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We've made our way to the Kentucky Bluegrass for round 24 of the Verizon IndyCar Series, the MEIJER INDY 300 presented by Coca-Cola! After Dan Kuso's wreck last time around in Chicago, the lead is now just 2 points between the Ganassi teammates. Can Kuso hold down the fort or will Tennyson sneak in and snatch the points lead heading to the final 2 races? Here's how they'll line up:

1. Ben Tennyson (10)
2. Todd Daring (2)
3. Timmy Turner (16)
4. Phineas Flynn (99)
5. Tai Kamiya (15)
6. Otto Rocket (26)
7. Tommy Turnbull (20)
8. Ish Taylor (14)
9. Randy Cunningham (12)
10. Eli Shane (17)
11. Manny Rivera (25)
12. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
13. Spongebob Squarepants (21)
14. Ferb Fletcher (77)
15. Johnny Test (4)
16. Ash Ketchum (8)
17. Ashoka Tano (83)
18. Becky Botsford (27)
19. Alvin Seville (28)
20. Hank Hill (22)
21. Tommy Pickles (3)
22. Dipper Pines (18)
23. Dan Kuso (9)
24. Jimmy Neutron (67)
25. Guy Hamdon (19)
26. Wyatt Williams (7)
27. Nigel Uno (98)
28. Mordecai (34)
29. Gumball Waterson (91)
30. Jonesy Garcia (6)
31. Abigail Lincoln (5)
32. Ricky Cervantes (41)
33. Arnold Shortman (68)

Track Specs:

Description: 1.5 mile oval
Turns: 4
Distance: 200 laps/300 miles

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 78 degrees
Track Temp.: 92 degrees
Weather: Cloudy, 60% chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 7:45 PM (originally 7:52 PM)


Allen Bestwick (voiceover): Last time by, the IndyCar Series found its way to Chicago, where the points took another dramatic turn. With Dan Kuso slamming the wall early in the race, it was open season in terms of the championship....and Ben Tennyson took full advantage of the opportunity presented to him by his teammate. With a win in Chicago, Tennyson now stands just 2 points shy of Kuso as we head to Kentucky. It's Kuso and Tennyson....vs. the rest of IndyCar's finest in the Bluegrass State. Verizon IndyCar Series racing from Kentucky....NEXT ON ABC!

(ESPN SpeedWorld 1998-2004 theme)

Allen Bestwick: ABC Sports presents....VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES RACING live from the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky! For the first time since 2011, the Verizon IndyCar Series will race in the Bluegrass State. With 3 races to go, the championship has tightened up. Now just 2 points separate Ganassi teammates Dan Kuso and Ben Tennyson. Tennyson finds himself on the pole tonight, while Kuso starts deep in the field. Will the points leader come up with a big win or will Tennyson snatch the points lead away as we go into the homestretch? Welcome into our Quicken Loans ESPN Pit Studio. Alongside Scott Goodyear and Rusty Wallace, I'm Allen Bestwick. I'll tell you right now that we are in the hurry-up. We were originally scheduled to start at 7:52 PM, but IndyCar has moved the start time of the race up 7 minutes to try and beat the inclement weather that's closing in on the Central Kentucky area. Let's head down trackside.

Track Announcer: Kentucky, ARE YOU READY?! Please welcome our grand marshal, one of the stars of ABC's hit comedy 'The Middle' and the star of the upcoming Disney XD series 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil', EDEN SHER!

Eden Sher: HELLO, KENTUCKY! Are you guys ready to go green? DRIVERS! START! YOUR! ENNNNNNNNGINNNNES!

(33 900 horsepower engines fire up)

Allen Bestwick: That's our good friend, Eden Sher, from 'The Middle'. That airs Wednesdays at 8 here on ABC. She's got a new show, 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil' due out in the Spring. Take a look our Firestone starting grid. Ben Tennyson starts on pole tonight, gets the 2 bonus points for doing so, putting him 1 point off of teammate Dan Kuso.

Scott Goodyear: Those are big bonus points right there, Allen. Once we start here in Kentucky, Tennyson will actually have the lead by 43 points. That 23rd place qualifying effort by Kuso may prove to be costly when we get to Vegas.

Rusty Wallace: Give a call to Spongebob Squarepants, his best qualifying effort this season. He's looking to try and build some momentum for 2015. This season hasn't been kind to him at all.

Scott Goodyear: Guess that's what he gets for never having passed his boating exam.

Allen Bestwick: We kid because we care here, everyone. 33 cars set to go 200 laps around this 1.5 mile oval to make up the 300 mile distance. Pit speed here is 60 MPH....

Scott Goodyear: That's gonna be the hard part, going from about 225 MPH down to 60 on pit lane.

Rusty Wallace: There's that pit window, 38-42 laps. We have a 4 stop race on our hands. In practice, we saw teams stretch their fuel to around 54 laps, so we could see some teams employ a 3 stop strategy tonight.

Allen Bestwick: Pace car peels away, Ben Tennyson will lead them off of turn 4 and the 24th round of the Verizon IndyCar Series for 2014 IS GREEN! WE'RE UNDERWAY IN KENTUCKY!

(START - 200 Lap Race)

Rusty Wallace: Tennyson just cut off Timmy Turner! 16 never saw it coming!

Scott Goodyear: What that did, though, was leave the bottom lane open for Todd Daring in the 2! He's already around the 16 for 2nd, now searching for a lane around the 10 for the lead!

Allen Bestwick: Ben Tennyson blocks Todd Daring on the bottom! It was like he read Daring's mind!

Rusty Wallace: Now that's impossible! No one can read minds!

Allen Bestwick: Dan Kuso already up inside the top 15, he's now 13th. As they run right now, Kuso is 33 points behind teammate Ben Tennyson, make that 31 as he gets by Eli Shane in the 17 and the 21 of Squarepants, brings Kuso to 11th here at lap #6.

Rusty Wallace: Once Kuso gets inside the top 10, as you see him getting by Tommy Turnbull in the 20 for 10th place, every position from here until the 4th position is worth 2 more points. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place pay at 50, 40 and 35 points, respectively. As Kuso moves up, he closes the gap on his teammate as they run.

Allen Bestwick: Ben Tennyson has stretched his lead to 1.6 seconds over 2nd place Todd Daring. 11 of 200 laps complete here in Kentucky, Tennyson leads, we go Side-By-Side presented by Verizon!

(Lap 58 - Caution 1)

Allen Bestwick: 58 laps complete here in Kentucky, under caution for the 1st time today as race leader Johnny Test finds the wall in turn 3 and you can see the frustration in his face.

Scott Goodyear: There's the culprit....our points leader.

Allen Bestwick: Dan Kuso in the 9 car.

Rusty Wallace: And I wonder if Kuso was trying to put Test a lap down, Test was trying to block, might've gotten tapped by the 9 and probably overcorrected.

Allen Bestwick: Whatever may have happened, it's put us under the yellow for the 1st time tonight just after a round of green flag stops, 60 laps complete here in the Meijer Indy 300 at Kentucky. Dan Kuso leads, Ben Tennyson 2nd, Todd Daring runs 3rd, Tommy Pickles 4th and Phineas Flynn rounds out the top 5.

(RESTART: Lap 65 - 7 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: Back to green flag racing here in Kentucky, 65 laps complete, Dan Kuso jets to the front in a crucial race for him as he tries to defend his points lead! Dave Burns has an update for us.

Dave Burns: Johnny Test, you were running 16th prior to getting spun out there. What happened?

Johnny: Well, I just saw the replays. I was trying to block the 9 in the hopes of a yellow flag. Dan tapped me on the right rear and I guess I overcorrected. We got 2 races left in the year, we'll go to Kansas, try to win one before the season's out.

