at the defendant, Mr. Maurice 'Twister' Rodriguez!

Catapult Turtle launches Hysteric Angel at Twister, destroying Hysteric Angel but not before dealing serious damage to Twister's Life Points.

Twister's LP: 5300

Otto: You alright, Twist?

Twister: I'll be fine, Otto-man. No sweat.

Trent: Tell me, Maurice....are you beginning to understand my dueling strategy or do you need a hint? I plan on taking out the weakest link first, then I'll concentrate on Yugi! I'll place one card face down, then play the Spell Card ALTAR OF MISTS! After 3 turns, I can play any Ritual Spell Card I choose! The prosecution rests.

Twister: About time! MY DRAW! (draws card) I activate DOUBLE SPELL! All I have to do is discard a Spell Card, namely my Lucky Iron Ax, and I can use a Spell from your Graveyard. I choose MONSTER REBORN! Come on back.....FLAME WINGMAN! Next up is my Miracle Fusion! This will combine my Flame Wingman with the Sparkman in my card Graveyard to summon SHINING FLARE WINGMAN! Did I mention he's got a superpower, too? He gains 300 points for each Elemental Hero in my Graveyard! I count 6! (Note: He was forced to send 3 Heroes to the Grave when Yugi played Card Destruction) That means Flare Wingman gains another 1800 points!

Flare Wingman:

ATK: 2500 -> 4300
DEF: 2100


Shining Flare Wingman glows white, blinding Trent and destroying Catapult Turtle.

Twister: By the way, just like Flame Wingman, Flare Wingman also deals damage to you equal to the Attack Points of the monster he just destroyed!

Trent: OH NO!

Trent's LP: 11000

Trent: Well, you've triggered my face-down card! REVENGE SACRIFICE! This allows me to sacrifice the monster you just attacked me with!

Twister: Don't think so! I play DE-FUSION! This splits my Flare Wingman back into Flame Wingman and Sparkman!

Flame Wingman:

ATK: 2100
DEF: 1200


ATK: 1600
DEF: 1400

Twister: Flame Wingman, strike Trent directly with SKYDIVE SCORCHER! Sparkman, attack with STATIC SHOCKWAVE!

Flame Wingman divebombs Trent with a flame attack while Sparkman shoots lightning from his palms directly at Trent.

Trent's LP: 7300

Twister: That ends my turn!

Yugi: My move! I DRAW! (draws card) First, I'll remove my Buster Blader from the game in order to summon...THE ROCK SPIRIT!

A giant like creature with a long sceptor comes into play on Yugi's side of the field. Though he looks strong, his stats aren't that impressive.

The Rock Spirit:

ATK: 1700
DEF: 1000

Yugi: Now I'll sacrifice my Spirit to summon DES VOLTSGALPH!

The Rock Spirit disappears in a flash of light and in its place comes a red and black plated dragon.

Des Voltsgalph:

ATK: 2200
DEF: 1700

Yugi: I'll set this card face-down....and end my turn.

Twister: (thinking) Trent's on to Yugi's trap! That move was too obvious! (back to reality) (clears throat) It'll never work! YUGI! YUGI!

Sam: What's with Twister? He's acting all freaky.

Clio: I think maybe a bumble bee flew down his pants, Sam.

Otto: NO! He's trying to warn Yugi of something! See, Yugi played a weaker monster then threw a card face-down, which is a pretty obvious move. He wants Trent to attack him.

Joey: That doesn't sound like something Yugi would do.

Trent: Prepare to lose! (draws card) You look nervous. First thing's first, I'll clear the field of your face-down card. Sorry, but take this! HEAVY STORM! This will rid the field of all your Spell and Trap Cards!


Yugi's face down card is revealed to be his favorite Trap Card, Mirror Force.

Trent: I should've guessed you'd play your Mirror Force card, Yugi. With that out of the way, I'm free to do this! Activate COST DOWN! By discarding a card in my hand, the levels of all of my monsters in my hand decrease by 2! Therefore, no sacrifices are needed to Summon MACHINE KING! This menace gains 100 points for every Machine in play, including himself!

Machine King:

ATK: 2300
DEF: 2000

Trent: Machine King, dismantle Yugi's Des Voltsgalph!

Machine King fires a red beam from its chestplate at Yugi's Des Voltsgalph. However, Yugi's smile never faded.

Yugi: Thank you! You've fallen for my real trap!

Trent: WHAT TRAP? You have no more Traps left in play!

Yugi: You're obviously unaware of Des Voltsgalph's special ability, so allow me to explain. When you played your Spell Card, you increased Des Voltsgalph's attack power by 200 points! DES VOLTSGALPH, TAKE DOWN HIS MACHINE KING!

Des Voltsgalph counters with a fire attack. The blue flames from Des Voltsgalph's mouth easily overpowers Machine King's attack and destroys the mechanical menace.

Trent's LP: 7200

Yugi: And my monster has another ability! When it destroys one of your monsters in battle, you lose 500 Life Points!

Trent's LP: 6700

Trent: I'm not impressed. 500 points is nothing! I still have plenty of Life Points left.

Otto: I GET IT NOW! Yugi just tricked Trent into attacking him instead of attacking Twister! Neither of Twister's Elemental Heroes would've withstood the attack of Machine King and Twister would've taken some serious damage, both in monsters and in Life Points.

Clio: So that's why Yugi set such an obvious trap!

Otto: Trent was sidetracked, so he forgot Twister!

Twister: Alright, you Aussie creep! You're outta luck, because it looks like you're fresh outta monsters, leaving your Life Points wide open! Here goes! (draws card) Flame Wingman, Sparkman....DOUBLE ATTACK!

Flame Wingman and Sparkman charge in to attack Trent directly when....

Trent: From my Hand, I play my Kuriboh's special ability! This allows Kuriboh to take the hit instead of me!

Twister: I'll wrap things up by placing this card face-down! Your move, Yugi!

Yugi: And I know what I must do. Sorry, Otto....but I must attack directly.

Otto: Do what you gotta do, Yugi.


Des Voltsgalph launches a stream of fire from his gaping mouth, nailing Trent in his chest.

Trent's LP: 4500

Yugi: Now I'll summon Big Shield Gardna in Defense Mode!

Big Shield Gardna:

ATK: 100
DEF: 2600

Yugi: That ends my turn.

Trent: I'll draw! (draws card)

Twister: NOT QUITE! You triggered my Trap! Meet DROP-OFF! It sends the card you just drew to the Graveyard!

Trent: NO! That means my Gravity Bind gets sent straight to the Graveyard! Now, I play the Spell Card POT OF GREED. This allows me to draw 2 new cards.

