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I've already brought Supermarket Sweep, Shop 'Til You Drop and Double Dare back, why not add to the list of cartoon game show revivals? This time, it's HOLLYWOOD SQUARES! Reggie Rocket will be tapped to host this version with Cyberchase's Matt Quinlan as the announcer. And....WE'RE ROLLING!

(Hollywood Squares 1986-1989 opening cue)

Matt: From the center square, JIM J. BULLOCK! From Hawaii Five-0, SCOTT CAAN! From the US Women's Soccer Team, HOPE SOLO! From the NFL, PEYTON & ELI MANNING! From the world of motorsports, DANICA PATRICK! From The Amazing Race, PHIL KEOGHAN! From Good Morning America, ROBIN ROBERTS! From Phineas and Ferb, ALYSON STONER! And me, I'M MATT QUINLAN! WE ARE THE NEW....HOLLYWOOD SQUARES! And here's our host....REGGIE ROCKET!

Reggie: THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Thank you, Matt Quinlan! Welcome to the New Hollywood Squares! Hello, squares!

Panel: Hello, Reggie!

Reggie: That's what I like to hear! We've got some great players with us today, let's meet them right now. On the X side, we have Phineas Flynn! Phineas, welcome!

Phineas: Thank you, Reggie.

Reggie: Phineas, can you tell the stars something about yourself before we start?

Phineas: Well, my name is Phineas Flynn, I'm from Danville, Washington, just outside of Seattle....I'm an amateur inventor and I try to make every day the best day ever no matter what.

Reggie: As you and Ferb are so prone to saying....Carpe Diem.

Phineas: Indeed.

Reggie: Opposing you, we have Pacifica Northwest on the the O side! Pacifica, welcome aboard. Can you tell the stars something about yourself?

Pacifica: Well, I'm from Gravity Falls, Oregon and I thought I was related to the founder of the town until SOMEBODY exposed me and my family as frauds! Dipper Pines, as cute as you are....I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

Reggie: Now that that's out of the way, let's go over the rules. Object of the game is to get 3 stars in a row either across, up and down or diagonally or acquire as many squares as you can. It's up to you to figure out whether the answers the stars are giving is correct or if they're making one up, that's how you get the squares. First 2 games are worth $1,500, 3rd and all subsequent games are worth $3,000. Player with the most money when time is called wins and goes on to have the chance to drive off in one of those 5 brand new Chevrolets! Phineas, why don't you start? Pick a square!

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

Robin Roberts  Jim J. Bullock  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Phineas: Let's start with Jim J. Bullock, please.

Reggie: Alright! Jim J. Bullock from 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide', every day on TeenNick! Jim?

Jim J. Bullock: Yes?

Reggie: On your desk are 3 football helmets. Hold up the orange one, that represents the Cleveland Browns. Now hold up the black and silver one....that represents the Oakland Raiders. Now what team does the green and white helmet represent?

Jim J. Bullock: I believe it represents Pacifica and her family after she found out they were frauds! (everyone laughs) No, and white, that's the Seattle Seahawks.

Phineas: I disagree.

Reggie: The white pattern represents a wing, that helmet belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles. X gets the square.

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Over to you, Pacifica.

Pacifica: Lets go to Danica Patrick, please.

Reggie: DANICA! Danica, it's French designer named it the 'atom' because of its small size and the explosive effect a woman would have when wearing it. Today, it's better known as....

Danica Patrick: It's in Matt's pants!

Matt: Thanks a lot, Danica!

Danica: I think I just got on his bad side. Anyway, I know this's the tube top.

Pacifica: I'll agree.

Reggie: Actually, it's the bikini. X gets the square.

X  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Phineas, where to?

Phineas: Peyton & Eli Manning, please.

Reggie: The Manning Boys! Peyton....does a violin have a G-String?

Peyton: I thought we weren't going to discuss that here! Eli, why don't you take this?

Eli: Repeat the question, please.

Reggie: True or false? Does a violin have a G-string?

Eli: That would be true.

Phineas: Agree.

Reggie: A violin does have a G-string, along with A,B,C,D and F! X gets the square!

X  Scott Caan  X

Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Pacifica?

Pacifica: Scott Caan to block, please.

Reggie: Scott Caan from Hawaii Five-0, Friday Nights at 9 on CBS! Scott, Steve Austin is a big, bad pro wrestler better known as....

Scott Caan: Tubby. No, I know this one. At least I should know this one. It's 'The Crusher'.

Reggie: 'The Crusher'.

Pacifica: I disagree.

Reggie: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Circle gets the square!


Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Phineas, I think I know where you're going.

Phineas: Alyson Stoner for the win, please!

Reggie: Alyson Stoner from 'Phineas and Ferb'!

Alyson Stoner: Hey, Rocket Girl! Whatcha doin'?

Reggie: Well, there's that awkward moment where I'm asking a question to Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. Alyson, comedians have been using this gag item for years. The Luftus Novelty Supply Company in Utah is the only US manufacturer of them, what is it?

Alyson Stoner: Only place you can get it?

Reggie: Nowhere else in the US makes them.

Alyson Stoner: There used to be a very good pneumonic device sitting cat's corner from me. That would be....the 'Whoopi' cushion!

Phineas: I disagree.

Reggie: Actually, it was the rubber chicken! X gets the win! (Hollywood Squares 1986-1989 win cue) When we come back, it's our Secret Square Round! Stick around!

(Hollywood Squares 1986-1989 return from commercial cue)

Reggie: Round 2 is always our Secret Square game. We're gonna turn it over to Matt to tell us what's in our Secret Square Stash.

(Hollywood Squares: 1986-1989 Secret Square cue)

Matt: How about a trip to Las Vegas? You and a guest will fly round trip coach from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada for a 4 night stay in the Presidential Suite at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. Indulge with a morning of spa treatments, have lunch in your cabana, dine at a signature restaurant each night or stay in and enjoy over 2000 square feet of luxurious comfort. This idilic getaway is just minutes away from the world renowned Las Vegas Strip, from Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. One VIP bowling game and tour of Red Rock Canyon included. Retail Value: $21,637!

Reggie: Let's show our home and studio audience who the Secret Square is.

(Secret Square: Robin Roberts)

Reggie: Now you know. Phineas, you start.

Phineas: Jim J. Bullock, please.

Reggie: Jim, what's the name of the Glen Campbell song about a man who shimmies up and down poles?

Jim J. Bullock: What's Love Got To Do With It? I believe it's Wichita Lineman.

Phineas: I agree.

Reggie: Wichita Lineman. X gets the square.

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

Hope Solo  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Pacifica?

Pacifica: Hope Solo, please.

Reggie: Hope Solo! Hope, based on a recent poll, which branch of the military do more Americans feel is most effective at teaching useful job skills?

Hope Solo: Does interning at the White House count as a military position? (everyone laughs) I'm thinking it's the Air Force.

Pacifica: I'll agree.

Reggie: The Air Force. Circle gets the square.

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

Robin Roberts  X  Phil Keoghan

O  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Phineas?

Phineas: Robin Roberts, please. (sirens)

Reggie: YOU FOUND THE SECRET SQUARE! Robin, one of Queen Elizabeth's personal servants was demoted after getting caught amusing himself by doing what with the queen's pet dog?

Robin Roberts: He holds up their ears and calls 'em 'Charles' then makes 'em fetch the crown jewels! (everyone laughs) I should know this because I follow British news. He got 'em drunk.

Phineas: I Agree.

Reggie: Got 'em drunk! X gets the square! You're goin' to Vegas, Phineas!

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning

X  X  Phil Keoghan

O  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Pacifica?

Pacifica: Phil Keoghan to block!

Reggie: PHIL KEOGHAN! Host of 'The Amazing Race', Friday Nights on CBS! Phil, in 1999, the newswires reported a test that proves Mick Jagger has 7 what?

Phil Keoghan: Liver spots. No, no.....children.

Pacifica: I'm gonna agree.

Reggie: 7 kids! Circle gets the block.

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  Peyton & Eli Manning


O  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Reggie: Where to, Phineas?

Phineas: Peyton and Eli Manning!