Dave Burns: Johnny Test with another DNF in 2014 here in Kentucky.

(Lap 98 - Caution 2)

Allen Bestwick: 2 laps shy of halfway and an official race here in Kentucky, under caution for the 2nd time tonight, debris in turn 2 is the cause of the yellow this time. Let's go to our Pennzoil TRIPLE PITS and Vince Welch.

Vince Welch: Tommy Pickles, top of your screen, 4 tires and fuel for the 3 car and he's away! He was running 4th before he stopped. Dan Kuso pits from the lead, 4 tires and fuel for the 9, same strategy for teammate Ben Tennyson, 4 tires and fuel for the 10 and the Ganassi boys are away!

Top 10:

1. Dan Kuso (9)
2. Ben Tennyson (10)
3. Ash Ketchum (8)
4. Alvin Seville (28)
5. Todd Daring (2)
6. Tommy Pickles (3)
7. Phineas Flynn (99)
8. Timmy Turner (16)
9. Ish Taylor (14)
10. Randy Cunningham (12)

(RESTART: Lap 104 - 6 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 96 laps to go here in Kentucky, back to green flag racing and we go FULL THROTTLE!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 168 - Caution 4)


Scott Goodyear: And the complexion of not only the race, but the championship, changes again.

Allen Bestwick: Caution out for the 4th time tonight, 32 laps to go here in Kentucky. Let's go back, see how this happened.

Rusty Wallace: Looks like a tie up between teammates. Ben Tennyson in the 10 gets into the back of the 9 of Dan Kuso, Tennyson had nowhere to go, slammed right into the 9, sent both of them into the wall.

Scott Goodyear: And look who's leading the race, guys! Ash Ketchum in the 8 car!

Allen Bestwick: First laps Ketchum has led since Texas back in June. Could tonight be the night that Ash wins his first race of 2014? We're 30 laps away from finding out. You're watching the Verizon IndyCar Series on ABC.

(RESTART: Lap 180 - 12 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 20 laps to go this time by, green flag is back out, back to racing in Kentucky! Ash Ketchum to the front in the 8 car!

Scott Goodyear: Ketchum knows his mission. He has to defend the points lead of his two teammates, Ben Tennyson and Dan Kuso. With those 2 now out of the race, they have now left it to him and Ashoka Tano in the 83 to keep Andretti Autosport and Team Penske at bay tonight.

Allen Bestwick: Tano runs 11th, highest Andretti car is Otto Rocket in 6th, highest running Penske car is Todd Daring in 2nd.

Andretti Autosport:

Otto Rocket (26) - 6th
Becky Bostford (27) - 9th
Alvin Seville (28) - 10th
Manny Rivera (25) - 14th
Mordecai (34) - 19th

Team Penske:

Todd Daring (2) - 2nd
Tommy Pickles (3) - 4th
Randy Cunningham (12) - 8th

Rusty Wallace: Getting down to it with 14 to go here, Allen. Ketchum's gotta be thinking 'do I have enough fuel to go the distance?' His last stop was on lap 156, that's 44 laps to go, just outside the window to make it on fuel.

Allen Bestwick: This race usually does come down to fuel strategy in the final laps. Dave Burns has more on the 8 car. Dave?

Dave Burns: During the last yellow, I talked with Ketchum's crew chief, Gary Oak. I asked him if his driver has enough fuel to make it to the checkers. He told me then that they were 2 laps short. Now with 12 to go, Oak's told Ketchum that he's good to go to the finish. We'll see if he's right. Allen?

Allen Bestwick: Thanks, Dave. This time by, 10 laps to go in Kentucky! Ash Ketchum's lead now 2.1 seconds over 2nd place Todd Daring in the 2 car, another six tenths of a second back is where you'll find Timmy Turner in the 16 and the 3 of Tommy Pickles battling it out for the 3rd and 4th positions. Phineas Flynn is a second back of that battle and under siege from Otto Rocket in the 26! 7 to go here in the Bluegrass State! SPIN IN TURN 3! THAT'S FERB FLETCHER IN THE 77!

Rusty Wallace: No caution yet! We stay under green with 6 to go!

Scott Goodyear: Now we have a yellow.

Allen Bestwick: Just like at Chicago, we will end the race under the yellow flag. Pace car picks up the field with 195 laps on the board, 196 this time by. 2 of the Ganassi cars, the points leaders, Dan Kuso and Ben Tennyson, crashed out late in the race. Ash Ketchum, their teammate, took charge and led what will have been the final 32 laps to claim his first victory of 2014.

Rusty Wallace: And this NTT Data Ganassi team....they needed this win. They haven't had the best of seasons. This is a much needed win for Ash Ketchum and the 8 team.

Allen Bestwick: White flag this time by for Ketchum. This has been a long time coming, but it'll be well worth it. TWIN CHECKERS COME OUT FOR ASH KETCHUM! HE'LL WIN AT KENTUCKY!

(8 Team Communications)

Gary: Ash, you deserve to celebrate. You are now a winner in the IndyCar Series!


Pikachu: PIKA PIKACHU! (Translation: Congratulations, buddy!)

Ash: Thanks, Pikachu!

May: Hey, Ash....I've got a little surprise for you after we're done in Victory Lane!

Ash: Uhh....alright, May.

Pikachu: PIKAPI, PIKACHU. (Translation: Ash, you're in BIG trouble)


1. Ash Ketchum (8)
2. Todd Daring (2)
3. Tommy Pickles (3)
4. Timmy Turner (16)
5. Randy Cunningham (12)
6. Phineas Flynn (99)
7. Ashoka Tano (83)
8. Alvin Seville (28)
9. Eli Shane (17)
10. Otto Rocket (26)
11. Hank Hill (22)
12. Tommy Turnbull (20)
13. Spongebob Squarepants (21)
14. Ish Taylor (14)
15. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
16. Manny Rivera (25)
17. Dipper Pines (18)
18. Jimmy Neutron (68)
19. Guy Hamdon (19)
20. Jonesy Garcia (6)
21. Wyatt Williams (7)
22. Tai Kamiya (15)
23. Ricky Cervantes (41)
24. Abigail Lincoln (5)
25. Becky Botsford (27)
26. Mordecai (34)
27. Nigel Uno (98)
28. Jimmy Neutron (67)
29. Ferb Fletcher (77)
30. Gumball Waterson (91)
31. Dan Kuso (9) (DNF: Accident)
32. Ben Tennyson (10) (DNF: Accident)
33. Johnny Test (4) (DNF: Accident)

Points (after 24 of 26 races):

1. Dan Kuso - 825 points
2. Ben Tennyson - 824 points
3. Otto Rocket - 812 points
4. Tommy Pickles - 786 points
5. Randy Cunningham - 767 points
6. Phineas Flynn - 700 points
7. Timmy Turner - 673 points
8. Alvin Seville - 595 points
9. Todd Daring - 521 points
10. Nigel Uno - 490 points
11. Ash Ketchum - 490 points
12. Ish Taylor - 480 points
13. Dipper Pines - 460 points
14. Ashoka Tano - 459 points
15. Eli Shane - 440 points
16. Guy Hamdon - 426 points
17. Becky Bostford - 416 points
18. Johnny Test - 416 points
19. Hank Hill - 413 points
20. Manny Rivera - 346 points
21. Tai Kamiya - 344 points
22. Abigail Lincoln - 342 points
23. Ferb Fletcher - 340 points
24. Sonic the Hedgehog - 340 points
25. Jimmy Neutron - 320 points
26. Ricky Cervantes - 308 points
27. Arnold Shortman - 308 points
28. Jonesy Garcia - 303 points
29. Tommy Turnbull - 261 points
30. Mordecai - 229 points
31. Wyatt Williams - 199 points
32. Spongebob Squarepants - 175 points
33. Gumball Watterson - 171 points


Toon IndyCar: MEIJER INDY 300
3 races to go in the season and now the championship is well within range as we head to the Kentucky Bluegrass for round 24, the MEIJER INDY 300!
From the looks of things, it appears I'll be able to finish this season of my Toon IndyCar Series before the new season of its real life counterpart goes green, so it's time to reveal the drivers and teams for Toon IndyCar 2015!