Yugi: You just played a Spell Card which triggers my Voltsgalph's special ability! So it gains 200 points! (Des Voltsgalph: 2200 -> 2400 ATK)

Trent: Is that so? Well, it won't be around for much longer anyway! I summon my INJECTION FAIRY LILY!

A fairy dressed as a nurse sitting atop a rocket propelled needle takes the field.

Fairy Lily:

ATK: 400
DEF: 1500

Twister: Looks weak, Trent.

Yugi: Looks can be deceiving, Twister. Attack points don't mean everything.

Trent: I give up 2000 Life Points to increase my Fairy Lily's power!

Fairy Lily: 400 -> 3400 ATK

Trent's LP: 2500

Trent: Fairy Lily, take down Yugi's Des Voltsgalph!

With the 3000 point boost from its ability, Fairy Lily easily destroys Yugi's Des Voltsgalph.

Yugi's LP: 7000

Yugi: That maneuver cost you more Life Points than it did me.

Trent: Not exactly, because I'm about to increase mine with the Spell Card SEBEK'S BLESSING!

Twister: What's that card do?

Yugi: It increases Trent's Life Points by the same number of Life Points I just lost.

Trent: And if my math is right, that's an additional 1000 Life Points!

Trent's LP: 3500

Trent: I'll lay this face-down and end my turn.

Twister: My go! DRAW CARD! (draws card) I play BLOCK ATTACK! This switches your monster from Attack to Defense Mode!

Trent: YOU CAN'T!

Twister: I JUST DID! Sparkman, send his monster back to Fairy World! STATIC SHOCKWAVE!

On command, Sparkman launches lightning from his palms at Fairy Lily, destroying it.

Twister: The doctor is out....for good! Flame Wingman, ATTACK TRENT DIRECTLY WITH INFERNAL RAGE!

Flame Wingman flashes his dragon based right hand at Trent and charges its attack. Just as he launches the attack, however....


Twister: WHAT?

Trent: This negates your attack and you take damage equal to your Wingman's Attack Points!

Flame Wingman's attack is caught by the first Cylinder and fired at Twister through the 2nd Magic Cylinder, sending him across Victory Lane.

Twister's LP: 3200

Twister: That's all for me.

Yugi: My turn! (draws card) It's about time someone put you in your place....and I have just the card to do it in my hand. I sacrifice my Gardna to summon DARK MAGICIAN GIRL!

Dark Magician Girl:

ATK: 2000
DEF: 1700

Yugi: Dark Magician Girl, ATTACK TRENT DIRECTLY!

Dark Magician Girl launches a pink beam of dark magic from her sceptor at Trent which goes right through his chest, leaving him on his knees.

Trent's LP: 1500

Twister: One more attack and he's finished!

Yugi: It's your move.

Trent got back to his feet....chuckling evilly.

Trent: The time has arrived, my reap the benefits of my Spell Card.

Twister: What's he talkin' about, Yugi?

Yugi: He's right! It's been 3 turns since he played Altar of Mists. Now he can summon almost any monster he wants!

Trent: You are correct!

Trent picks a card from his deck, looks at it and an evil grin overtakes his face. Then comes a sinister laugh.

Trent: If you were me, you'd laugh too....for in my hands, I hold my most powerful creature! SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND, RODRIGUEZ! You couldn't begin to imagine what monster lurks in my deck!

Yugi: Tell me!

Trent: You'll find out, I'm about to summon it! Thanks to Altar of Mists, I'm allowed to add any Ritual Spell Card I want from my deck! I choose DRAGON REVIVAL RITUAL! This allows me to summon my all-powerful FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!

Yugi: That's not true!

Trent: Very perceptive, Yugi. I must also have 5 monsters in my hand, deck or Graveyard with a different attribute. Now, from my Graveyard, I remove from play Nightmare Penguin (WIND), Jinzo (DARK), Fairy Lily (LIGHT), Machine King (EARTH) and Legendary Fisherman (WATER)! My 5 monsters, I command you all to join together to create a monster of unparalleled strength and supreme power! Behold the ultimate monster, my FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!

Five-Headed Dragon:

ATK: 5000
DEF: 5000

Clio: NO WAY! 5000 Attack Points?

Sam: How are Twister and Yugi gonna get over that?

Otto: Really, Sam? Twister's dueling alongside the King of Games himself! There's no possible way he can lose!

Trent: I forgot to mention that my Dragon destroys every one of your Spell, Trap and Monster Cards as soon as it's summoned.

All 5 of the dragon's mouths open, unleashing a gust of wind, destroying all cards that Yugi and Twister have played on the field.


Five Headed Dragon launches 5 streams of fire at Yugi, each converging and slamming him right on his Duel Disk

Yugi's LP: 2000

Trent: Seems to me your chances of victory have just gotten slimmer! To make sure no one interferes with my plan, I'll throw this card face-down and end my turn. Good luck, gentlemen. Use your last turn wisely.

Twister: My draw! (draws card) I activate BRAIN CONTROL!


Twister: By giving up 800 points, I can take control of your Dragon!


Five-Headed Dragon disappears from Trent's side of the field and reappears on Twister's end.

Twister's LP: 2400


Five-Headed Dragon launches its attack, pummeling Trent with 5 streams of fire. Twister and Yugi think the duel has ended in their victory....but Trent has other plans.

Sam: That's it! The duel's done!


Twister: And that brings your Life Points to 0! We win!

Trent: That's funny, I don't feel like a loser.

Trent's LP: 750


Twister: Explain yourself!

Trent: Did you forget about my face down card? It's called A Deal With Dark Ruler.


Trent: This Trap Card prevented me from taking any damage when you attacked me. All I had to do was give up half my Life Points. It also allows me to summon Berserk Dragon to the field!

Berserk Dragon:

ATK: 3500
DEF: 0

Trent: So much for your big plan!

Twister: My turn's not done yet! I sacrifice the Dragon I took from you to summon NECROSHADE!


ATK: 1600
DEF: 1800

Twister: I'll throw this card face-down and end my turn.

Yugi: Back to me! Here goes! (Draws card)

Twister: Hold on, Yugi! ACTIVATE RING OF DESTRUCTION! This will destroy Necroshade and we'll all take damage equal to its Attack Points!

Trent: But that means....

Twister: YOU LOSE! Ring of Destruction....DESTROY NECROSHADE!

On Twister's command, Ring of Destruction exploded, destroying Necroshade and leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake....also flinging Trent across Victory Lane and leaving him lying flat on the ground, defeated.

Yugi's LP: 400

Twister's LP: 800

Trent's LP: 0

Yugi: There go the rest of your Life Points! That means you lose the duel! So return Reggie at once and run back to New Zealand! We've all had enough of you! It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Trent.

Trent: I may be an evil jerk....but I am a man of my word. You and Yugi defeated me fair and square. I shall untie Reggie.