Reggie: The Manning Brothers! Eli, according to Reuters, if a dog is using a high pitched, unevenly-placed bark, what does it mean?

Eli Manning: It means Bob Barker's at the door with the clippers.

Scott Caan: (barking)

Peyton Manning: Scott's barking at us, Eli.

Eli Manning: Actually, I think it's a warning bark.

Phineas: Disagree.

Reggie: It wants to play. X gets the square.

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan  X


O  Matt Quinlan  Alyson Stoner

Pacifica: Let's go to Matt Quinlan, please.

Reggie: Welcome to the game, Matt! According to a survey by the National Safety Council, are you more likely to die by choking, drowning or poisoning?

Matt: I think so. That's what I've told my uncle every time he lights up!

Reggie: We need one or the other, Matt.

Matt: I would think choking.

Pacifica: I'll agree.

Reggie: Nope. Poisoning, then drowning, choking came in 3rd, paid $2.80. X gets the square, a break for you, Phineas. Where to?

Danica Patrick  Scott Caan X


O X Alyson Stoner

Phineas: Scott Caan for the 5 square win!

Reggie: Scott Caan for a 5-square win! Scott, what were Disneyland employees banned from wearing on the job until March of 2000?

Scott Caan: I happen to know this. All Disneyland employees under Michael Eisner's authority were forbidden from wearing a belt with Mickey Mouse written on it. They had to wear the belt that had Mickey Mouse's face on it because they wanted the children to see it.

Phineas: Disagree.

Reggie: Mustaches. X gets the win! (Hollywood Squares win cue) Phineas doubles to $3,000, Pacifica yet to score. This next game is worth $3,000.....(car horn) but we won't get to play it, that sound means time is up! Phineas, with $3,000, you win! Pacifica, we thank you for coming on the show, we've got some gifts for you backstage. Phineas, each of our stars has a key that could start one of those 5 Chevrolets. I need you to pick a square.

Phineas: I'm gonna go to the center with Jim J. Bullock.

Reggie: Alright! Jim, come on down! We'll find out if Phineas can win one of those cars after this!

(commercial break)

(Hollywood Squares return from commercial cue)

Reggie: Alright, Phineas Flynn has chosen Jim J. Bullock as his good luck celebrity and what car have you chosen to play for?

Phineas: The Corvette, Reggie.

Reggie: Matt, tell him about the Corvette!

Matt: It's the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06! Comes equipped with performance group Z07, electronic stability control, performance traction management, removable carbon fiber roof panel, 8-speed automatic transmission, magnesium frame seats and a 650 horsepower, 6.2 liter turbocharged LT4 engine, furnished by your Chevrolet dealers. It's a prize worth.....$78,995! Good luck, Phineas!

Reggie: Alright, on the count of 3, Phineas, turn the key and see if you've won yourself a Corvette! Everybody....




(Phineas turns the key and the car starts)

Reggie: YOU GOT IT! YOU GOT THE CORVETTE! Grand total for you, Phineas: $103,632! Congratulations! You'll be back with us tomorrow to take on a new challenger, until then, Reggie Rocket saying see ya next time on THE NEW HOLLYWOOD SQUARES!

(Hollywood Squares 1986-1989 theme)

Matt: Promotional consideration provided by.....

(Commercials: New York Times, Mieneke Car Care, The Clapper, Allegra-D, Oxy Clean, Macy's, Aleve)

The following companies have furnished prizes or paid a fee for their promotion on the program:


Reggie Rocket's wardrobe furnished by

Matt Quinlan's wardrobe is provided by
The Men's Store at SEARS

Contestants must meet eligibility requirements. Celebrity guests are briefed as to questions and/or subject matter prior to the program.


Phineas Flynn - Vincent Martella
Pacifica Northwest - Jackie Buscarino
Reggie Rocket - Shayna Fox
Matt Quinlan - Jacqueline Pillon

Executive Producer

Supervising Producer

Directed by

Writing Supervised by

Written by



Associate Producer

Associate Director

Talent Coordinators

Assistant to the Producer

Production Coordinators

Art Director

Music Composed by


Talent Associate

Production Assistants

Production Accountant

Copyright 1966-1981, 1986-1989, 1998-2004, 2014
Sony Pictures Television
All Rights Reserved

Well, this is something I wanted to do as 'Hollywood Squares' was one of my favorite game shows as a kid (I grew up watching the Tom Bergeron era, as did someone else on here who also does cartoon game shows), I figured I'd bring it back, but more tailored to the 1980s John Davidson-hosted run. I might do some more episodes, but I'm gonna have to rewatch more Hollywood Squares episodes first! Stay tuned!
Toon Hollywood Squares: Episode 1
Got another series for you! This time, it's a cartoon version of another one of my favorite game shows, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES! However, instead of using a past host-announcer duo for this one, I'll use a cartoon host-announcer duo since it's a cartoon version. Reggie Rocket will host this version with Cyberchase's Matt Quinlan as the announcer. (Warning: Possible double entendres!)

The panel (from left to right):

Top Row:

Danica Patrick
Scott Caan
Peyton & Eli Manning

Center Row:

Robin Roberts
Jim J. Bullock
Phil Keoghan

Bottom Row:

Hope Solo
Matt Quinlan
Alyson Stoner


Phineas Flynn ('Phineas and Ferb')
Pacifica Northwest ('Gravity Falls')

Cues used (to be played at the corresponding moments in the episode):

Hollywood Squares opening cue:…
Round win cue:…
Secret Square cue:…
Secret Square win cue:…
Car description cue:…
Car win cue:…
Return from commercial cue:…

Hollywood Squares 1986-1989 theme song:…
The month of December rolls on around the NHL as we have an interconference matchup in New Jersey! Today, the Devils prepare to defend home ice against ghost kid Danny Fenton and the Chicago Blackhawks! Here's our starting lineups:

Devils (14-9-4):

Center: Tommy Pickles (24) [C]
Left Wing: Phil Deville (19)
Right Wing: Dylan 'Dil' Pickles (68) [A]
Defenseman: Kimi Finster (2)
Defenseman: Angelica Pickles (6)
Goalkeeper: Savannah Shane (35)

Blackhawks (18-8-1):

Center: Danny Fenton (19) [C]
Left Wing: Star Benson (10)
Right Wing: Sam Manson (88) [A]
Defenseman: Dash Baxter (2)
Defenseman: Valerie Gray (7)
Goalkeeper: Danielle Fenton (50)

Officials: Mark Lemelin and Kelly Sutherland
Linesmen: Brian Mach and Steve Barton


Gary Thorne: (voiceover) The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the NHL's most storied franchises. Dating back to the Original Six era, the Blackhawks have experienced everything from Stanley Cup highs to epic lows and catastrophic failure. Led by their star, Danny Fenton, they sit atop the Central Division, well on their way to another playoff berth as the NHL trudges through December. Their next challenge comes in the form of the 3 time Cup champion New Jersey Devils, who with the help of their captain, Tommy Pickles, ride a 4 game home winning streak into tonight. Can Pickles and the Devils whip up a nasty Chicago wind for Fenton and the Hawks? Devils, Blackhawks....the NHL on ABC is NEXT!

(NHL on ABC 2000-2004 theme and intro)


Gary Thorne: And fans continue to file into Prudential Center in Newark as the NHL on ABC is on the air! Tonight, the New Jersey Devils get set to defend home ice against the Central Division leading Chicago Blackhawks here on ABC! Hello, everyone. Gary Thorne, Bill Clement with you, let's head down to the ice, where we'll find our Mike Milbury, who's with Devils captain Tommy Pickles. Mike?

Mike Milbury: Thanks, Gary. Tommy, you're taking on a Blackhawks team that's tops in the Central Division, they're one of the top teams on the power play. Right now, you're 14th on the power play, but you've scored at least 1 power play goal in each of your last 6 games. What's with the sudden surge on the power play, Tommy?

Tommy: We're just taking advantages of the opportunities we get handed. If you take a penalty against us, we can and will burn you. Our power play unit can come through when it counts and that's what we need to do. We need our special teams to come through when it matters most and not take any unnecessary penalties.