(R) denotes rookie

A.J. Foyt Enterprises
#14; Ishmael 'Ish' Taylor; Honda; ABC Supply Co.; Marty Stevens
#41; Ricky Cervantes; Honda; Gaf; Troy Kang

Andretti Autosport
#25; Manny Rivera; Honda; Snapple; Rodolfo Rivera
#26; Otto Rocket; Honda; Dr. Pepper; Maurice 'Twister' Rodriguez
#27; Becky 'WordGirl' Botsford; Honda; United Fiber & Data; Violet Heaslip
#28; Alvin Seville; Honda; DHL; Simon Seville
#34; Spongebob Squarepants; Honda; Kinsay; Eugene 'Armor Abs' Krabs

Barracuda Racing
#98; Nigel Uno; Honda; Barracuda Networks; Rachel McKenzie

Chip Ganassi Racing
#8; Ash Ketchum; Chevrolet; NTT Data; Gary Oak 
#9; Dan Kuso; Chevrolet; Target; Shun Kazami
#10; Ben Tennyson; Chevrolet; Target; Gwen Tennyson 
#83; Ashoka Tano; Chevrolet; Novo Nordisk; Anakin Skywalker

Dale Coyne Racing
#18; Dipper Pines; Honda; Sonny's; Wendy Courduroy 
#19; Guy Hamdon; Honda; Boy Scouts of America; Maz Kepler

Dragon Racing
#6; Jonesy Garcia; Chevrolet; Truecar; Jen Masterson
#7; Wyatt Williams; Chevrolet; McAffee; Jude Lizowski

Ed Carpenter Racing
#20; Tommy Turnbull; Chevrolet; Fuzzy's; Gus Turner

KV Racing Technology
#11; Sonic the Hedgehog; Chevrolet; Hydroxycut; Miles "Tails" Prower
#17; Eli Shane; Chevrolet; AFS; Will Shane
#82; Hank Hill; Chevrolet; Mecum Auctions; Peggy Hill

Lazier Partners Racing
#91; Gumball Watterson; Chevrolet; Advance Auto Parts; Darwin Watterson

Panther Racing
#4; Johnny Test; Chevrolet; TriWest; Susan Test

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
#15; Tai Kamiya; Honda; National Guard; T.K. Takaishi
#16; Timmy Turner; Honda; OnX; Chester McBadbat

Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing
#67; Jimmy Neutron; Honda; HURCO; Nick Dean
#68; Arnold Shortman; Honda; Community Health Network; Gerald Johannsen 

Schmidt Peterson Hamilton Motorsports
#5; Abigail Lincoln; Honda; HP; Kuki Sanban
#99; Phineas Flynn; Honda; HP; Stacy Hirano
#77; Ferb Fletcher; Honda; HP; Baljeet Tjinder

Team Penske
#2; Todd Daring; Chevrolet; Verizon; Riley Daring 
#3; Tommy Pickles; Chevrolet; Shell V-Power; Chuckie Finster
#1; Randy Cunningham (for some reason, Randy kinda looks like Will Power); Chevrolet; Verizon Wireless; Howard Weinerman 
#22; Marco Diaz (R); Chevrolet; Verizon; Jackie Lynn Thomas

Season Schedule [Network in brackets] (location in parentheses):

3/29 - Firestone Indy Grand Prix of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Florida) [ESPN]
4/5 - Grand Prix of Louisiana (NOLA Motorsports Park, New Orleans) [NBC Sports Network
4/12 - Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama (Barber Motorsports Park - Birmingham, Alabama) [NBC Sports Network]
4/19 - Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach (Streets of Long Beach, California) [NBC Sports Network]
5/9 - Grand Prix of Indianapolis (Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course - Indianapolis) [ABC]
5/24 - 99th Indanapolis 500 (Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval - Indanapolis) [ABC]
5/30-5/31 - Chevrolet Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans (Belle Isle Park - Detroit) [ABC]
6/6 - Firestone 600 (Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, Texas) [NBC Sports Network]
6/14 - Honda Indy Toronto (Exhibition Place - Toronto) [NBC]
6/21 - Firestone Indy 400 (Michigan International Speedway - Brooklyn, Michigan) [ESPN2]
6/27 - MAVTV 500 (Auto Club Speedway - Fontana, California) [NBC]
7/3 - Pep Boys Auto 600 (Atlanta Motor Speedway - Atlanta, Georgia) [ABC]
7/12 - ABC Supply Wisconsin 250 (The Milwaukee Mile - West Allis, Wisconsin) [NBC Sports Network]
7/18 - Iowa Corn Indy 300 (Iowa Speedway - Newton, Iowa) [NBC Sports Network]
7/25 - zMAX 600K (Charlotte Motor Speedway - Charlotte, North Carolina) [ABC]
8/2 - Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio (Mid-Ohio Sports Course - Lexington, Ohio) [NBC Sports Network]
8/8 - Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen (Watkins Glen International Speedway - Watkins Glen, New York) [ESPN]
8/23 - Pocono IndyCar 500 fueled by Sunoco (Pocono Raceway - Long Pond, Pennsylvania) [ABC]
8/30 - GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma (Sonoma Raceway - Sonoma, California) [NBC Sports Network]
9/10 - SunTrust Indy Challenge (Richmond International Raceway, Richmond) [ABC]
9/19 - Peak Antifreeze Indy 300 presented by Mr. Clean (Chicagoland Speedway - Joliet, Illinois) [ABC]
10/3 - RoadRunner Turbo Indy 300 (Kansas Speedway - Kansas City, Kansas) [ABC]
10/10 - Firestone Firehawk 500 (Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Las Vegas) [ABC]
11/19 - Verizon IndyCar World Championship (Homestead-Miami Speedway - Miami) [ABC]

Broadcast Teams:


Booth: Allen Bestwick (Marty Reid will fill in on occasion), Rusty Wallace, Scott Goodyear
Pit Reporters: Dave Despain, Bill Weber, Dr. Jerry Punch, Ray Dunlap

NBC Sports Network:

Booth: Leigh Diffey, Wally Dallenbach, Steve Letarte
Pit Reporters: Marty Snider, Jon Beekhuis, Dave Burns, Kelli Stavast

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
We conclude NASCAR's West Coast Swing with a trip to Southern California and the Auto Club Speedway of Southern California in Fontana for round 5 of the season, the AUTO CLUB 400! Here's how they'll line up:

1. Guy Hamdon (41)
2. Edd (4)
3. Timmy Turner (20)
4. Joey Wheeler (18)
5. Johnny Test (42)
6. Yugi Moto (11)
7. Tommy Pickles(24)
8. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
9. Jeremy Johnson (31)
10. Ashley Armbruster (15)
11. Ed (27)
12. Blossom (78)
13. Tristan Taylor (22)
14. Randy Cunningham (48)
15. Dudley Puppy (19)
16. Ferb Fletcher (9)
17. Kim Possible (88)
18. Ben Tennyson (47)
19. Abigail Lincoln (5)
20. Kick Buttowski (14)
21. Otto Rocket (3)
22. Cindy Vortex (10)
23. Phineas Flynn (43)
24. Dipper Pines (66)
25. Ginger Foutley (30)
26. Nigel Uno (1)
27. Rudy Tabootie (17)
28. Marco Diaz (25)
29. Danny Fenton (16)
30. Vince Lasalle (55)
31. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
32. Aang (35)
33. Katara (34)
34. Eric Cartman (26)
35. Arnold Shortman (37)
36. Matt Quinlan (6)
37. Nikki Wong (13)
38. Ash Ketchum (36)
39. Virgil Hawkins (32)
40. Storm Shadow (21)
41. Hank Hill (23)
42. Homer Simpson (83)
43. Sokka (38)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 78 degrees
Track Temp.: 102 degrees
Weather: Cloudy, 80% chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 4:06 PM (scheduled)