Reggie is soon untied, released from her imprisonment. She runs up to Twister and kisses him hard on the lips.

Reggie: TWISTER! (kisses him) I thought I'd never see you again!

Twister: You know I'd never let anything happen to you, Rocket Girl. Besides, I had the King of Games on my team! No way I could've lost against Trent!

Reggie: Speaking of which....where did that jerkwad run off to?

Trent: (voice) You haven't seen the last of me, Team Rocket! I'll be back!

Otto: Something tells me we're in for much worse from that hobknocker.

Joey: Not to be rude or anything, Otto....but what's a hobknocker?

Otto than whispers the definition of a hobknocker in Joey's ear.

Joey: That's just plain gross!

Reggie: It's also illegal.

Otto: Alright, alright...let's get out of here. Raymundo's waiting for us over at the Shore Shack!

While Otto and co. head over to the Shore Shack, some trouble brews 2,000 miles above Earth. That trouble coming from a squid-faced metallic borg known as Emperor Mavro.

Emperor Mavro: Attention all Armada forces across the galaxy! Terminate your missions immediately and set a course for Earth, for tomorrow....THE REAL INVASION BEGINS! Our target: HOMESTEAD-MIAMI SPEEDWAY! The Rangers better enjoy their raceday tomorrow....for it'll be THEIR LAST!

Uh-oh! Some trouble awaits us after Homestead! First thing's first, we got a champion to crown in the Ford EcoBoost 400! STAY TUNED!

Final Author's Notes:

The duel was based off of the 'Merger of the Big Five' 3 part duel from the original 'Yu-Gi-Oh!', except for the fact that Twister is taking the place of Joey Wheeler, they're using the official game rules and he's using Jaden Yuki's Elemental Hero Deck (with some minor adjustments).

Also, Reggie was indeed bound and gagged by Trent, who used chloroform to subdue her. Don't know why I decided to do that, I just always wanted to have a couple in a hostage situation where one has to save the other.

As I said, stay tuned for the crowning of a champion in the Ford EcoBoost 400!
NASCAR Toon Cup 2014: Mayhem in Miami
One last side story before the Ford EcoBoost 400! As the title suggests, there will be some mayhem in Miami! The NASCAR family welcomes 2 new members while the drivers and crews prepare for a full-scale invasion!
2 races remain in the Chase! We're in Phoenix for the final elimination race in the Chase, the QUICKEN LOANS 500! Who'll punch their ticket to Miami? We're 500 kilometers away from finding out! Here's how they'll line up:

1. Yugi Moto (11)
2. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
3. Edd (4)
4. Tristan Taylor (22)
5. Timmy Turner (20)
6. Joey Wheeler (18)
7. Tommy Pickles (24)
8. Johnny Test (42)
9. Vince Lasalle (55)
10. Guy Hamdon (41)
11. Ed (27)
12. Nikki Wong (13)
13. Dudley Puppy (99)
14. Blossom (78)
15. Randy Cunningham (48)
16. Kim Possible (88)
17. Ashley Armbruster (15)
18. Rudy Tabootie (17)
19. Nigel Uno (1)
20. Jeremy Johnson (31)
21. Ferb Fletcher (9)
22. Abigail Lincoln (5)
23. Phineas Flynn (43)
24. Ben Tennyson (47)
25. Otto Rocket (3)
26. Storm Shadow (21)
27. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
28. Danny Fenton (16)
29. Kick Buttowski (14)
30. Peter Griffin (7)
31. Aang (35)
32. Cindy Vortex (10)
33. Ash Ketchum (36)
34. Katara (34)
35. Sokka (38)
36. Daria Morgendorffer (87)
37. Hank Hill (23)
38. Brad Carbunkle (30)
39. Arnold Shortman (37)
40. Eric Cartman (26)
41. Homer Simpson (83)
42. Virgil Hawkins (32)
43. Eddy (66)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 81 degrees
Track Temp.: 102 degrees
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 40% chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 3:20 PM


(Trailer Choir - Last Man Standing)

Allen Bestwick: 8 drivers started the Eliminator Round at Martinsville 2 weeks ago and at the end of 500 kilometers, we'll find out which 4 drivers will battle for the Championship heading for Miami next Sunday. Welcome to Phoenix International Raceway for race 9 of the Chase, a salute to veterans, the Quicken Loans Race For Heroes 500! Welcome inside our ESPN broadcast booth atop Rattlesnake Hill just outside Phoenix International Raceway. I'm Allen Bestwick alongside Dale Jarrett and Andy Petree. Thanks for having us in for the race. Guys.....a pressure packed race today. 4 drivers will advance to race for the title next Sunday in Miami. What must a driver do to punch their ticket to Miami?

Dale Jarrett: One thing and one thing only....STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! One mistake and this track will bite you. Phoenix is merciless no matter what time of year you race on it. You do not want a pit penalty, no wrecks, no nothing! You want to stay near the front and out of trouble! Do that and you'll be racing for the title next week.

Allen Bestwick: 500 kilometers separate 4 drivers from the title, let's head down trackside.

Track Announcer: Race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports! Please welcome Purple Heart recipient ANDREW LOTTS!


(43 850 horsepower engines fire up)

Allen Bestwick: At the end of the day, we'll know which 4 drivers will advance to race for the title next Sunday in Miami. Coors Light, official beer of NASCAR, proud to sponsor the Coors Pole Award given to the fastest driver in each NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Coors congratulates Yugi Moto, he'll race in the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona in February. We take a look at our Quicken Loans starting grid. Yugi Moto, Hoagie Gilligan on the front row. Kim Possible, the only driver assured of a spot in the Championship Round in Miami, starts 16th. She's our In-Race Reporter. Dale, let's ring her up.

(IN-RACE REPORTER: Kim Possible - 88)

Dale Jarrett: Kim, it's Dale Jarrett in the ESPN booth. You got me?


Dale Jarrett: Kim Possible, Dale Jarrett in the ESPN booth, you copy?


Allen Bestwick: Having some communications issues on our end. Kim can hear us, but we can't hear her. While we get that fixed, we'll go to our Quicken Loans race rundown. 312 laps for 500 kilometers here in Phoenix. You'll be pitting for fresh rubber and Sunoco race fuel about every 78-82 laps and that pit speed here is crucial, Andy.

Andy Petree: It's 55 MPH here in Phoenix. We've seen a whole slew of pit penalties here in recent years. The last thing you want to have happen is to get busted for speeding on pit lane because it's all but impossible to come back from a pit penalty here in Phoenix.