Mike Milbury: Tommy Pickles going over what his team needs to do to take down the Blackhawks tonight. Back to you and Bill, Gary.

Gary Thorne: Thank you, Mike. Just about set for hockey here in New Jersey, we take a look at our officiating crew for tonight's game. Mark Lemelin and Kelly Sutherland are the referees, Brian Mach and Steve Barton are the linesmen, Kendrick Nichollson and Jean Morin are the standbys and our off-ice officials are from the Winnipeg Jets. We are underway from Newark! Gary Thorne, Bill Clement with you here on ABC as Tommy Pickles turns it over!

Bill Clement: That was just poor puck handling on the part of Tommy Pickles, Gary. Good thing Shane was on her toes to stop that one.

Gary Thorne: Shane will drop the puck off for Kimi Finster behind the goal and she'll start the break. Kelly Sutherland's arm is up, delayed call coming. Finster drops it for Tommy Pickles, he'll fire to Dil Pickles for a shot! Saved by Danielle Fenton! Rebound for Finster, SAVE BY DANI FENTON! She'll cover for the whistle and a delayed call! Let's go to Kelly Sutherland.

Kelly Sutherland: Chicago penalty, #2, 4 minutes for charging.

Bill Clement: Let's take a look at this through our 5-Hour Energy extreme slow mo camera....Dash Baxter with 7 strides towards Angelica Pickles! He's just lucky he didn't injure her, I'm just shocked he got a double minor for that. We don't see double minors for charging too often.

Gary Thorne: Dash Baxter gets nailed for charging at 2:26 of the first period. Face off is won by Tommy Pickles and what's that ghost kid doing?

Danny: Let's see how your team likes it when you score against them! (overshadows Tommy)

Tommy: Guys....that ghost kid....overshadowing me.....can't actions....WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?

Bill Clement: Tommy Pickles just scored on his own team! How did that happen?

Kimi: That no-good ghost kid!

Angelica: He must be stopped!

Goal: Danny Fenton (20)
Time: 2:48 - 1st Period


Gary Thorne: Paulina Sanchez gets the gate for holding the stick at 13:56 of the 1st period, here's Tommy Pickles off the draw.....SCORES! (New Jersey Devils goal horn) PICKLES GETS PAYBACK! WE'RE TIED AT 1!

Bill Clement: That's what the Devils had to do, hit 'em where and when they least expected it. Right off the face off, Kimi Finster gets it to Tommy Pickles, Pickles in the right spot, nothing Dani Fenton could've done there.

Goal: Tommy Pickles (23)
Assist: Kimi Finster (28)
Time: 14:14 - 1st Period

Period Summary:


CHI: Danny Fenton (20) [Shorthanded]
Time: 2:48 - 1st Period

NJ: Tommy Pickles (23) [Power Play]
Assist: Kimi Finster (28)
Time: 14:14 - 1st Period


CHI: Dash Baxter
Charging (Double Minor)
Time: 2:26 - 1st Period

NJ: Angelica Pickles
Fighting (Major)
Time: 7:48 - 1st Period

CHI: Dash Baxter
Fighting (Major)
Time: 7:48 - 1st Period

CHI: Paulina Sanchez
Holding the Stick
Time: 13:56 - 1st Period

NJ: Tommy Pickles
Delay of Game
Time: 17:04 - 1st Period

(2nd Period)

(NHL on ABC theme)

Gary Thorne: The National Hockey League on ABC is brought to you by Columbia Pictures' 'The Interview', starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, in theaters Christmas Day, rated R; by Coca-Cola - Open Happiness; and by 5-Hour Energy - Hours of energy now, no crash later. Welcome back to New Jersey, about to start the 2nd period of this one between the Hawks and the Devils. No carry over penalties or power plays as we get back to action and a delayed call coming up on Chicago. Here's Pickles....Tommy Pickles on the wing, over to Kimi Finster.....SCORES! (New Jersey Devils goal horn) NEW JERSEY KICKS THE 2ND PERIOD OFF WITH A BANG BY TAKING THE LEAD! IT'S 2-1!

Goal: Kimi Finster (19)
Assist: Tommy Pickles (37)
Time: 1:04 - 2nd Period


Gary Thorne: A rarity in the NHL, 2 penalties on the same team! Angelica Pickles off for hooking, Kimi Finster to the box for interference, coincidental minors coming at 14:52 of the 2nd period. Blackhawks will go on a 5-on-3 power play for the next 2 minutes, face off won by Fenton, over to Richard Lancer. Lancer backpedaling in front of the Devils goal, drops it back to Danny Fenton, pass over to Manson and THEY SCORE! SAM MANSON TIES IT UP!

Goal: Sam Manson (18)
Assists: Richard Lancer (21), Danny Fenton (33)
Time: 15:20 - 2nd Period

Period Summary:


NJ: Kimi Finster (19)
Assist: Tommy Pickles (37)
Time: 1:04 - 2nd Period

CHI: Sam Manson (18) [Power Play]
Assists: Richard Lancer (21), Danny Fenton (33)
Time: 15:20 - 2nd Period


CHI: Richard Lancer
Time: 1:54 - 2nd Period

NJ: Lil Deville
Cross Checking
Time: 4:44 - 2nd Period

NJ: Phil Deville
Time: 5:18 - 2nd Period

CHI: Ember McLain
Spearing (Double Minor)
Time: 7:20 - 2nd Period

NJ: Kimi Finster
Time: 14:52 - 2nd Period

NJ: Angelica Pickles
Time: 14:52 - 2nd Period

CHI: Vlad Masters
Boarding (Game Misconduct)
Time: 16:48 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

Gary Thorne: Welcome back to New Jersey, about to start the 3rd period here. This 3rd period will start with the Devils on the power play for 1:48 as Chicago continues to kill off that 5 minute boarding call currently being served by Jazz Fenton. Devils win the draw at center ice as we reset things for you. Devils go with their starting 5 of Tommy Pickles, Kimi Finster, Dil Pickles, Angelica Pickles and Phil Deville. Savannah Shane will remain in goal to work the 3rd period for New Jersey. Chicago starts out on the PK with Danny Fenton, Benson, Manson and Gray with Dani Fenton in net. Down to 55 seconds left on the power play for the Devils. Tommy Pickles snaps one....SCORES! (New Jersey Devils goal horn) PICKLES' 2ND GOAL OF THE GAME MAKES IT 3-2, NEW JERSEY!

Bill Clement: And another goal for the streak as that is now 7 straight games with a power play goal for the New Jersey Devils as the captain strikes again! 2nd power play goal of the night for the Devils has them up 3-2.

Goal: Tommy Pickles (24)
Time: 1:28 - 3rd Period

(Later in the period.....)

Gary Thorne: Dani Fenton is out of the net, extra attacker is on for Chicago! It's 6 on 5! Foley from the blue line....SCORES! THE EXTRA ATTACKER COMES UP BIG AND WE ARE TIED AGAIN WITH 40 SECONDS LEFT IN REGULATION!