(NASCAR on FOX 2001-2007 theme)

Chris Myers: It is the final race of our West Coast Swing as we come to you from a wet Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California for race 5 of the Sprint Cup Series season. FOX Sports presents live coverage of the AUTO CLUB 400 presented by KFC! And welcome inside our Hollywood Hotel, where it is cool and dry. Alongside Michael Waltrip and Jeff Hammond, I'm Chris Myers. This is where America gathers every weekend for motorsports. We were originally scheduled to go green here in Fontana at 4:06 PM Eastern Time and as you can see....that's not happening. It's rained all day here, raining harder now. Mikey, what should we expect when we go green here?

Michael Waltrip: We'll be racing on a green racetrack, Chris. It'll be slick to start, but as the track rubbers up, it'll gain grip, get more car friendly. Also, we'll most likely start in the day and end at night, so that could play into these crew chiefs' hands as we get later in the race. They'll have to adjust their plans accordingly to try and beat the changing track.

Jeff Hammond: This used to be a 500 mile race here, Chris. For the longest time, it was a 500 mile race here in Fontana. We're going 200 laps, 400 miles this time. Final race of the West Coast run and let me tell you what, I talked with Otto Rocket during final practice yesterday. He's going for the West Coast sweep and he's banking on the race going into the night! He loves the night races, Chris.

Chris Myers: 400 miles here today in California for the final race of the West Coast Swing before we head to Martinsville next week, our first short track of the season. We'll take a break, then do a little GAS 'N GO here in Fontana!

(7:40 PM)

Mike Joy: Welcome back to Fontana for the Auto Club 400. The track is finally dry and we are set to go 400 miles here in Southern California. Let's head down trackside.

Track Announcer: Race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports! Please welcome our grand marshals, THE TOP 11 CONTESTANTS FROM 'AMERICAN IDOL'; this season's mentor, Big Machine Records founder SCOTT BORSCHETTA and 4-time NASCAR champion JEFF GORDON!

American Idol contestants, Scott Borschetta and Jeff Gordon: DRIVERS! START! YOUR! ENGINES!

(43 850 horsepower engines fire up)

Mike Joy: Jeff Gordon, a California native, special guest on 'Idol' this past week, joined up with this season's top 11 American Idol contestants to fire us up here in Fontana. We take a look at our Chevy starting grid. All Stewart-Haas front row, Guy Hamdon and Edd swept the front row in qualifying on Friday. Defending race winner Timmy Turner is scheduled to start 3rd, but he'll have to drop to the rear, he's in a backup car, as is Dudley Puppy, his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate. Puppy was slated to start 15th. Phineas Flynn lost a motor in final practice, he'll also start from the rear.

DW: I'm gonna try and talk to our defending race winner, Timmy Turner.

(IN-RACE REPORTER: Timmy Turner - 20)

DW: Timmy Turner, it's DW up in the FOX booth, you got me?

Timmy: Got ya, DW.

DW: Timmy, you had to start from the rear here in Fontana last year and you won the race. How do you propose to repeat this year?

Timmy: We'll do what we did last time. We're staying out of trouble, make the right calls on pit road and be there when the time's right. That's what we did last year, that's what we're doin' tonight. I'm not letting that Otto Rocket sweep the West Coast Swing!

DW: 10-4. Good luck tonight, Timmy!

Timmy: 10-4.

Mike Joy: We'll go 200 laps to cover the 400 mile distance here in front of a packed house here in Fontana, California. Pit speed is 45 MPH....

Larry Mac: And that pit window is going to be important, 42-46 laps. This track here in Fontana and its sister track out in Michigan, they are notorious for being fuel mileage races. One mistake could put you behind the 8 ball and in fuel conservation mode when we get later in the race...that's one position you never want to be in!

Mike Joy: Pace car is off, field out of turn 4, Jeff Gordon waves the green flag and WE ARE RACING IN FONTANA!


(Start of the AUTO CLUB 400)

Larry Mac: Already, they're 4 wide! 5 wide through turn 1, Mike!

Mike Joy: That will not work! SPIN IN TURN 2! That's the 18 of Joey Wheeler! CAUTION!

DW: Didn't even get a lap in!

Larry Mac: This is what happens when you go 4 and 5 wide through the turns here in Fontana. Someone had to give and unfortunately, that someone was Joey Wheeler.

Mike Joy: 1st caution of the race is out at lap 2. Guy Hamdon did indeed lead the first lap, 1 bonus point to the 41.

(RESTART: Lap 7 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 7 laps complete this time by, let's try this again, Jeff Gordon waves the green flag and we're back to racing in Fontana! Guy Hamdon gets a run through the frontstretch, just slides past his teammate in the 4 car! Hamdon to the front!

Larry Mac: THERE'S WHERE YOU SHOULD BE GOING 4 AND 5 WIDE! It only works in the straightaways! It will not work in the turns as we just saw with Joey Wheeler.

Mike Joy: Wheeler did change all 4 tires, restarted 43rd, he's now up to 36th. Timmy Turner started 40th, he's 31st. Phineas Flynn started 42nd, he's now 30th. Dudley Puppy started 43rd, he's raced his way up inside the top 30, he's now 29th. On board now with Otto Rocket, riding in 14th position, in the Wrangler #3 car.

DW: That was always my favorite Earnhardt paint scheme. Great to see it back on the track, Mike. Otto making a move on that 14 car through turn 3....

Larry Mac: That's a battle for 13th and 14th there, Mike! Kick Buttowski in the 14, Otto Rocket in the 3! Rocket seems to have the preferred line through 3 and 4 and he'll clear the 14 coming to complete this lap!

Mike Joy: 14 of 200 laps complete here in Fontana, Guy Hamdon leads the way in the Auto Club 400! You're watching NASCAR on FOX!

(Lap 52 - Caution 2)

Mike Joy: 52 laps complete, caution out for the 2nd time tonight, debris in turn 2 is the cause of our most recent yellow. Dipper Pines will benefit from the Aaron's Lucky Dog free pass back on the lead lap. Pits are open and everyone's coming in! We begin with Chris Neville.

Chris Neville: Track bar adjustment complete, 4 tires and fuel for Danny Fenton and he's away! Steve Byrnes?

Steve Byrnes: Dudley Puppy reported in that his car was too free on entry, they'll make a wedge adjustment to rectify the issue, 4 tires and fuel for the 19 and Puppy's away! Jamie Little?

Jamie Little: Polesitter Guy Hamdon going for no adjustments, 4 tires and fuel for the 41 and he's away! Hamdon wins the race off pit road!

Top 10:

1. Guy Hamdon (41)
2. Danny Fenton (16)
3. Tommy Pickles (24)
4. Dudley Puppy (19)
5. Timmy Turner (20)
6. Marco Diaz (25)
7. Randy Cunningham (48)
8. Otto Rocket (3)
9. Nigel Uno (1)
10. Tristan Taylor (22)

(RESTART: Lap 57 - 5 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Just past quarter distance here in Fontana, green flag in the air, time for a Hollywood CRANK IT UP!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 98 - Caution 3)


Larry Mac: This will bring out the caution.