Allen Bestwick: 500 kilometers separate 4 drivers from the winner-take-all Championship Round in Miami. At the end of the day, we'll find out which 4 have punched their ticket to Homestead! The final race of the Eliminator Round is green and....we're not gonna go Full Throttle, we have a car in the wall, turn 1! That's Dudley Puppy in the 99 car! Lap 1, caution out for the 99 of Puppy. His day ends early here in Phoenix.

(RESTART: Lap 7 - 6 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: Let's try this again. We're back to green flag racing at lap 7, let's go FULL THROTTLE!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 38 - Caution 2)

Allen Bestwick: We'll complete the 38th lap of this race under caution, debris in turn 1 the cause of this yellow as a spring rubber comes off one of these cars and onto the racing surface. Pits are open and here they come! Rick DeBruhl?

(Note: I'm using 'ESPN SpeedWorld' pit reporters since this is ESPN/ABC's final season covering NASCAR races)

Rick DeBruhl: Ashley Armbruster, the winner at Texas, too tight on entry. They'll take a round out of the track bar on the right rear side, 4 tires and fuel for the 15 and she's away! Bill Weber?

Bill Weber: In Tommy Pickles' words, his car is 'mad loose'. Chassis adjustment complete, 4 tires and fuel for the 24 and he's away! Dave Despain?

Dave Despain: Race leader Danny Fenton also taking a chassis adjustment, 4 tires and fuel for the 16, Fenton's girlfriend and crew chief, Sam Manson, is expecting twins any day now. Matt Quinlan, the Nationwide Series Champion, is on standby. Fenton's away! He'll win the race off pit road!

Top 10:

1. Danny Fenton (16)
2. Timmy Turner (20)
3. Nigel Uno (1)
4. Tommy Pickles (24)
5. Phineas Flynn (43)
6. Kim Possible (88)
7. Edd (4)
8. Otto Rocket (3)
9. Jeremy Johnson (31)
10. Vince Lasalle (55)

(RESTART: Lap 45 - 7 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 45 laps complete this time by, green flag in the air and Danny Fenton is off and running!

Dale Jarrett: He had an excellent pit stop, AB. 11.9 that last round for the 16....

Andy Petree: He's a man on a mission right now, Dale. He wants that Sprint Cup!

Allen Bestwick: You heard from Dave Despain, his girlfriend and usual crew chief, Sam Manson, expecting twins due any day. Nationwide Series Champion Matt Quinlan is on standby in case Danny has to leave early. However, Danny Fenton has every intention of running the full distance today here in Phoenix. He leads Timmy Turner by 1.8 seconds as we see the battle for 6th play out. Kim Possible has it, Otto Rocket wants it.....AND INTO THE WALL GOES KIM POSSIBLE! Caution out for the 3rd time today here 50 laps into the Quicken Loans Race For Heroes 500.

(3 Team Communications)

Kim: That Otto Rocket is nothin' but a low down SHOOBIE!

Ron: Chill out, KP. You've already punched your ticket to Miami. We'll get 'em next week.

(RESTART: Lap 55 - 7 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 55 laps on the board here in Phoenix, green flag in the air and Bill Weber has a medical update for us. Bill?

Bill Weber: Allen, Kim Possible's just been released from the infield care center. Kim, what happened?

Kim: That 3 car spun us out! That's what happened! Otto's a shoobie, no question about it! We just gotta shake it off, come back at Homestead next week, try to claim the title.

Bill Weber: Kim Possible's day ends early here in Phoenix.

(Lap 96 - Caution 4)

Allen Bestwick: 96 laps complete here in Phoenix, 4th caution of the race is out....for rain. Pits are open and here comes the field! Bill Weber, we start with you.

Bill Weber: Track bar adjustment complete for Otto Rocket, 4 tires and fuel for the 3 and he's away! Jamie Little?

Jamie Little: No adjustments this time for Timmy Turner, just 4 tires and fuel and he's away! John Kernan?

John Kernan: Race leader Danny Fenton going for just 4 tires and fuel. The adjustments they made on the last stop really helped their car on entry, no adjustments this time for the 16 and he's away!

Allen Bestwick: Jeremy Johnson removed equipment from his pit box, he'll restart 29th on this upcoming restart.

Top 10:

1. Danny Fenton (16)
2. Phineas Flynn (43)
3. Otto Rocket (3)
4. Tommy Pickles (24)
5. Timmy Turner (20)
6. Edd (4)
7. Nigel Uno (1)
8. Kick Buttowski (14)
9. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
10. Ashley Armbruster (15)

(Lap 100 - RED FLAG)

Allen Bestwick: Cars are stopped on pit road, red flag has come out for rain 100 laps into the Quicken Loans Race For Heroes 500, the next to last race in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Next Sunday, the Chase and ESPN's 34 year run of NASCAR broadcasting comes to an end at the Homestead-Miami Speedway as the 2014 Sprint Cup Series Champion is crowned at the Ford EcoBoost 400. Coverage begins next Sunday, 1 PM Eastern on ABC.

(Red Flag Delay: 1 hour, 22 minutes)

(5:36 PM)

(RESTART: Lap 109 - 13 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 203 laps to go this time by, green flag in the air....and we have a car in the wall! That's Vince Lasalle in the 55 into the turn 1 wall, caution out for the 5th time.

(RESTART: Lap 117 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: We're gonna try to get a lap in under green this time. Green flag back out at 117 laps, let's go FULL THROTTLE with BIG HERO 6!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 184 - Caution 6)

Allen Bestwick: 184, make it 185 laps on the board here in Phoenix. Debris in turn 2 bringing out the caution for the 6th time today. Pits are open, not much action on the pit lane this time.

Andy Petree: The leaders had just pitted on lap 180, 4 laps ago, no surprise pit road's gonna be a ghost town. You see Rudy Tabootie pitting from 19th position....everyone from 19th on back ducked on in to pit lane this time.

Allen Bestwick: 186 laps complete here in Phoenix, under caution for the 6th time today, time to go NASCAR NONSTOP presented by 5-Hour Energy.

(RESTART: Lap 192 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 120 laps away from deciding who will run for the Championship in Miami, green flag in the air and a challenge for the lead! Danny Fenton in the 16 has it, Nigel Uno in the 1 wants it!

Dale Jarrett: He's not gonna get it this time, though!

Andy Petree: Uno has the preferred line through 3 and 4, might clear him next time by.....and he's into the wall!

Allen Bestwick: Nigel Uno into the wall off the front end of Danny Fenton! Caution out for the 7th time with 194 laps on the board here in Phoenix. We go NASCAR NONSTOP presented by 5-Hour Energy.

(RESTART: Lap 200 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: About to cross 200 miles here in Phoenix, 112 laps to go, green flag in the air and Danny Fenton has checked out!

Dale Jarrett: He's just in a different zip code right now, Allen. His team's made this 16 car almost unstoppable! They've been spot on every pit stop! It's gonna take either an engine failure or a blown tire for someone to catch up to Fenton.