Goal: Tucker Foley (8)
Time: 19:20 - 3rd Period

Period Summary:


NJ: Goal: Tommy Pickles (24) [Power Play]
Time: 1:28 - 3rd Period

CHI: Goal: Tucker Foley (8)
Time: 19:20 - 3rd Period


CHI: Jazz Fenton
Cross Checking (Double Minor)
Time: 5:52 - 3rd Period

CHI: Ember McLain
Butt-Ending (Game Misconduct)
Time: 9:14 - 3rd Period

NJ: Angelica Pickles
Boarding (Game Misconduct)
Time: 11:16 - 3rd Period

NJ: Tommy Pickles
Time: 12:41 - 3rd Period

CHI: Star Benson
Time: 14:42 - 3rd Period

CHI: Paulina Sanchez
Time: 15:58 - 3rd Period

NJ: Tommy Pickles
Time: 16:48 - 3rd Period

Overtime Summary:






Gary Thorne: Overtime couldn't decide a winner for us here in Jersey, so we're going to a shootout! In the shootout, each team picks 3 skaters and the team with the most points after 3 rounds wins the game. First up for the Devils is Susie Carmichael. She is 3 for 7 in shootouts this season. Carmichael in on net, pulls the spin move, shot.....SCORES! (New Jersey Devils goal horn) DEVILS GET THE EARLY LEAD IN THE SHOOTOUT! That will bring up the Blackhawks' first shooter, Dash Baxter. Baxter is 4 for 4 in shootouts so far this year......MAKE IT 5 FOR 5! THIS SHOOTOUT IS TIED! Round 2 begins with Kimi Finster shooting for the Devils. Finster already with a goal tonight, she is 5 for 8 in shootouts this season.....SCORES! (New Jersey Devils goal horn) 2-1, DEVILS! Now Sam Manson's turn to shoot. Manson 3 for 5 in shootouts so far this season.....TACK ON ANOTHER ONE! THE SHOOTOUT IS TIED AGAIN! Devils will send up their captain, Tommy Pickles, for this 3rd round of the shootout. Pickles in on net, dekes, shot....SCORES! 3-2 DEVILS IN THE SHOOTOUT! This brings up a must score situation for Chicago. If Danny Fenton scores, we continue. If not, the Devils win it. Fenton in on Shane, trying to go 5 hole.....DENIED BY SHANE! (New Jersey Devils win horn) DEVILS WIN IT! Savannah Shane denies Danny Fenton in the shootout! Let's go down to the ice for our 3 stars of the game presented by XBOX ONE. Here's PA announcer Kevin Clark.

Kevin Clark: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for your 3 stars of the game! Tonight's 3rd star, from the Chicago Blackhawks, Center #19, Danny Fenton! Our 2nd star, from YOUR NEW JERSEY DEVILS, CENTER #24, TOMMY PICKLES! And our 1st star of the night, also from YOUR NEW JERSEY DEVILS, GOALKEEPER #35, SAVANNAH SHANE!

Final Score:

Chicago Blackhawks - 3
New Jersey Devils - 4

Final/Shootout (Devils win Shootout 3-2)


Blackhawks: 30
Devils: 39

Win: Savannah Shane (15-9-4)
Loss: Danielle Fenton (18-8-2)

Attendance: 17,320

Time: 2:58

Gary Thorne: For Bill Clement, Mike Milbury and all of us here at ABC and ESPN, I'm Gary Thorne....SO LONG FROM NEW JERSEY! This has been a presentation of ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports! For more, log on to! Now let's take it up the Hudson River to Times Square and the Sprint Post Game Show with Stuart Scott, Barry Melrose, Ken Danyeko and Jamie Little!

That wraps it up from New Jersey! Kim Possible and the Avalanche take on Dipper Pines and the Buffalo Sabers next Featured Game! STAY TUNED!
TOON NHL: Devils vs. Blackhawks
Danny Fenton and the Central Division leading Blackhawks head to New Jersey to take on Tommy Pickles and the Devils in a crucial December battle! Can Danny go ghost and extend Chicago's lead in their division or will Pickles and the Devils send Danny back to the Ghost Zone?

Devils win horn:…
Ben Tennyson and the Bruins head for the home of Disneyland, where they'll face Yuma Tuskumo and the red hot Anaheim Ducks! Can the Bruins shut down the Anaheim machine or will the Ducks continue their hot streak? Here's our starters:

Boston Bruins (14-9-1):

Center: Ben Tennyson (10) [C]
Left Wing: Kevin Levin (11) [A]
Right Wing: Gwen Tennyson (16) [A]
Defenseman: Cash Murray (44)
Defenseman: JT Jackson (26)
Goalkeeper: Manny Armstrong (35)

Anaheim Ducks (14-6-5):

Center: Reginald 'Shark' Castle (32) [A]
Left Wing: Yuma Tsukumo (17) [C]
Right Wing: Kite Tenjo (41)
Defenseman: Bronk Stone (23) [A]
Defenseman: Caswell Francis (40)
Goalkeeper: Tori Meadows (35)

Referees: Francis Charron and Dave Lewis
Linesmen: Jonny Murray and Vaughn Rody

ESPN will handle this game with Gary Thorne and Bill Clement in the booth and Mike Milbury at ice level. Over to them now.

Gary Thorne: (voiceover) The Anaheim Ducks were born on the pages of a movie script more than 20 years ago, when a band of misfit hockey players proved that even the most inexperienced groups can come through when it matters. In 2003, the Ducks' dream of winning a Stanley Cup was nearly realized when they took the Devils to game 7, only to fall short. 4 years later, they'd return to the Finals and finally claim their Stanley Cup. Tonight, East meets West as Yuma Tsukumo and the Ducks are on home ice trying to continue their hot streak against Ben Tennyson and the surging Boston Bruins. Ducks, Bruins....right here, right now....this is NATIONAL HOCKEY NIGHT on ESPN!

(NHL on ESPN theme)


Gary Thorne: The NHL on ESPN is on the air as we come to you from the Honda Center in Anaheim for this contest between the Anaheim Ducks and the Boston Bruins! Hello everyone, I'm Gary Thorne and with me as always is my longtime partner Bill Clement. Bill, the calendar's flipped to December around the NHL. What teams have surprised you the most so far?

Bill Clement: Well, the biggest surprise this season for me so far has got to be the Edmonton Oilers. We always expect them to be near the cellar nowadays. Right now, they're near the top of the division thanks in no small part to the play of Nikki Wong. She, Jen Masterson and Jonesy Garcia have been nothing short of deadly on that first line for Edmonton. We're in December now, we'll see if these Oilers can keep up the momentum they have built so far.

Gary Thorne: Just about set to get the opening face-off here in Anaheim, let's take a look at our officiating crew for tonight's game. Francis Charron and Dave Lewis are the referees, the linesmen are Jonny Murray and Vaughn Rody. Thor Nelson and Ian Walsh are the standbys and our off-ice officials are from the Dallas Stars. Puck is dropped by Francis Charron and we are underway in Anaheim! Delighted to have you along with us, Gary Thorne, Bill Clement with you, Mike Milbury along the boards, we'll check in with him as the game goes on. Kastle turns the puck over! Taken by Levin, he's 2 on 1! Ben Tennyson....SAVED BY MEADOWS! TORI MEADOWS THWARTS THE ODD-MAN RUSH FOR THE BRUINS!

Bill Clement: That was a tough save for Meadows because she was in the crouch position in the stand up mode. Meadows is more of a butterfly style keeper, yet she kept her head up and saw Ben Tennyson's shot the whole way to stop the odd-man rush in its tracks.

Gary Thorne: Just over 2 minutes gone by here in the 1st period, shots are 4-2 in favor of the Bruins. Puck taken by Yuma Tsukumo and he will clear it out away from Meadows and onto the stick of Shark Kastle. Kastle with it and over to Bronk Stone and THERE'S A FIGHT! CASWELL FRANCIS AND JT JACKSON GOING AT IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF MANNY ARMSTRONG!

Bill Clement: They're too evenly matched here, Gary, as here come the refs to break them up.

Gary Thorne: Francis will get the instigator penalty, Jackson and Francis each get fighting majors at 3:06 of the 1st period. Bruins go on the power play when we come back, you're watching the NHL on ESPN!

Boston Bruins - 0
Anaheim Ducks - 0

16:54 - 1st Period

(NHL on ESPN theme)

Gary Thorne (voiceover): The NHL on ESPN is brought to you by....5-Hour Energy - Hours of energy now, no crash later; by Chevrolet and the new 2015 Corvette Stingray; and by Columbia Pictures' 'Annie', starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz, in theaters December 19th, rated PG.

(Later in the period....)

Gary Thorne: Halfway through the first period, no score to this point. Shots are 12-9 in favor of the Ducks. Here's a shot by Rio Kastle that goes wide of Armstrong and picked up by Stone. Bronk Stone centers it for Kazuma Tsukumo, shot...SAVED BY ARMSTRONG! ANOTHER CHANCE, SAVE ARMSTRONG AND HE WILL CLEAR IT AWAY! Puck picked up behind the goal by Kazuma Tsukumo, threaded on through to Bronk Stone, pass for Rio Kastle is stolen away by Ben Tennyson.