(16 Team Communications)

Danny: 3 car got into me, you guys.


Mike Joy: And we apologize for Sam Manson's foul language over the radio to her boyfriend. Closing in on halfway here in Fontana, Marco Diaz leads the Auto Club 400, you're watching NASCAR on FOX!

(RESTART: Lap 106 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 94 laps to go as we get the restart here, green flag in the air and Jamie Little has an update for us.

Jamie Little: Danny Fenton was just released from the infield care center after being punted into the wall on lap 98. Danny, tell us what happened.

Danny: That dread-head sent me flyin' into the wall! That's what happened! So glad we have Martinsville next week! Perfect time for me to exact my revenge!

Jamie Little: The reigning series champion vows vengeance after an early exit at Fontana.

(Lap 158 - Caution 4)


DW: That's the points leader!

Larry Mac: Points leader Otto Rocket finding the wall....found the wall without SAFER barriers. Caution is out.

(25 Team Communications)

Marco: Star, Jackie, they gotta do something about these walls before it kills someone.

Jackie: We saw, Marco.

Star: Otto hit that wall hard in the backstretch.

Marco: And it had no SAFER barriers. I hope Otto's okay.

Mike Joy: The West Coast sweep was not meant to be for Otto Rocket. His race is done with 42 to go here in Fontana. Pits are open and here they come!

Larry Mac: Time for the money stops, guys! No mistakes now!

Mike Joy: We had a slew of pit penalties on the last round of green flag stops, let's see how this final round of stops under yellow will play out. Vince Welch?

Vince Welch: Final stop of the night for Timmy Turner, he'll pit from the lead, 4 tires and fuel for car 20 and he's away! Matt Yocum?

Matt Yocum: Johnny Test will come in for his final stop of the night, 4 tires and fuel for the 42 and he's away! Steve Byrnes?

Steve Byrnes: 4 tires and fuel for polesitter Guy Hamdon, going for his first win of the year and a spot in the Chase, Hamdon's away! He'll win the race off pit road!

Top 10:

1. Guy Hamdon (41)
2. Timmy Turner (20)
3. Marco Diaz (25)
4. Tommy Pickles (24)
5. Johnny Test (42)
6. Rudy Tabootie (17)
7. Edd (4)
8. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
9. Nigel Uno (1)
10. Tristan Taylor (22)

(RESTART: Lap 167 - 9 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 33 laps to go this time by in Fontana, Hamdon leads 'em down, green flag in the air, let's CRANK IT UP!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 196 - Caution 5)

Mike Joy: 4 laps to go in Fontana.....CAUTION! Caution out, it's for debris. What now, crew chief? To pit or not to pit with 4 to go?

Larry Mac: It'll all depend on how close you are on fuel. Remember, we could have up to 3 attempts at a green-white-checker. If you think you're close on fuel and want to be sure you'll be able to make it to the finish, you stop now. Otherwise, it's go time!

(RESTART: Lap 200 - 4 caution laps)

Mike Joy: This is the first of what could be 3 attempts at a green-white-checker finish. We'll get the green flag, then the white flag, then the checkered flag. Once we get the white flag, next flag ends the race. If the caution comes out before we get the white flag, we'll try again. Hamdon, Diaz, Pickles, Gilligan and Edd lead them to green, 2 LAPS TO GO!

Larry Mac: And Marco Diaz didn't get that good of a restart there, Mike! Hamdon got a run through 1 and 2, made quick work of Diaz in the 25 car! Hamdon wants to see that white flag, because once we see that flag, we got ourselves a race!

DW: White flag this time! Bring it home, Hamdon! BRING IT HOME!

Mike Joy: FINAL LAP IN FONTANA! Last shot for Marco Diaz!

Larry Mac: Diaz is gonna get a run through the backstretch, but I don't think it'll be enough!

Mike Joy: Marco Diaz trying down low, trying to win in his home state, but he can't get to the 41! CHECKERED FLAG FOR GUY HAMDON! HE WINS IN FONTANA!

(41 Team Communications)


Kelly: Welcome back to the Chase, Guy!

Maz: Score one for Tony Stewart!


1. Guy Hamdon (41)
2. Marco Diaz (25)
3. Tommy Pickles (24)
4. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
5. Edd (4)
6. Nigel Uno (1)
7. Kim Possible (88)
8. Tristan Taylor (22)
9. Yugi Moto (11)
10. Johnny Test (42)
11. Rudy Tabootie (17)
12. Dudley Puppy (19)
13. Phineas Flynn (43)
14. Kick Buttowski (14)
15. Timmy Turner (20)
16. Matt Quinlan (6)
17. Randy Cunningham (48)
18. Abigail Lincoln (5)
19. Jeremy Johnson (31)
20. Ashley Armbruster (15)
21. Vince Lasalle (55)
22. Ben Tennyson (47)
23. Blossom (78)
24. Cindy Vortex (10)
25. Ferb Fletcher (9)
26. Ed (27)
27. Joey Wheeler (18)
28. Ginger Foutley (30)
29. Dipper Pines (66)
30. Danny Fenton (16)
31. Otto Rocket (3)
32. Storm Shadow (21)
33. Arnold Shortman (37)
34. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
35. Nikki Wong (13)
36. Homer Simpson (83)
37. Hank Hill (23)
38. Sokka (38)
39. Katara (34)
40. Ash Ketchum (36)
41. Virgil Hawkins (32)
42. Eric Cartman (26)
43. Aang (35)

Points (after 5 of 36 races):

1. Edd - 186 points
2. Yugi Moto - 179 points
3. Tommy Pickles - 174 points
4. Marco Diaz - 174 points (1 win)
5. Otto Rocket - 161 points (2 wins)
6. Kim Possible - 157 points
7. Guy Hamdon - 155 points (1 win)
8. Joey Wheeler - 152 points (1 win)
9. Nigel Uno - 147 points
10. Timmy Turner - 146 points
11. Johnny Test - 142 points
12. Ashley Armbruster - 141 points
13. Randy Cunningham - 141 points
14. Tristan Taylor - 141 points
15. Danny Fenton - 133 points
16. Hoagie Gilligan - 132 points
17. Matt Quinlan - 129 points
18. Phineas Flynn - 129 points
19. Dudley Puppy - 122 points
20. Abigail Lincoln - 122 points
21. Rudy Tabootie - 122 points
22. Jeremy Johnson - 116 points
23. Kick Buttowski - 113 points
24. Vince Lasalle - 110 points
25. Ginger Foutley - 110 points
26. Dipper Pines - 109 points
27. Ed - 101 points
28. Ben Tennyson - 97 points
29. Cindy Vortex - 96 points
30. Ferb Fletcher - 90 points
31. Nikki Wong - 81 points
32. Blossom - 78 points
33. Ash Ketchum - 77 points
34. Katara - 73 points
35. Aang - 69 points
36. Arnold Shortman - 68 points
37. Sokka - 63 points
38. SpongeBob Squarepants - 61 points
39. Hank Hill - 57 points
40. Virgil Hawkins - 46 points
41. Storm Shadow - 39 points
42. Homer Simpson - 30 points
43. Eric Cartman - 20 points

Next Race: STP 500

NASCAR Toon Cup 2015: AUTO CLUB 400
NASCAR's West Coast Swing concludes with Round 5 of the season, the AUTO CLUB 400 at Fontana!
We have but 4 races to go in the Verizon IndyCar Series season! This time, your opponent is the 1.5 mile high speed oval at the Chicagoland Speedway! After a change for the points lead in Fontana, it's all up to Dan Kuso to hold down the fort and bring the championship back to Chip Ganassi Racing! Can he do it? He'll have to get past the Andretti Autosport team of Otto Rocket and the Penske teams of Randy Cunningham and Tommy Pickles to do so! First up in the final stretch run....the PEAK ANTIFREEZE INDY 300 presented by MR. CLEAN! Qualifying was rained out, so the field was set by the points. Here's how they'll start:

1. Dan Kuso (9)
2. Ben Tennyson (10)
3. Otto Rocket (26)
4. Tommy Pickles (3)
5. Randy Cunningham (12)
6. Phineas Flynn (99)
7. Timmy Turner (16)
8. Alvin Seville (28)
9. Nigel Uno (98)
10. Todd Daring (2)
11. Ish Taylor (14)
12. Ashoka Tano (83)
13. Ash Ketchum (8)
14. Dipper Pines (18)
15. Eli Shane (17)
16. Guy Hamdon (19)
17. Becky Bostford (27)
18. Johnny Test (4)
19. Hank Hill (22)
20. Tai Kamiya (15)
21. Abigail Lincoln (5)
22. Ferb Fletcher (77)
23. Manny Rivera (25)
24. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
25. Jimmy Neutron (67)
26. Ricky Cervantes (41)
27. Jonesy Garcia (6)
28. Arnold Shortman (68)
29. Tommy Turnbull (20)
30. Mordecai (34)
31. Wyatt Williams (7)
32. Gumball Watterson (91)
33. Spongebob Squarepants (21)

Track Specs:

Description: 1.5 mile oval
Turns: 4
Distance: 200 laps/300 miles

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 82 degrees
Track Temp.: 106 degrees
Weather: Clear, no chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 8:16 PM

ABC will handle this race with Allen Bestwick, Scott Goodyear and Rusty Wallace in the booth. Dr. Jerry Punch, Dave Burns, Vince Welch and Jamie Little are on pit lane.

Allen Bestwick (voiceover): 2 weeks ago, the Verizon IndyCar Series made its annual visit to Southern California, where the points took a dramatic turn. Points leader Otto Rocket slammed the wall early in the race....which changed the outlook of the championship drastically. Now, with 4 races to go in the season, there's a new man atop the points standings. Dan Kuso returns to the top of the championship ladder for the first time since Alabama. A stretch of 1.5 mile tracks is all that stands between him and a title. Can he hold down the fort for Ganassi as we head to Chicago? The answer is just 300 miles away. Verizon IndyCar Series racing from Chicago.....IS NEXT ON ABC!

(ESPN SpeedWorld 1998-2004 theme)

Allen Bestwick: ABC Sports presents.....VERIZON INDYCAR SERIES RACING, live from the Chicagoland Speedway in Chicago, Illinois! IndyCar last raced here in September of 2010. Champions have been decided here since 2001. Today, the IndyCar Series has returned to Chicago. With 4 races to go, there's a new sheriff atop the points standings. Question is....can he stay there? And we welcome you inside our Quicken Loans ABC Pit Studio. Alongside Scott Goodyear and Rusty Wallace, I'm Allen Bestwick. Thanks for having us in for the race. Scott, Rusty....we have 4 races to go, all on 1.5 mile tracks. Who do you think has the edge going into this final stretch of the season?

Scott Goodyear: Coming into tonight, it is still Otto Rocket's championship to lose. He won at Michigan, he won at Charlotte in July, he's finished top 5 or top 10 every time we've been on an oval. He also has 3 wins on the year. If he gets #4, he'll be in pretty good shape heading to Kentucky.

Rusty Wallace: I'm goin' with Dan Kuso on this one, guys. He has the points lead, he's been consistent all year long....he won last time around in California! Another win by Kuso and Rocket's screwed unless takes advantage of the double points at stake in Vegas.

Allen Bestwick: And when we get to Kentucky, as of right now it'll be the only time these drivers will see the track as part of the schedule. The 2015 schedule was released last week, which revealed to us that Kentucky's race date was moved to November and given to the Homestead-Miami Speedway, making it the championship race next season. 33 cars set to go 300 miles here in Chicago. Let's head down trackside.

Track Announcer: ARE YOU READY?! It's time for the most famous words in motor sports! Please welcome our grand marshal, CEO of Vantage Specialty Chemicals, JULIAN STIENBERG, as he gives the command!

Julian Stienberg: Drivers, Start Your Engines!

(33 900 horsepower engines fire up)

Allen Bestwick: Inside Honda's Fastest Seat in Motorsports this week....'Wheel of Fortune' host and Chicago native Pat Sajak. He's riding shotgun with Indianapolis 500 champion Mario Andretti. We take a look at our starting lineup, qualifying was rained out yesterday, so the lineup was set by the points, putting Dan Kuso on pole, teammate Ben Tennyson is 2nd and Otto Rocket, looking to rebound from a wreck in Fontana, starts 3rd. Tommy Pickles, Randy Cunningham, the Penske teammates, round out the top 5. The 3rd member of the Penske brigade, Todd Daring, starts 10th. Dale Coyne's star drivers, Dipper Pines and Guy Hamdon, start 14th and 16th, respectively. Looking at the rest of the starting field all the way back to Spongebob Squarepants in the 21 starting shotgun on the field. We'll run 200 laps to cover the 300 mile distance. Pit road speed is 70 MPH here in Chicago and you'll be stopping into the pit lane about every 36-42 laps for tires and fuel. Pace vehicle is off, field now in the hands of the Target machines of Dan Kuso and Ben Tennyson. Round 23 of the Verizon IndyCar Series....IS GREEN! Let's go FULL THROTTLE!

(START - 200 Lap Race)

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 32 - Caution 1)

Allen Bestwick: Debris on the backstretch bringing out the yellow for the first time tonight, 32 of the 200 laps complete here in Chicagoland. Here they come down pit road! We start with Vince Welch!

Vince Welch: Allen, Ben Tennyson will pit from the 3rd position. The team's taking a major swing on this 10 car, 4 tires and fuel and plenty of adjustments for Tennyson and he's off! Jamie Little?

Jamie Little: Service complete for the 3 of Tommy Pickles, no adjustments, just 4 tires and fuel. Meanwhile, Otto Rocket looking to claw his way back after a horrendous finish last race in Fontana, 4 tires and fuel for the 26 and he's away!

Top 10:

1. Dan Kuso (9)
2. Otto Rocket (26)
3. Tommy Pickles (3)
4. Ben Tennyson (10)
5. Phineas Flynn (99)
6. Randy Cunningham (12)
7. Timmy Turner (16)
8. Todd Daring (2)
9. Ash Ketchum (8)
10. Dipper Pines (18)

(RESTART: Lap 40 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 40 laps complete this time by here in Chicago, green flag in the air as Otto Rocket mistimes the restart and the entire outside line gets tangled up!

Scott Goodyear: I don't know if he spun the tires or what not, but the 26 of Rocket didn't get a good restart. Let's go back and look at this restart....

Rusty Wallace: 26 spun the tires. Big mistake on Otto Rocket's part. He can not afford a mistake like that in the position he's in with 4 to go in the season.

Allen Bestwick: Rocket has fallen in line in the 3rd position behind Ben Tennyson as we have a race for the lead! Ben Tennyson in the 10, Dan Kuso in the 9!

Scott Goodyear: The Ganassi cars have been good here all weekend, now we're seeing 2 of the Ganassi machines battle it out for the lead!

Rusty Wallace: Tennyson has the preferred line heading through turn 2....Kuso's gonna give it to him!

Scott Goodyear: First 100-150 laps's give and take. Last half of the race, it's all take and no give.

Allen Bestwick: New leader here in Chicagoland, that's Ben Tennyson! He leads with 48 laps on the board. We'll take a break, but you miss nothing as we go Side-By-Side presented by Microsoft!