Andy Petree: His closest challenger is the 24 of Pickles and he's 1.4 seconds back. That last time, the 24 was two tenths faster than the 16, not sure if it will help, though.

Allen Bestwick: Danny Fenton leads Tommy Pickles by 1.1 seconds and as you take a look at the points standings as they run now, it would be Fenton, Possible, Pickles and Flynn heading for the title round in Miami. Phineas Flynn ahead by 1 point over Otto Rocket. Flynn runs 7th, Rocket runs 9th.

(Lap 268 - Caution 8)

Allen Bestwick: 44 laps to go, under caution for the 8th time tonight as Joey Wheeler and Rudy Tabootie get tangled up in turn 2, this coming after a run of green flag stops. And now the red flag will fly with 43 laps to go here in Phoenix while they clean up the track. Race coverage will continue on ABC on the west coast, you can also find us on ESPN2. If you're watching on the east coast, it's time now for America's Funniest Home Videos after this message from our ABC stations. Remember, we're going over to ESPN2 on the east coast.


Allen Bestwick: We welcome those of you who are watching on ESPN2, we are under the red flag for a wreck involving Joey Wheeler and Rudy Tabootie in turn 2 with 43 laps to go in the next to last race in the Chase and the final race of the Eliminator Round. Right now, it's Danny Fenton's race to lose. He's been absolutely dominant all day here in Phoenix and as they run right now, he would be into the Championship Round next week in Homestead. You'll be seeing that next Sunday, 1 PM Eastern starting with NASCAR Countdown on ABC, then the Ford EcoBoost 400 set to go green just after 2:15 Eastern Time.

(Red Flag Delay: 54 minutes)

(8:24 PM)

(RESTART: Lap 276 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 36 laps to go this time, green flag in the air, we go FULL THROTTLE!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 294 - Caution 9)

Allen Bestwick: Caution out for the 9th time tonight, debris in the backstretch brings out the yellow this time, pit road not all that busy so we'll go NASCAR NONSTOP and be right back with you for the restart and finish of this one! You're watching the Chase for the Championship on ESPN!

(RESTART: Lap 302 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 10 laps is all that separates 4 drivers from a ticket to Miami! Green flag in the air, 10 laps to go in Phoenix! Which 4 drivers will punch their ticket to Miami?

Dale Jarrett: This time, Pickles was able to hang with the 16 but he's got some uninvited company coming up behind him!

Allen Bestwick: That's Otto Rocket in the 3, Randy Cunningham in the 48 coming behind. 3 Chevys, 2 Fords and a Toyota make up the top 6 with 7 laps to go in Phoenix!

(24 Team Communications)

Angelica: You are 2 to the good right now, Tommy. Just keep doing what you're doing and we'll be fine. As it stands right now, it would be you, Otto, Danny and Kim next week in Homestead.

(43 Team Communications)

Isabella: Okay, we are 2 back right now, we'll be tied if we get by the 48.

Allen Bestwick: You heard it there, you're seeing it here, Phineas Flynn around Timmy Turner for 5th, now in pursuit of Randy Cunningham for 4th place and a slot in the Championship Round next week in Miami, 3 laps to go in Phoenix! The lead now 1.6 seconds first to second! 2 TO GO! Phineas Flynn searching for a way past Randy Cunningham!

Dale Jarrett: Flynn's got a run on him through 3 and 4, can he make it stick?

Allen Bestwick: Danny Fenton will take the white flag, field has started the last lap of the race! Kim Possible started the Eliminator Round with a win in Martinsville, Ashley Armbruster spoiled the party at Texas and now it's Danny Fenton's turn! Coming out of turn 4, checkered flag for Danny Fenton, he wins in Phoenix and he is through to the Championship in Miami!

Andy Petree: Phineas Flynn shoves Cunningham into the wall!

Allen Bestwick: Phineas Flynn finishes 4th and he will punch his ticket to the Championship Round in Miami!

(16 Team Communications)


(43 Team Communications)

Phineas: Did we make it?

Isabella: We're tied with the 3, but we have tiebreak. In other words, we are going to Miami!

Phineas: NO WAY! Richard, this run for the title is dedicated to you, my friend!

(3 Team Communications)

Twister: We tied for the last spot on points, Otto.

Otto: Did we get in?

Reggie: Afraid not. Phineas had the tiebreaker on us.

Otto: Well that's just plain wonk. I should've spun him out when I had the chance!

Reggie: Otto, the last thing we need is another Brad Keselowski.

(Victory Lane)

John Kernan: Danny Fenton, you knew you needed a win to advance and you just put yourself in a different zip code. How'd you push yourself to get to Miami?

Danny: Let me be frank with you, John. This is a team effort here. Jazz and Sam gave me a great car. I personally didn't know how good this car was until practice on Friday. Once we saw our car on top of practice, I knew we had something good going for us. For me, there was more at stake than just a run at the title in Miami. My girlfriend and usual crew chief, Sam Manson.....she's expecting twins, she's full term....don't know when she'll give birth....might be when we're running at Homestead! I wanted to win this race not for me, not just for the team, but for her. Now I want to win the title for her.

John Kernan: Danny Fenton punches his ticket to Miami with a dominating performance in Phoenix.

That does it for the Eliminator Round! Here's how they finished at Phoenix:

1. Danny Fenton (16)
2. Tommy Pickles (24)
3. Otto Rocket (3)
4. Phineas Flynn (43)
5. Randy Cunningham (48)
6. Ashley Armbruster (15)
7. Timmy Turner (20)
8. Tristan Taylor (22)
9. Edd (4)
10. Kick Buttowski (14)
11. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
12. Abigail Lincoln (5)
13. Cindy Vortex (10)
14. Yugi Moto (11)
15. Ben Tennyson (47)
16. Arnold Shortman (37)
17. Ferb Fletcher (9)
18. Johnny Test (42)
19. Guy Hamdon (41)
20. Jeremy Johnson (31)
21. Nikki Wong (13)
22. Storm Shadow (21)
23. Ed (27)
24. Ash Ketchum (36)
25. Hank Hill (23)
26. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
27. Blossom (78)
28. Joey Wheeler (18) (DNF: Accident)
29. Rudy Tabootie (17) (DNF: Accident)
30. Nigel Uno (1) (DNF: Accident)
31. Brad Carbunkle (30) (DNF: Electrical)
32. Peter Griffin (7) (DNF: Engine)
33. Homer Simpson (83) (DNF: Engine)
34. Eric Cartman (26) (DNF: Engine)
35. Vince Lasalle (55) (DNF: Accident)
36. Sokka (38) (DNF: Electrical)
37. Katara (34) (DNF: Electrical)
38. Aang (35) (DNF: Electrical)
39. Kim Possible (88) (DNF: Accident)
40. Daria Morgendorffer (87) (DNF: Engine)
41. Virgil Hawkins (32) (DNF: Electrical)
42. Eddy (66) (DNF: Brakes)
43. Dudley Puppy (99) (DNF: Accident)