Ben: Sounds like a job for XLR8!

Gary Thorne: WHAT IS THAT?!

Bill Clement: Aliens have landed, Gary!

Gary Thorne: Tennyson speeds in on Meadows, SHOT! SAVED BY MEADOWS AND SHE'LL COVER UP! We get a whistle and a delayed call. Let's see who it's on.

Bill Clement: Looks like it's headed the Ducks' way.

Dave Lewis: Anaheim penalty, #43, 2 minutes for cross checking.

Gary Thorne: That's Cameron Clix who'll get a deuce for cross checking.

Bill Clement: One of the most obvious calls in the book. Clix gets both hands on the stick, absolutely levels Julie Yamamoto. Refs saw that, they're gonna call it a cross-check every time. That's gonna be 2 in the sin bin. No surprise for Clix, he leads his team in penalty minutes, he's hoping his PK unit gets it done here.

Gary Thorne: 11:08, the time of the penalty to Cameron Clix as here comes Yuma Tsukumo on the breakaway! Only the goalie to beat! Shot.....SCORES! (Anaheim Ducks goal horn) A SHORTHANDED MARKER FOR YUMA TSUKUMO! HIS 16TH OF THE YEAR AND THE DUCKS LEAD IT 1-0!

Goal: Yuma Tsukumo (16) [Shorthanded]
Time: 11:20 - 1st Period

Period Summary:


ANA: Yuma Tsukumo (16) [Shorthanded]
Time: 11:20 - 1st Period


BOS: JT Jackson
Fighting (Major)
Time: 3:06 - 1st Period

ANA: Caswell Francis
Fighting (Major)
Time: 3:06 - 1st Period

ANA: Cameron Clix
Cross Checking
Time: 11:08 - 1st Period

BOS: Kai Green
High Sticking
Time: 15:52 - 1st Period

(2nd Period)

(NHL on ESPN theme)

Gary Thorne: The NHL on ESPN is brought to you by Capital One - What's In Your Wallet?; by Coca-Cola - Open Happiness; and by DreamWorks' PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, in theaters now, rated PG. Welcome back inside Honda Center in Anaheim for the 2nd period of this one between the Ducks and the Bruins. 1-0 is our score as we enter the 2nd, Yuma Tsukumo's shorthanded goal is the difference so far as we get the 2nd period started. Bruins send out Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Yamamoto and Green with Armstrong in goal. Anaheim counters with Kazuma and Yuma Tsukumo flanked by Shark Kastle, Bronk Stone and Caswell Francis are the defensive line and Tori Meadows is in net for the Ducks. Here's Ben Tennyson on the break, he has a 2 on 1 with his cousin! Gwen....SHE'S TRIPPED UP BY STONE AND WE'LL HAVE A PENALTY SHOT! Bruins are 4/9 on penalty shots this season, Gwen Tennyson is 2/2 herself on penalty shots so far, she'll take this one against Tori Meadows. Here's Gwen Tennyson, skating in.....dekes....shot....SCORES! GWEN TENNYSON REMAINS PERFECT ON PENALTY SHOTS! HER 13TH GOAL OF THE SEASON AND WE ARE TIED AT 1!

Goal: Gwen Tennyson (13)
Time: 1:14 - 2nd Period


Gary Thorne: Kari Tsukumo lands a crushing hip check on Cash Murray...AND MURRAY IS DOWN! Delayed call for the Ducks, play continues until the puck changes hands. Levin with a shot! Saved by Meadows, she will cover and we'll get the call as Murray is slow to get up.

Bill Clement: Looks like this might be a major for boarding. Nice pickup by our camera crew, you see Kari Tsukumo gesture over to Cash Murray so as to say 'Hey bro, I hope you're alright'. Kari Tsukumo's #2 on the team in penalty minutes, one of the roughest players in the National Hockey League. There you see it, 5 minutes for boarding is the call. Wait, are they throwing her out? Quinton Arclight is now in the sin bin for Anaheim.

Dave Lewis: Anaheim penalty, #51, 5 minutes for boarding and a game misconduct.

Gary Thorne: There's the call. Kari Tsukumo will hit the showers, she is done! That's a game misconduct for boarding! Chris Arclight will serve the major penalty then jump onto the ice to replace Tsukumo, a 5 minute power play coming for the Bruins. Here's Yamamoto off the draw. Yamamoto fires and SCORES! POWER PLAY GOAL FOR JULIE YAMAMOTO! IT'S 2-1!

Goal: Julie Yamamoto (10)
Assist: Ben Tennyson (24)
Time: 13:54 - 2nd Period

Period Summary:


BOS: Gwen Tennyson (13)
Time: 1:14 - 2nd Period

BOS: Julie Yamamoto (10)
Assist: Ben Tennyson (24)
Time: 13:54 - 2nd Period


ANA: Rio Kastle
Cross Checking
Time: 5:52 - 2nd Period

BOS: Kai Green
Time: 8:33 - 2nd Period

BOS: Kevin Levin
Time: 9:16 - 2nd Period

ANA: Kari Tsukumo
Boarding (Game Misconduct)
Time: 13:40 - 2nd Period

BOS: Ben Tennyson
Time: 15:26 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

Gary Thorne: Just about halfway through the final period of regulation, 10:56 showing on the clock now.




Bill Clement: Just what we need.....more teams with access to Duel Monsters.

Gary Thorne: And this can't be good for the Bruins!

Ben: We're in big trouble.


Kevin: This is going to leave that which is known as 'a mark' (Ninja Turtles 2012 reference!)


Gary Thorne: Here's Rio Kastle from deep in the slot. Kastle with a blast! Save by Armstrong, rebound by Stone....SCORES! (Anaheim Ducks goal horn) BRONK STONE TIES IT UP WITH LUCKY #7 OF THE YEAR! IT'S 2-ALL!

Goal: Bronk Stone (7)
Time: 9:22 - 3rd Period

Gary Thorne: Stone picks up an unassisted tally 9:22 into the 3rd period. Here's Caswell Francis alone against the keeper! Francis fakes...shot....SCORES! (Anaheim Ducks goal horn) 2 GOALS IN 17 SECONDS! DUCKS TAKE A 3-2 LEAD!


Gary Thorne: Armstrong to the bench, Bruins bring on the extra skater, Julie Yamamoto. 1:14 to play in regulation.

Bill Clement: If the Bruins are gonna make this strategy work, they're gonna have to find away to get past Tori Meadows....and fast! Time is not on their side here.

Gary Thorne: Ben Tennyson turns it over! 34 seconds left in regulation! Here's Yuma Tsukumo from center ice, fires at the empty net....SCORES! (Anaheim Ducks goal horn) THAT CLINCHES IT! DUCKS LEAD 4-2 WITH 21 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!

Bill Clement: You can knock Anaheim down, but you can't knock 'em out! They'll somehow find a way back in the game and they just knocked the Bruins out! This one's all but over!

Gary Thorne: Yuma Tsukumo gets an unassisted tally, his 17th on the year, at 19:39 of the 3rd period, clock now shows 15 seconds left in the game. Down to 10 seconds now. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....DUCKS WIN IT! (Anaheim Ducks win horn) THE DUCKS SCORE 3 UNANSWERED GOALS TO DEFEAT THE BOSTON BRUINS 4-2! Let's go down to ice level for our 3 stars of the game presented by XBOX ONE.

3 Stars:

3rd Star: Bronk Stone
2nd Star: Tori Meadows
1st Star: Yuma Tsukumo

Period Summary:


ANA: Bronk Stone (7)
Time: 9:22 - 3rd Period

ANA: Caswell Francis (4)
Time: 9:39 - 3rd Period

ANA: Yuma Tsukumo (17) [Empty Net]
Time: 19:39 - 3rd Period



Win: Tori Meadows (15-6-5)
Loss: Armstrong (14-10-1)

Shots on Goal:

Boston: 34
Anaheim: 37

Time: 2:26

Attendance: 17,336

Danny Fenton and the Blackhawks head to the Garden State to take on Tommy Pickles and the Devils in our next Game of the Week! STAY TUNED!
TOON NHL: Bruins vs. Ducks
Ben Tennyson and the Bruins take on Yuma Tsukumo and the red hot Anaheim Ducks! Will the Ducks continue their hot streak or will the Tennyson cousins cool off the Anaheim engine named Tsukumo?