(Lap 102 - Caution 2)

Allen Bestwick: PROBLEMS FOR THE POINTS LEADER! DAN KUSO INTO THE WALL! CAUTION! And for the 5th straight week, the points leader coming in finds himself into the fence. 98, make that 97 laps to go here in Chicago.....

Rusty Wallace: There's Chip Ganassi....not looking too pleased.

Allen Bestwick: And all of Kuso's fans can share in his and Chip's frustration.

(RESTART: Lap 115 - 13 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: Tennyson, Turner, Pickles, Rocket, Cunningham lead the field to green with 85 laps to go in Chicago, we're back to green flag racing as Dave Burns has a medical update for us. Dave?

Dave Burns: Dan Kuso's been released from the infield care center. Dan, you led the most laps to this point. You were so dominant....what went wrong?

Dan Kuso: That 3 car just got us loose, gave us a tap and shoved us right to the wall. I swear, when I get my hands on that loser Tommy Pickles, I'm so gonna pound him!

Dave Burns: You sure that's a good idea? You do realize his girlfriend's a black belt.

Dan Kuso: Don't care! It's payback time, Pickles!

Dave Burns: Dan Kuso impulsively seeking vengeance on Tommy Pickles after he was sent hurtling into the wall. Rough night here in Chicago for Dan Kuso.

(Lap 156 - Caution 3)


Rusty Wallace: Story of his season so far, Allen.

Allen Bestwick: Under caution for the 3rd time tonight, 44 laps to go in Chicagoland. Next time the Verizon IndyCar Series will take to the track, it will be in 2 weeks at Kentucky. Verizon IndyCar Series Racing from Kentucky - Saturday, September 27th, 8 PM Eastern on ABC. Our coverage is presented by Coca-Cola.

(RESTART: Lap 164 - 8 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: 36 laps to go this time by, green flag out, let's go FULL THROTTLE!

(Full Throttle graphic)

(Lap 190 - Caution 4)

Allen Bestwick: Caution out, our 4th one of the night, this one for debris in turn 4. It'll be Tennyson, Cunningham, Pickles, Rocket and Turner leading them to green when we get the restart.

(RESTART: Lap 194 - 4 caution laps)

Allen Bestwick: Ben Tennyon, Randy Cunningham, Tommy Pickles, Otto Rocket and Timmy Turner lead them to green with 6 LAPS TO GO IN CHICAGO!

Rusty Wallace: Cunningham didn't get a good restart, he's dropped back to 5th, Rocket's to 2nd, Pickles to 3rd!

Scott Goodyear: Now it's Rocket with the preferred line! He's got the high line, Tennyson hugging the bottom groove!

Allen Bestwick: They come around, 4 to go this time. Otto Rocket not letting Ben Tennyson get away! He's banking on Tennyson slipping up with now 3 LAPS TO GO!

Scott Goodyear: And there's no green white checker rule in the IndyCar Series, Allen. So if the caution comes out now, Ben wins this race!

Allen Bestwick: 2 to go, lead's now 3 tenths of a second between Tennyson in the 10 and Otto Rocket in the 26. This time by, the white flag will fly, FINAL LAP IN CHICAGO! TROUBLE FOR PHINEAS FLYNN! FLYNN'S IN THE WALL! CAUTION! THIS RACE IS OVER AND BEN TENNYSON WILL WIN IN CHICAGO!

(10 Team Communications)

Ben: Score another one for Ganassi!


1. Ben Tennyson (10)
2. Otto Rocket (26)
3. Tommy Pickles (3)
4. Timmy Turner (16)
5. Randy Cunningham (12)
6. Dipper Pines (18)
7. Becky Botsford (27)
8. Tommy Turnbull (20)
9. Johnny Test (4)
10. Guy Hamdon (19)
11. Manny Rivera (25)
12. Hank Hill (22)
13. Eli Shane (17)
14. Ash Ketchum (8)
15. Todd Daring (2)
16. Ferb Fletcher (77)
17. Abigail Lincoln (5)
18. Sonic the Hedgehog (11)
19. Arnold Shortman (68)
20. Ish Taylor (14)
21. Ashoka Tano (83)
22. Nigel Uno (98)
23. Alvin Seville (28)
24. Spongebob Squarepants (21)
25. Ricky Cervantes (41)
26. Jimmy Neutron (67)
27. Mordecai (34)
28. Gumball Waterson (91)
29. Wyatt Williams (7)
30. Jonesy Garcia (6)
31. Phineas Flynn (99) (DNF: Accident)
32. Tai Kamiya (15) (DNF: Engine)
33. Dan Kuso (9) (DNF: Accident)

Points (after 23 of 26 races):

1. Dan Kuso - 818 points
2. Ben Tennyson - 816 points
3. Otto Rocket - 792 points
4. Tommy Pickles - 751 points
5. Randy Cunningham - 737 points
6. Phineas Flynn - 672 points
7. Timmy Turner - 641 points
8. Alvin Seville - 571 points
9. Nigel Uno - 485 points
10. Todd Daring - 481 points
11. Ish Taylor - 464 points
12. Dipper Pines - 447 points
13. Ash Ketchum - 439 points
14. Ashoka Tano - 433 points
15. Eli Shane - 418 points
16. Guy Hamdon - 415 points
17. Becky Bostford - 411 points
18. Johnny Test - 406 points
19. Hank Hill - 394 points
20. Tai Kamiya - 336 points
21. Abigail Lincoln - 336 points
22. Ferb Fletcher - 335 points
23. Manny Rivera - 332 points
24. Sonic the Hedgehog - 325 points
25. Jimmy Neutron - 315 points
26. Ricky Cervantes - 301 points
27. Arnold Shortman - 296 points
28. Jonesy Garcia - 293 points
29. Tommy Turnbull - 243 points
30. Mordecai - 224 points
31. Wyatt Williams - 190 points
32. Gumball Watterson - 166 points
33. Spongebob Squarepants - 158 points

Next Race: MEIJER INDY 300

4 races remain in the season as we head to the Windy City! After the points lead changed hands in Fontana, it's up to Dan Kuso to hold station for the final stretch run to the championship! Can he do it and bring the title back to Chip Ganassi?


Michael Nebbia
United States
With my 2nd season of Cartoon Quidditch in the books, it's time for season 3! Some more new teams are coming in! Here they are!

American Conference:

East Division:

Jacksonville Vikings (GI Joe)
Cleveland Cruciatus (The Cleveland Show)
Miami Goblins (Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil)
New England Griffins (Family Guy)
Richmond Werewolves (Jimmy Neutron)
Washington Ministry (American Dad)
Hartford Whalers (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Baltimore Rebel Alliance (Star Wars Rebels)

North Division:

Boston Barons (X-Men)
Columbus Pixies (Fairly OddParents)
Indiana Slughorns (TUFF Puppy)
New Jersey Wyverns (Rugrats: All Grown Up!)
New York Dragons (American Dragon: Jake Long)
Philadelphia Thestrals (Codename: Kids Next Door)
Delaware Headless Horsemen (Penn Zero: Part Time Hero)
New Hampshire Blazers (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

South Division:

Cincinatti Phantoms (Danny Phantom)
Birmingham War Pigs (Doug)
Houston Horcurxes (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
Louisville Mystery (Gravity Falls)
Nashville Basilisks (Bakugan)
South Carolina Black Cocks (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
West Virginia Spark (Wander Over Yonder)
Arkansas Aces (DuckTales)

West Division:

Anaheim Monarchs (Static Shock)
Denver Dementors (Hey Arnold!)
Los Angeles Undead (Kim Possible)
New Mexico Marauders (Recess)
San Antonio Centaurs (Pepper Ann)
Seattle Vampires (ThunderCats)
Nebraska Grizzlies (Loonatics Unleashed)
Salt Lake City Minotaurs (Grojband)

National Conference

East Division:

Pittsburgh Patronus (Ben 10)
Dallas Hippogriffs (King of the Hill)
Minnesota Wormtails (The Powerpuff Girls)
Oklahoma Orcs (Teen Titans)
Orlando Black Magic (Dexter's Laboratory)
St. Louis Serpents (Invader ZIM)
Green Bay Wolfpack (SWAT Kats)
Miami Solar Flares (Steven Universe)

North Division:

Raliegh-Durham Tornadoes (South Park)
Chicago Fire Crabs (Spongebob Squarepants)
Detroit Alicorns (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Note: I AM NOT A BRONY!))
Buffalo Behemoths (Johnny Test)
Kansas City Inferi (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Milwaukee Death Eaters (Adventure Time)
Idaho Mountaineers (Storm Hawks)
Alaska IceCaps (Regular Show)

South Division:

Oakland Olympus (As Told By Ginger)
Atlanta Owls (Iron Man: Armored Adventures)
Charlotte Hallows (Phineas & Ferb)
Memphis Mandrakes (Justice League Unlimited)
New Orleans Nightwings (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Tampa Bay Trolls (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
Texas Grimms (Lego Ninjago)
Iowa Steel (ChalkZone)

West Division:

San Diego Vipers (Rocket Power)
Arizona Phoenixes (Futurama)
Las Vegas Night Elves (Ren & Stimpy)
Portland Parselmouths (The Simpsons)
San Francisco Seers (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Utah Fiendfyre (Daria)
Sacremento Crown Princes (Littlest Pet Shop)
Los Angeles Cosmos (Gargoyles)

International Conference:

Europe Division:

Liverpool Beetles (My Gym Partner's A Monkey)
London Chimeras (Amazing World of Gumball)
Milan Witchhunters (Madagascar series)
Paris Veela (Totally Spies)
Rome Fairies (Winx Club (even though I don't watch the show to begin with))
Toulouse Sphinxes (Code Lyoko)
Dublin Leprechauns (Skunk Fu!)
Copenhagen Curse (Chaotic)

Japan Division:

Hiroshima Hibagon (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
Yokohama Yokai (Prince of Tennis)
Kyoto Kappa (Dragon Ball Z)
Nagoya Nue (Pokémon)
Osaka Oni (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Tokyo Tengu (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Nagasaki Ninjetti (Big Hero 6)
Nishinomiya Lions (InuYasha)

North America Division:

Ottawa Redhawks (SheZow)
Mexico City Chupacabras (El Tigre)
Monterrey Cadejos (Mucha Lucha)
Montreal Manticores (6teen)
Toronto Salamanders (Total Drama)
Winnipeg Grindylows (Generator Rex)
Vancouver Pirates (Stoked)
Edmonton Blizzard (Frozen) 



Aces: Razorback Stadium (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Alicorns: Ford Field (Detroit, Michigan)
Barons: Gillette Stadium (Foxboro, Massachusetts)
Basilisks: LP Field (Nashville, Tennessee)
Beetles: Anfield (Liverpool, England) 
Behemoths: Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo, New York)
Black Cocks: Williams-Brice Stadium (Columbia, South Carolina)
Black Magic: Citrus Bowl (Orlando, Florida)
Blazers: Memorial Field (Hanover, New Hampshire)
Blizzard: Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton, Alberta)
Cadejos: Estadio Technologio (Monterrey, Mexico)
Centaurs: Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas)
Chimeras: Wembley Stadium (London, England)
Chupacabras: Estadio Azteca (Mexico City, Mexico)
Cosmos: StubHub Center (Carson, California)
Crown Princes: Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, California)
Cruciatus: Progressive Field (Cleveland, Ohio)
Curse: Parken (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Death Eaters: Miller Park (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Dementors: Mile High Stadium (Denver, Colorado)
Dragons: MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey (shared with the Wyverns))
Fairies: Stadio Olimpico (Rome, Italy)
Fiendfyre: Rio Tinto Stadium (Sandy, Utah)
Fire Crabs: Soldier Field (Chicago, Illinois)
Goblins: Sun Life Stadium (Miami, Florida)
Griffins: McCoy Stadium (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
Grindylows: Investors Group Field (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Grimms: Globe Life Park (Arlington, Texas)
Grizzlies: Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Headless Horsemen: Delaware Stadium (Newark, Delaware)
Hallows: Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Hibagon: Hiroshima Big Arch (Hiroshima, Japan)
Hippogriffs: Dallas Cowboys Stadium (Dallas, Texas)
Horcruxes: Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas)
Inferi: Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri)
Kappa: Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium (Kyoto, Japan)
Leprechauns: Aviva Stadium (Dublin, Ireland)
Lions: Koshien Stadium (Nishinomiya, Japan)
Mandrakes: Liberty Bowl (Memphis, Tennessee)
Manticores: Percival Molson Memorial Stadium (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Marauders: University Stadium (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Ministry: Nationals Park (Washington, DC)
Minotaurs: Rice-Eccles Stadium (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Monarchs: Angel Stadium of Anaheim (Anaheim, California)
Mountaineers: Bronco Stadium (Boise, Idaho)
Mystery: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium (Louisville, Kentucky)
Night Elves: Sam Boyd Stadium (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Nightwings: Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Ninjetti: Nagasaki Athletic Stadium (Isahaya, Nagasaki)
Nue: Nagoya Dome (Nagoya, Japan)
Olympus: Coliseum (Oakland, California)
Oni: Osaka Dome (Osaka, Japan)
Orcs: Boone Pickens Stadium (Stillwater, Oklahoma)
Owls: Georgia Dome (Atlanta, Georgia)
Parselmouths: Jeld-Wen Field (Portland, Oregon)
Patronus: Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Phantoms: Great American Ballpark (Cincinatti, Ohio)
Phoenixes: University of Phoenix Stadium (Phoenix, Arizona)
Pirates: BC Place (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Pixies: Columbus Crew Stadium (Columbus, Ohio)
Rebel Alliance: M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore, Maryland)
Redhawks: Frank Clair Stadium (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Salamanders: Rogers Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Seers: Candlestick Park (San Francisco, California)
Serpents: Edward Jones Dome (St. Louis, Missouri)
Slughorns: Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Solar Flares: Marlins Park (Miami, Florida)
Spark: Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium (Morgantown, West Virginia)
Sphinxes: Stadium Municipal (Tolouse, France)
Steel: Kinnick Stadium (Iowa City, Iowa)
Tengu: Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan)
Thestrals: Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Tornadoes: Wallace Wade Stadium (Durham, North Carolina)
Trolls: Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)
Undead: Los Angeles Memorial Colisseum (Los Angeles, California)
Vampires: CenturyLink Field (Seattle, Washington)
Veela: Parc des Princes (Paris, France)
Vipers: Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, California)
Vikings: EverBank Field (Jacksonville, Florida)
War Pigs: Legion Field (Birmingham, Alabama)
Werewolves: The Diamond (VCU Rams setup) (Richmond, Virginia)
Whalers: Rentschler Field (Hartford, Connecticut)
Witchhunters: Stadio Guiseppe Meazza (Milan, Italy)
Wolfpack: Lambeau Field (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
Wormtails: Target Field (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Wyverns: MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)/Rutgers Stadium (Piscataway, New Jersey) [select games]
Yokai: Nissan Stadium (Yokohama, Japan)



Preseason Games:

Whalers vs. Wolfpack
Vipers vs. Mountaineers
Grizzlies vs. Spark
Slughorns vs. Whalers


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