Points (1 race to go):

1. Danny Fenton - 4132 points
2. Tommy Pickles - 4127 points
3. Otto Rocket - 4121 points
4. Phineas Flynn - 4121 points
5. Timmy Turner - 4114 points
6. Abigail Lincoln - 4084 points
7. Kim Possible - 4082 points (ADVANCED)
8. Jeremy Johnson - 4081 points
9. Randy Cunningham - 2292 points (ELIMINATED)
10. Edd - 2271 points (ELIMINATED)
11. Ashley Armbruster - 2271 points (ELIMINATED)
12. Hoagie Gilligan - 2242 points (ELIMINATED)
13. Ben Tennyson - 2234 points (ELIMINATED)
14. Ferb Fletcher - 2222 points (ELIMINATED)
15. Johnny Test - 2209 points (ELIMINATED)
16. Guy Hamdon - 2205 points (ELIMINATED)
17. Kick Buttowski - 2188 points (ELIMINATED)

Now for the Championship Round grid:

1. Kim Possible - 5000 points
2. Danny Fenton - 5000 points
3. Tommy Pickles - 5000 points
4. Phineas Flynn - 5000 points
5. Timmy Turner - 2341 points (ELIMINATED)
6. Otto Rocket - 2336 points (ELIMINATED)
7. Abigail Lincoln - 2279 points (ELIMINATED)
8. Jeremy Johnson - 2275 points (ELIMINATED)
9. Randy Cunningham - 2292 points (ELIMINATED)
10. Edd - 2271 points (ELIMINATED)
11. Ashley Armbruster - 2271 points (ELIMINATED)
12. Hoagie Gilligan - 2242 points (ELIMINATED)
13. Ben Tennyson - 2234 points (ELIMINATED)
14. Ferb Fletcher - 2222 points (ELIMINATED)
15. Johnny Test - 2209 points (ELIMINATED)
16. Guy Hamdon - 2205 points (ELIMINATED)
17. Kick Buttowski - 2188 points (ELIMINATED)

The Championship will be decided in Miami with the Ford EcoBoost 400! STAY TUNED!
It's the final Elimination Race in the Chase! Who will punch their ticket to Miami? We'll find out as we run the QUICKEN LOANS RACE FOR HEROES 500 at Phoenix!
So, the race at Phoenix just ended. Kevin Harvick won and among those eliminated, thanks to a dirty move by Ryan Newman, were Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon. Here's hoping Newman DOESN'T win the title!

So, Mr. 'Rocket Man' Ryan Newman....this is for you. I ACTIVATE THE SEAL OF ORICHALCOS!

This week's featured game takes us to Dallas, where the Stars try to defend home ice against the red hot Vancouver Canucks! Can Jimmy Neutron and the Stars continue their surge or will the Canucks slow them down? Here's our starting lineups:

Vancouver Canucks (3-1-0):

Center: Todd Maclin (16) [C]
Left Wing: Myron McNabb (5) [A]
Right Wing: Jenny Avant (23)
Defenseman: Maurecia Bartlet (33) [A]
Defenseman: Dana Ziegler (40)
Goalkeeper: Calvin Thomas {Note: He's a character from the books} (1)

Dallas Stars (5-0-0):

Center: Nick Dean (9)
Left Wing: Jimmy Neutron (21) [C]
Right Wing: Libby Folfax (33) [A]
Defenseman: Cindy Vortex (10) [A]
Defenseman: Butch Pakovski (29)
Goalkeeper: Betty Quinlan (35)

Referees: Mike Hasenfratz and TJ Luxmore
Linesmen: Greg Devorski and Brian Mach

NBC Sports Network will handle this game with Mike 'Doc' Emrick and Ed Olczyk in the booth and Pierre McGuire at ice level.

Mike Emrick (voiceover): A new NHL season is upon us and already some teams are off to a hot start. The Dallas Stars, led by their fearless leader, Jimmy Neutron, have won their first 5 in a row and look to continue their early season surge against the COMEBACK CANUCKS. Vancouver dropped their opener, but the Canucks have since won their last 3. Tonight, these surging teams meet in Dallas for Tuesday Night Hockey! Canucks....Stars....the NHL ON NBC starts.....NOW!

(NHL on NBC theme)


Mike Emrick: And a packed house is on hand here at the American Airlines Center in Dallas as tonight, the NBC Sports Network brings you another edition of Tuesday Night Hockey! Tonight, the Vancouver Canucks storm into town looking to slow down the surging Dallas Stars, winners of their first 5 in a row. Welcome inside our NBC Sports broadcast booth, alongside Eddie Olczyk, I'm Mike Emrick. We'll check in with our ice level reporter, Pierre McGuire, a little later on. Eddie, we're 2 weeks into the new NHL season. Judging by what we've seen so far, what should we expect tonight?

Ed Olczyk: Question should be what SHOULDN'T we expect? We've seen alien powers, outlandish inventions, monsters coming out of playing cards....I'm scared of what we could be seeing tonight!

Mike Emrick: As am I, Eddie. Set to go here in Dallas, we take a look at the officiating crew for tonight's contest; Mike Hasenfratz and TJ Luxmore are the referees, Greg Devorski, Brian Mach are the linesmen and the off-ice officials are from the Edmonton Oilers. Puck is dropped and we are underway in Dallas! On ice for the Stars, we see Nick Dean with Libby Folfax and the captain, Jimmy Neutron on that potent first line. On defense is Cindy Vortex and Butch Pakovski with Betty Quinlan between the pipes. Vancouver sends out Todd Maclin with Myron McNabb and Jenny Avant as their forwards, Dana Ziegler and Maurecia Bartlet are the defensemen and Calvin Thomas is in goal for the Canucks. Shot by Maclin is wide right of the goal, picked up by Pakovski and he'll clear it out.....and that will be icing against the Stars. 

Ed Olczyk: Bad offensive shift by the Canucks, just the one shot on goal, no real threat to Quinlan.

Mike Emrick: Defensive zone faceoff won by the Stars, Dean takes it up ice, pass over to Pakovski. Pakovski dogged by Maclin, nearly has it poke checked away, skates out of trouble and passes it back to Nick Dean. Dean across center ice and over to Folfax with a drive! Save made by Thomas! Rebound in front of the net, taken by Neutron, thrown at the net and saved by Thomas, who will clear it out. Taken by Pakovski behind the net and he'll take it along the end boards. His pass to Folfax picked off by Maclin with a drive at the net! Save by Quinlan!! Rebound for McNabb, save by Quinlan and Betty Quinlan will clear it. Puck taken at center by Folfax, odd man rush for the Stars! 2 on 1, here's Folfax....out to Dean.....HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT! Arm is up and a delayed call coming as a rebound taken by Vortex is saved by Thomas and he'll cover up for a whistle and a delayed call! Let's go to Mike Hasenfratz.