Ducks win horn:…
Ducks goal horn:…
While most everyone hits the malls for Black Friday, the stars of the NHL hit the ice for the DISCOVER CARD THANKSGIVING SHOWDOWN! Today, we're in Philadelphia as a rivalry is renewed! Today, Arnold Shortman and the Flyers take on Jake Long and the Rangers! Here's our starting lineups:

Flyers (10-8-3):

Center: Arnold Shortman (10) [C]
Left Wing: Gerald Johannssen (33) [A]
Right Wing: Phoebe Heyerdahl (8)
Defenseman: Helga Pataki (14)
Defenseman: Harold Berman (88)
Goalkeeper: Rhonda Lloyd (43)

Rangers (11-7-4):

Center: Jake Long (11) [C]
Left Wing: Spud Spudinski (61) [A]
Right Wing: Trixie Carter (19)
Defenseman: Hayley Long (23)
Defenseman: Nigel Thrall (26)
Goalkeeper: Rose Knight (30)

Referees: Tom Kowal and Dean Morton
Linesmen: Jean Morin and Trent Knorr

NBC will cover this game with Mike 'Doc' Emrick and Ed Olczyk in the booth, Pierre McGuire is our on-ice reporter. Over to them now.

(NHL on NBC theme)

Mike Emrick (voiceover): December starts early for the NHL as for just the 2nd time, the NHL stages a game on Black Friday! Today, a rivalry is renewed in Philadelphia as the hometown Flyers take on their archenemy, the New York Rangers, in a Metropolitan Division clash. Flyers.....Rangers....the Discover Card Thanksgiving Shootout is NEXT! Right here as the NHL and NBC collide!


Philadelphia Flyers (10-8-3)
New York Rangers (11-7-4)

Wells Fargo Center - Philadelphia, PA

Mike Emrick: 20,000+ fans in attendance this afternoon here at Wells Fargo Center, they've dodged the Black Friday crowds and come here to see their Flyers in action in the DISCOVER CARD THANKSGIVING SHOWDOWN! Today, the Flyers and Rangers take to the ice in the first half of a home and home series right here on NBC! Hello everyone, welcome to Philadelphia and to the NHL on NBC. Alongside Ed Olczyk, I'm Mike Emrick. Thanks for having us in for the game. Eddie, these 2 teams are in the middle of the pack in the Metropolitan Division, finding themselves chasing the Devils, Islanders and Capitals. What do the Flyers need to do to get back in the running?

Ed Olczyk: They really need to go on a tear here starting with today's game against the Rangers. You lose a game at home against your rivals and your season might take a turn for the worse. Both coaches know this, they're near the middle of the pack in their division, they're near the bottom in the conference, they need to step it up if they want to have a chance when we get to March and the run for the playoffs.

Mike Emrick: Of course, you'll be seeing the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals right here on NBC and NBC Sports Network. 21,146 fans on hand today here in South Philly, let's take a look at our officiating crew for today's contest, Tom Kowal and Dean Morton are our referees, linesmen are Jean Morin and Trent Knorr. Standbys are Chris Lee and Steve Miller and the off-ice officials are from the Los Angeles Kings. Eugene Horowitz is the only scratch for either team, he's out 4-6 weeks with a torn hamstring. Flyers will send out Arnold Shortman with Gerald Johanssen and Phoebe Heyerdahl on the first forward line, Helga Pataki and Harold Berman on defense, Rhonda Lloyd is in net for the Flyers. Rangers will send out Jake Long, Trixie Carter, Spud Spudinski, Hayley Long, Nigel Thrall and Rose Knight is in net for the Blueshirts. If the numbers on the backs of some of the Flyers' jerseys look familiar....that's because they are. Every starter on the Flyers with the exception of Gerald Johanssen is wearing the number of a former Flyer. Shortman wears 10 for sniper John LeClair, Heyerdahl wears 8 for Mark Recchi, Helga Pataki wears 14 for former Legion of Doom member Mikael Renberg, Harold Berman dons the 88 for another former Legionnaire and former New York Ranger Eric Lindros and Rhonda Lloyd wears 43 for former Flyers keeper Marty Biron. 3 minutes in here in Philadelphia. Shots are 4-2 in favor of the Flyers, no score to this point. Here's Shortman, dogged by Jake Long....2 on 1 chance for the Flyers! Shortman.....JOHANSSEN WITH A DRIVE! HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT! Puck is corralled by Jake Long, but he loses control and it's onto the stick of Helga Pataki. Pass over to Heyerdahl is tipped away and onto Harold Berman. Berman over to Shortman and it's threaded along now by Shortman onto the stick of Helga Pataki as the Flyers will make a change, new forwards coming out for Philadelphia. We now see Sid Phillips, Iggy Ashton and Miles Shortman on for Philadelphia. Pataki passes over to Miles Shortman....ONE-TIMER....SCORES! (Philadelphia Flyers goal horn) MILES SHORTMAN WITH HIS 10TH GOAL OF THE YEAR AND THE FLYERS LEAD IT 1-0!

Ed Olczyk: Doc, I kept thinking to myself, 'Shoot the puck, Helga'! Helga Pataki decided she didn't need to shoot the puck. A feed like this brought back shades of the old Deuces Wild line of Peter Forsberg, Simon Gagne and Mike Knuble. Miles Shortman's coming into his own on that 2nd unit with Ashton and Phillips flanking him but, memo to front office.....PUT HIM ON THE SAME LINE AS HIS SON! You could have the Deuces Wild line all over again!

Goal: Miles Shortman (10)
Assist: Helga Pataki (28)
Time: 5:18 - 1st Period

Mike Emrick: Miles Shortman's 10th goal of the season comes off the assist by Helga Pataki at 5:18 of the period, new defensive pairing coming out. Big Bob Pataki and Wolfgang Caudell jumping over the boards for the Flyers as the puck is stolen by Bob Pataki! 2 on 1, Knight way out of net! Knight trips up Pataki, puck picked up by Shortman.....SCORES! (Philadelphia Flyers goal horn) THEY'LL CREDIT PATAKI WITH THE ASSIST AND IT'S 2-0, FLYERS!

Ed Olczyk: And the main mistake right here was Rose Knight coming out of her goal to try and play the puck. She trips up Bob Pataki, but the puck somehow finds the stick of Miles Shortman who sets his sights on the open goal....bullseye! 2-0, Flyers.

Goal: Miles Shortman (11)
Assist: Bob Pataki (14)
Time: 5:32 - 1st Period

Mike Emrick: Official tally is Shortman from Bob Pataki at 5:32. New defensive pairing coming out for the Flyers, Jack Wittenberg and Mickey Kaline now out for Philadelphia. Shortman off the draw finds Wittenberg in the Flyers zone, behind the net waiting for his mates to set up. 6 and a half gone by in the 1st, Flyers lead 2-0, shots are 10-7 in favor of the Flyers. Wittenberg starts up ice....blows a tire! He's lost the puck! Picked up by Carter! Pass over to Thrall and HE SCORES! Wait a second....NO GOAL says Dean Morton! Net came off its moorings and we have a delayed call.

Dean Morton: New York penalty, #61, 2 minutes for tripping.

Ed Olczyk: This one's headed for Spudinski. Watch this play again. You see Dave Wittenberg with the puck, looks like he loses his footing trying to head to center, but you see the stick of Spudinski come in and just graze the left ankle of Wittenberg. The ref saw this and nailed Spudinski for the trip. That's gonna be 2 in the box.

Mike Emrick: Anthony Spudinski gets the tripping call at 6:58 of the 1st period, face-off to take place in the Rangers zone, this is a Bud Light power play for the Flyers, who come in 16th in the league when it comes to power plays, Rangers are 11th in the league on the PK.