Mike Hasenfratz: Vancouver penalty, #33, 2 minutes for charging.

Ed Olczyk: Maurecia Bartlet. Now let's take a look at this through our NB-See It. Bartlet lines up Libby Folfax....1, 2, there's the 3rd stride. She unleashes the open ice hit on Folfax and that's gonna be a charging call in any league.

Mike Emrick: Bartlet gets the gate for charging at 3:04 of the period. This is a Bud Light power play, face off won by Dean in the neutral zone. Pass over to Neutron, backpedaling is Neutron and he'll fire it out to Dean. Dean to Pakovski and back to Nick Dean. Nick Dean narrowly avoids getting slammed into the boards by McNabb and he'll pass it out to Vortex in the slot. Vortex being dogged by Ziegler, she'll pass to Neutron for a shot! Just wide of the goal! Puck taken by Folfax, already halfway through this power play, she'll pass out to Neutron, shot....HE SCORES! (Dallas Stars goal horn) JIMMY NEUTRON WITH HIS LEAGUE LEADING 9TH GOAL OF THE SEASON AND THE STARS ARE ON THE BOARD! IT'S 1-0!

Ed Olczyk: We talked about this in the pregame, Doc. When you play against the Stars, you have to keep a close eye on Jimmy Neutron. You let him get wide open and he will burn you. Critical mistake by the Canucks and the Stars take an early 1-0 lead.

Mike Emrick: Neutron from Folfax at 4:22 of the 1st period gets the Stars on the board, got another delayed call coming up. Shot by Neutron frozen by Thomas and a whistle.

Mike Hasenfratz: Vancouver penalty #41, 2 minutes for hooking.

Ed Olczyk: That's Eric Ovens. That 2nd line of the Canucks is taking a hit with this penalty and another power play coming up for the Stars.

Mike Emrick: Stars have already converted once on the power play, they have another chance coming up. Eric Ovens for hooking at 4:34 of the period, another Bud Light power play for the Stars starting up as the puck is taken by Nick Dean, in the slot now is Dean, he'll fire this one....

Ed Olczyk: What's Neutron doing?


Mike Emrick: Looks like he used his watch to magnetize the puck....RIGHT INTO THE NET! (Dallas Stars goal horn) NICK DEAN'S 6TH OF THE YEAR! IT'S 2-0, DALLAS!

Period Summary:

DAL - Jimmy Neutron (9) [Power Play]
Assist: Libby Folfax
Time: 4:22 - 1st Period

DAL - Nick Dean (6) [Power Play]
Assist: Jimmy Neutron
Time: 5:16 - 1st Period


VAN - Maurecia Bartlet
Time: 3:04 - 1st Period

VAN - Eric Ovens
Time: 4:34 - 1st Period

DAL - Butch Pakovski
Time: 10:28 - 1st Period

DAL - Sam Melvic
Cross Checking
Time: 14:55 - 1st Period

DAL - Cindy Vortex
Time: 19:46 - 1st Period

DAL - Cindy Vortex
Time: 19:46 - 1st Period

VAN - Maurecia Bartlet
Time: 19:46 - 1st Period

(2nd Period)

Mike Emrick: First 1:46 of the 2nd period will see the Canucks on the power play, Cindy Vortex got nailed for Instigation at 19:46 of the 1st period. Face off won by the Stars, puck taken by Neutron in the defensive zone, he'll start up ice with it, pass over to Nick Dean, 45 seconds left on the Canucks power play, pass out to Folfax swiped away by Ben Nushmutt. Nushmutt out to Avant and back out to Maclin. Maclin with 20 seconds left on the power play. Maclin with a shot! Just wide of Quinlan! Rebound for McNabb, back out to Maclin and THEY SCORE! TODD MACLIN WITH A POWER PLAY GOAL! IT'S NOW A 2-1 DALLAS LEAD!

Ed Olczyk: The Stars were a little slow coming off the draw, Canucks took advantage of this, Maclin wide open, turned it into a guessing game for Betty Quinlan and she guessed wrong.

Mike Emrick: Todd Maclin from Myron McNabb at 1:38 of the 2nd period puts the Canucks on the board. It's now 2-1, Dallas leads it. Face off was won by Nick Dean, pass over to Sheen Estevez on the right wing and he'll start up ice with it along the end boards. Just over 2 minutes gone by here in the 2nd, 2-1 our score in favor of the Dallas Stars. First meeting of the year between these 2 teams. They won't meet again until December 17th in Vancouver. Estevez with a flick back to Nick Dean. Dean fires it back to Estevez and back with it is Jimmy Neutron. Neutron looks for a lane, nobody to pass it to, takes it himself. Passing lane opens with help from Pakovski, Neutron will fire it to Estevez, HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT! Rebound for Estevez.....NO GOAL! They're saying it was tipped in with a high stick!

Ed Olczyk: Let's bust out our NB-See It, see where the refs are going with this. Take a look at the stick of Sheen Estevez, see if it was anywhere near the crossbar.....right on the level. They're gonna count this one!

Mike Emrick: Let's get the call.

Mike Hasenfratz: After further review, the players' stick was level with the crossbar. It's a good goal! (Dallas Stars goal horn)

Mike Emrick: Estevez's 1st from Neutron and Pakovski at 3:18 of the 2nd period. Face off taken by the Stars, pass over to Neutron on the breakaway, his shot....SCORES! (Dallas Stars goal horn) 2 GOALS IN 12 SECONDS! STARS LEAD IT 4-1!

Ed Olczyk: If you haven't figured out why the Stars are unbeaten, you just saw it now! Neutron goes on the breakaway, gets in the right position, nothing Calvin Thomas could've done there.

Mike Emrick: Neutron's 10th, 2nd of the game, from Nick Dean at 3:30 of the 2nd period makes it 4-1 in favor of the Stars as here comes Folfax off the feed from Neutron! Back to Nick Dean, over to Jimmy Neutron, back to Libby Folfax....SHE SCORES! 3 GOALS IN 54 SECONDS AND THE STARS HAVE BROKEN THIS GAME WIDE OPEN! IT'S 5-1!