Ed Olczyk: First power play unit for the Flyers has some tremendous skill. You see the father-son duo of Miles and Arnold Shortman with Gerald Johanssen flanking them. They have Helga Pataki and Harold Berman on defense and the bricks of Rhonda Lloyd's wall preventing any shorthanded chances like we just saw there.

Mike Emrick: Shots are now 12-10 for the Flyers, 2-0 is our score here in Philadelphia halfway through this power play. Here's Jake Long, over to Thrall. Thrall will keep it along the boards, centers it to Long and SCORES! JAKE LONG WITH HIS 12TH OF THE YEAR MAKES IT 2-1!

Goal: Jake Long (12)
Assist: Nigel Thrall (7)
Time: 8:10 - 1st Period

Mike Emrick: Long from Thrall at 8:10 of the first period, off the face off, it's Miles Shortman, 42 seconds left on the power play for Philadelphia. Miles Shortman, centers to Arnold....INTO THE GOAL! (Philadelphia Flyers goal horn) THE FATHER-SON CONNECTION STRIKES ON THE POWER PLAY! IT'S 3-1 FLYERS!

Goal: Arnold Shortman (17)
Assist: Miles Shortman (22)
Time: 8:33 - 1st Period

Mike Emrick: Father and son, Miles and Arnold Shortman, connect at 8:33 of the first period and WE HAVE A SCRAP DEVELOPING! HELGA PATAKI AND DANIKA HUNNICUTT AT CENTER ICE!

Ed Olczyk: And it's 'Hell Girl' Pataki with the take down! Let that serve a lesson to you....NEVER PICK A FIGHT WITH HELGA PATAKI!

Mike Emrick: Pataki gets nailed for the instigator, all penalties assessed at 8:35 of the first, this will bring up a Bud Light power play for New York. Rangers take the face off in their own end, brought on by Thrall, he'll take it cross-ice, dropped off to Long. Long wearing #11 in honor of former Rangers captain Mark Messier, he'll give it off to Carter and it's over to Spudinski. Spudinski with a drive! No luck there, deflected away from goal by Lloyd and picked up by Carter. Carter takes it along the right wing and drops it for Long. Jake Long with a shot! Nothing there, Spudinski with a rebound, HE SCORES! ANTHONY SPUDINSKI PULLS THE RANGERS WITHIN 1! IT'S 3-2!

Goal: Spud Spudinski (16)
Assist: Jake Long (21)
Time: 9:22 - 1st Period

Period Summary:


PHI: Miles Shortman (10)
Assist: Helga Pataki (28)
Time: 5:18 - 1st Period

PHI: Miles Shortman (11)
Assist: Bob Pataki (14)
Time: 5:32 - 1st Period

NYR: Jake Long (12)
Assist: Nigel Thrall (7)
Time: 8:10 - 1st Period

PHI: Arnold Shortman (17) [Power Play]
Assist: Miles Shortman (22)
Time: 8:33 - 1st Period

NYR: Anthony 'Spud' Spudinski (16) [Power Play]
Assist: Jake Long (21)
Time: 9:22 - 1st Period


NYR: Anthony 'Spud' Spudinski
Time: 6:58 - 1st Period

NYR: Danika Hunnicutt
Fighting (Major)
Time: 8:35 - 1st Period

PHI: Helga Pataki
Fighting (Major)
Time: 8:35 - 1st Period

PHI: Helga Pataki
Time: 8:35 - 1st Period

PHI: Bob Pataki
Time: 11:16 - 1st Period

NYR: Trixie Carter
Boarding (Double Minor)
Time: 13:02 - 1st Period

PHI: Harold Berman
Time: 17:56 - 1st Period

(2nd Period)

(NHL on NBC theme)

Mike Emrick: The NHL on NBC is brought to you by Discover Card - We treat you like you treat you; by Honda - Official Vehicle of the NHL; and by Bud Light - Great Taste for your Great Times. HERE WE GO. 2nd Period about to get started here in South Philadelphia, 3-2 is our score in favor of the Flyers, no carry over penalties or power plays but we're about to get one as we have a delayed call against Philadelphia! Shots are knotted up at 14 a piece, Johanssen will touch up for a whistle and a delayed call, let's go to Tom Kowal.

Tom Kowal: Philadelphia penalty, #14, 4 minutes for cross checking.

Mike Emrick: Helga Pataki gets a double minor for cross checking, you don't see that every day!

Ed Olczyk: Now that was just plain blatant! Let's take another look at that face-off through our NB-See It camera. Off the face-off, Pataki has 2 hands on her stick, absolutely levels Nigel Thrall. You're not gonna get away with that too often and Helga's goin' to the box for a double minor.

Mike Emrick: Helga Pataki gets 4 for cross checking at 42 seconds into the 2nd period, this will bring about another Bud Light power play for the Rangers. They've already converted once on the power play, looking to convert again....AND THEY DO! JAKE LONG'S 13TH OF THE YEAR TIES IT UP! IT'S 3-3!

Goal: Jake Long (13) [Power Play]
Time: 0:54 - 2nd Period

Period Summary:


NYR: Jake Long (13) [Power Play]
Time: 0:54 - 2nd Period


PHI: Helga Pataki
Cross Checking (Double Minor)
Time: 0:42 - 2nd Period

NYR: Trixie Carter
Time: 9:56 - 2nd Period

PHI: Ronnie Matthews
Elbowing (Game Misconduct)
Time: 15:56 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

Mike Emrick: First 56 seconds of this 3rd period will be spent on the Rangers power play as the Flyers continue to kill off the 5 minute elbowing penalty assessed to Ronnie Matthews. Matthews was also given a game misconduct call, so we won't be seeing him again this game. Puck taken in by Miles Shortman behind the goal as he waits for his mates to get set up. Let's reset things for you. Flyers send out Arnold Shortman, Miles Shortman, Johanssen, Pataki and Berman, Rhonda Lloyd remains in goal. Rangers have Long, Carter, Spudinski, Park and Hunnicutt with Knight patrolling the goal. We're just over a minute into this 3rd period, Flyers return to full strength sans Ronnie Matthews. Here's Miles Shortman, already 2 goals for him so far in the game. He'll drop it for Johanssen and onto the stick of Arnold Shortman. Puck back to Johanssen, over to Miles Shortman....AND THAT'S A HAT TRICK! (Philadelphia Flyers 4th goal horn) FLYERS HAVE THE LEAD AGAIN! IT'S 4-3! SEND THOSE HATS DOWN!

Ed Olczyk: And this crowd's in for some free McDonald's tomorrow morning! (Note: Whenever the Flyers score 4 or more goals in a home game, everyone in attendance gets a free breakfast sandwich from McDonald's the morning after that game)

Goal: Miles Shortman (12)
Assist: Gerald Johanssen (26)
Time: 2:12 - 3rd Period

(Later in the period....)

Mike Emrick: Less than 6 to go in the period, Flyers lead it 4-3. Shots are 32-26 for Philadelphia. Here's Johanssen, pass for Pataki is cut off by Trixie Carter. On the breakaway is Carter, alone against Lloyd, shot....SCORES! TRIXIE CARTER GETS #10 ON THE SEASON AND TIES IT UP AT 4!

Goal: Trixie Carter (10)
Time: 14:18 - 3rd Period

Period Summary:


PHI: Miles Shortman (12)
Assist: Gerald Johanssen (26)
Time: 2:12 - 3rd Period

NYR: Trixie Carter (10)
Time: 14:18 - 3rd Period


PHI: Bob Pataki
Boarding (Game Misconduct)
Time: 15:08 - 3rd Period


Mike Emrick: 3 periods couldn't decide a winner for us here in Philadelphia, we go into the overtime session. This overtime is brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. First 8 seconds of OT will be spent on the power play for the Rangers as Big Bob Pataki, Miles Shortman's set up man, was called for a game misconduct less than 5 minutes from the end of regulation. Power play over, Flyers return to full strength as Gene Wartz jumps onto the ice. We play 1 5 minute overtime period; if no one scores, we go to a shootout. First to score in OT wins the game. Tom Kowal's arm is up, we'll get a delayed call on Philadelphia when we get a stoppage. This one will be offsides on the Rangers, let's get the call from Kowal.