Period Summary:

VAN - Todd Maclin (6) [Power Play]
Assist: Myron McNabb
Time: 1:38 - 2nd Period

DAL - Sheen Estevez (1)
Assists: Nick Dean, Butch Pakovski
Time: 3:18 - 2nd Period

DAL - Jimmy Neutron (10)
Assist: Nick Dean
Time: 3:30 - 2nd Period

DAL - Libby Folfax (3)
Assists: Nick Dean, Jimmy Neutron
Time: 4:12 - 2nd Period


DAL - Cindy Vortex
Fighting (Major)
Time: 11:16 - 2nd Period

VAN - Maurecia Bartlet
Fighting (Major)
Time: 11:16 - 2nd Period

DAL - Corky Shumatsu
Time: 14:55 - 2nd Period

DAL - Finbarr Calamitous
Butt-Ending (Game Misconduct)
Time: 17:02 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

(NHL on NBC theme)

Mike Emrick: The NHL ON NBC is brought to you by....Bridgestone - For drivers who want to get the most out of their cars, it's Bridgestone or nothing. Bridgestone - official tire of the NHL; by Heineken - Open Your World; and by Toyota - LET'S GO PLACES. Welcome back inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, about to start the 3rd period of this Tuesday Night Hockey matchup between the Stars and the Canucks. Stars lead it 5-1, no carry over penalties or power plays this period. Face off won by the Stars, puck controlled by Folfax. Dean, Neutron, Folfax, Vortex and Pakovski on the ice for the Stars with Betty Quinlan in goal. Maclin, McNabb, Avant, Bartlet and Ziegler on ice for the Canucks, Mark Miller now in goal for Vancouver. 2 minutes gone by in the 3rd, Dallas leads 5-1. Arm is up, we have a delayed call coming up on the Canucks. Puck is cleared out near Quinlan, she'll take it behind the net and leave it for Nick Dean. Dean with a goal and 3 assists so far this game, takes it up ice, pass over to Neutron, over to Folfax with a drive! Save by Miller! Rebound taken by Vortex! Saved by Miller and he'll cover up for the whistle and a delayed call! Let's go to TJ Luxmore for the call.

TJ Luxmore: Vancouver penalty, #5, 4 minutes for high-sticking.

Ed Olczyk: Double minor penalties are a rarity nowadays in the NHL, but we see one here on Myron McNabb. Stick is raised, just brushes the arm of Nick Dean and that drew the ref's attention. McNabb's gonna spend 4 in the box.

Mike Emrick: McNabb for high sticking at 3:28 of the 3rd period, a 4 minute Bud Light power play coming up for the Stars. Face off won by Nick Dean, taken in by Libby Folfax and passed on to Jimmy Neutron. Neutron in the slot, covered by Maclin, fires to Vortex for a shot.....SCORES! (Dallas Stars goal horn) POWER PLAY GOAL FOR CINDY VORTEX! HER 6TH OF THE SEASON AND IT'S 6-1!

(Later in the period....)

Mike Emrick: Dallas on the PK as Elke Elkberg is off to the box, 2 minutes for tripping at 12:26 of the period. Pass for Maclin is picked off by Vortex! Stars with an odd man rush, 2 on 1! Vortex.....NEUTRON SCORES! (Dallas Stars goal horn) A HAT TRICK FOR JIMMY NEUTRON AND IT'S 7-1, DALLAS!

Ed Olczyk: I think we can safely say that this game is over. I've said this before, I'll say it again. You let Dallas go on an odd man rush and bad things will happen to you just as we saw right there. Cindy Vortex picks off Maurecia Bartlet's pass, starts the breakaway right away, finds Jimmy Neuton wide open near the goal and the one-timer slips easily past Miller, makes it 7-1 Stars.

Mike Emrick: Neutron from Vortex at 12:33 of the 3rd period makes it 7-1, Stars lead it. Face off won by Maclin, pass over to Bartlet and back over to Maclin. Maclin looks to pass it to McNabb, won't get it there and we have a fight at center ice! THE CAPTAINS BATTLING IT OUT! JIMMY NEUTON AND TODD MACLIN! AND THE TAKEDOWN BY NEUTRON ENDS THIS ONE BEFORE IT COULD BEGIN! Maclin gets charged for an instigator, coincidental majors for Neutron and Maclin at 12:56 of the period. 4 on 4 for 56 seconds, then the Stars will go on the power play for 1:04. Friday, November 28th, the Flyers and Rangers go at it in New York for the Discover Card Thanksgiving Showdown. Coverage begins November 28th, 1 PM Eastern, on NBC. That will be the start of NBC's coverage of the NHL this season. Estevez on the wing off the faceoff from Dean. Here's Dean flying down the end boards. Pass over to Folfax, Stars return to full strength. Pass over to Elkberg and back to Folfax. Pass to Dean for a shot that goes wide! Puck taken back by Nick Dean behind the net, fires over to Folfax, 37 seconds to go on the Stars power play. Folfax back to Nick Dean for a shot....SCORES! (Dallas Stars goal horn) POWER PLAY GOAL FOR THE STARS! It's 8-1!

Goal Summary:

Nick Dean (7)
Assist: Libby Folfax
Time: 13:49 - 3rd Period

Period Summary:

DAL - Cindy Vortex (6) [Power Play]
Assists: Folfax, Nuetron
Time: 3:44 - 3rd Period

DAL - Jimmy Neutron (11) [Shorthanded]
Assist: Vortex
Time: 12:33 - 3rd Period

DAL - Nick Dean (7)
Assist: Folfax
Time: 13:49 - 3rd Period


VAN - Myron McNabb
Time: 3:28 - 3rd Period

VAN - Ben Nushmutt
Cross Checking
Time: 5:53 - 3rd Period

DAL - Butch Pakovski
Time: 9:54 - 3rd Period

DAL - Elke Elkberg
Time: 12:26 - 3rd Period

VAN - Todd Maclin
Fighting (Major)
Time: 12:56 - 3rd Period

DAL - Jimmy Neutron
Fighting (Major)
Time: 12:56 - 3rd Period

DAL - Sheen Estevez
Time: 18:48 - 3rd Period

The Stars blow out the Canucks, 8-1! Next up is a Halloween night matchup in Detroit as Yugi Moto and the Kings race into the Motor City to take on Phineas Flynn and the Red Wings!

TOON NHL: Canucks vs. Stars
Jimmy Neutron and the Stars look to continue their season opening hot streak against the Vancouver Canucks!

NHL on NBC theme:…

Dallas Stars goal horn (be advised, it only goes up to 5 goals):…


Michael Nebbia
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So, the race at Phoenix just ended. Kevin Harvick won and among those eliminated, thanks to a dirty move by Ryan Newman, were Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon. Here's hoping Newman DOESN'T win the title!

So, Mr. 'Rocket Man' Ryan Newman....this is for you. I ACTIVATE THE SEAL OF ORICHALCOS!

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