Tom Kowal: Philadelphia penalty, #14, 2 minutes for charging.

Mike Emrick: This one's going to Helga Pataki, a charge on the Flyers' top defenseman.

Ed Olczyk: Let's go to our NB-See It cam....1, 2,....there's the 3rd stride and right into Jake Long. Refs will call it every single time.

Mike Emrick: Pataki gets nailed for charging at 42 seconds into the overtime. Face off won by the Flyers, puck taken in by Arnold Shortman. 2 on 1 for the Flyers! Shortman....Johanssen.....SCORES! (Philadelphia Flyers win horn) THIS ONE'S OVER! A GAME WINNING GOAL FOR GERALD JOHANSSEN, HIS 16TH OF THE SEASON AND THE FLYERS WIN IT! Let's go down to the ice for our 3 stars of the game.

3 Stars:

3rd Star: Rhonda Lloyd
2nd Star: Arnold Shortman
1st Star: Miles Shortman

Final Score:

New York Rangers - 4
Philadelphia Flyers - 5


Shots on Goal:

Flyers: 38
Rangers: 30

Win: Rhonda Lloyd (11-8-3)
Loss: Rose Knight (11-7-5)

Attendance: 21,146

Time: 2:38

Ben Tennyson and the Bruins head to Anaheim to take on Yuma Tsukumo and the Ducks in our next Featured Game! STAY TUNED!
TOON NHL: Discover Card Thanksgiving Showdown
We're in Philadelphia for what in my honest opinion is the ONLY good thing about Black Friday....the DISCOVER CARD THANKSGIVING SHOWDOWN! Today, a rivalry is renewed as Jake Long and the Rangers take on Arnold Shortman and the Flyers!

Flyers goal horn:…
Flyers 4th goal horn:…
Flyers win horn:…


Michael Nebbia
United States
February 2015, the NASCAR Toon Cup returns.....harder, better, faster, stronger than before! Here's our driver lineup:


BK Racing; 93; Stan Smith; Toyota; State Water Heaters; Francine Smith

BK Racing; 83; Homer Simpson; Toyota; Burger King; Marge Simpson

BK Racing; 23; Hank Hill; Toyota; Burger King; Peggy Hill

Circle Sport; 33; Doug Funnie; Chevrolet; Little Joe's Autos; Skeeter Valentine 

Circle Sport; 40; Beavis; Chevrolet; Little Joe's Autos; Butt-Head

 Chip Ganassi Racing; 1; Nigel Uno; Chevrolet ;Bass Pro Shops; Rachel Tyra McKenzie (I made up the middle name)

Chip Ganassi Racing; 42; Johnny Test; Chevrolet; Target; Susan Test

FAS Lane Racing; 32; Virgil Hawkins (Static); Ford; Federated Auto Parts; Richie Foley (Gear) 

Front Row Motorsports; 35; Aang; Ford; 1-800LoanMart; Mai

Front Row Motorsports; 34; Katara; Ford; Maximum Human Performance; Zuko

Front Row Motorsports; 38; Sokka; Ford; Modspace; Azula

Furniture Row Racing; 78; Blossom; Chevrolet; Furniture Row; Professor Utonium

Germain Racing; 13; Nikki Wong; Chevrolet; GEICO; Jen Masterson

Hendrick Motorsports; 5; Abigail Lincoln; Chevrolet; Quaker State/Farmers Insurance; Kuki Sanban

Hendrick Motorsports; 24; Tommy Pickles; Chevrolet; Drive To End Hunger/AXALTA Coating Systems/Pepsi; Chuckie Finster 

Hendrick Motorsports; 48; Randy Cunningham; Chevrolet; Lowe's; Howard Weinerman 

Hendrick Motorsports; 88; Kim Possible; Chevrolet; Diet Mountain Dew/AMP Energy/National Guard; Ron Stoppable

Humphrey Racing; 77; Zak Saturday; Toyota; Hefty; Drew Saturday

The Motorsports Group; 30; Ginger Foutley; Toyota; Zaxby's; Courtney Gripling

BK Racing; 26; Eric Cartman; Toyota; Burger King/Dr. Pepper; Wendy Testaburger

Joe Gibbs Racing; 11; Yugi Moto; Toyota; FedEx; Tea Gardner 

Joe Gibbs Racing; 18; Joey Wheeler; Toyota; M&M's; Serenity Wheeler 

Joe Gibbs Racing; 20; Timmy Turner; Toyota; The Home Depot; Chester McBadbat

Joe Gibbs Racing; 19; Dudley Puppy; Toyota; DeWalt/Stanley; Kitty Katswell

JTG Daugherty Racing; 47; Ben Tennyson; Chevrolet; Bush's Baked Beans/Kingsford Charcoal; Gwen Tennyson 

Max Q Motorsports; 37; Arnold Shortman; Ford;; Gerald Johannsen 

Michael Waltrip Racing; 15; Ashley Armbruster; Toyota; 5 Hour Energy; Ashley Quinlan

Michael Waltrip Racing; 55; Vince Lasalle; Toyota; Aaron's; TJ Detweiler

Michael Waltrip Racing; 66; Dipper Pines (R); Toyota; Aaron's; Wendy Corduroy

NEMCO Motorsports; 87; Daria Morgendorffer; Toyota; O' Reilly Auto Parts; Quinn Morgendorffer

Team Penske; 2; Hoagie P. Gilligan; Ford; Miller Lite; Wallabee Beetles

Team Penske; 22; Tristan Taylor; Ford; Shell/Pennzoil; Duke Devlin

HScott Motorsports; 51; Spongebob Squarepants; Chevrolet; Phoenix Construction Services; Patrick Star

Richard Childress Racing; 3; Otto Rocket; Chevrolet; Cheerios/Wrangler Jeans/Dow Chemical/GM Goodwrench Service (it will be the tie-dye paint scheme and will be run at both Daytona races); Twister Rodriguez

Richard Childress Racing; 27; Ed; Chevrolet; Menards; Jonny 2X4

Richard Childress Racing; 31; Jeremy Johnson; Chevrolet; Caterpillar; Candace Flynn

Richard Petty Motorsports; 9; Ferb Fletcher; Ford; Twisted Tea; Baljeet Tjinder

Richard Petty Motorsports; 43; Phineas Flynn; Ford; Medallion Financial/Smithfield Farms/Pep Boys Auto; Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Roush Fenway Racing; 16; Danny Fenton; Ford; Ortho/Cheez-It; Sam Manson

Roush Fenway Racing; 17; Rudy Tabootie; Ford; Best Buy/Ford EcoBoost/Zest/Cargill; Penny Sanchez

Roush Fenway Racing; 6; Matt Quinlan (R); Ford; Fastenal/AdvoCare; Slider

Stewart-Haas Racing; 14; Kick Buttowski; Chevrolet; Office Depot/Mobil 1; Kendall Perkins

Stewart-Haas Racing; 41; Guy Hamdon; Chevrolet; U.S. Army/Quicken Loans; Maz Kepler

Stewart-Haas Racing; 10; Cindy Vortex; Chevrolet;; Jimmy Neutron

Stewart-Haas Racing; 4; Edd; Chevrolet; Budwieser; Nazz

Tommy Baldwin Racing; 7; Peter Griffin; Chevrolet; Speed Energy; Lois Griffin

Tommy Baldwin Racing; 36; Ash Ketchum; Chevrolet; Ollie's Bargain Outlet; Gary Oak

TriStar Racing; 19; Rex Raptor; Chevrolet; G-Oil; Weevil Underwood 

Wood Brothers Racing; 21; Storm Shadow; Ford; Motorcraft/Good Sam Roadside Assistance; Snake Eyes

Here's the schedule (take a good look at it, because there's some big changes as opposed to last season):

~ Daytona International Speedway (Sprint Unlimited at Daytona)

~ Daytona International Speedway (Budweiser Duels)

Daytona International Speedway (Daytona 500)

Atlanta Motor Speedway (Oral-B USA 500)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Kobalt 400)

Phoenix International Raceway (The Profit on CNBC 500)

Auto Club Speedway (Auto Club 400)

Martinsville Speedway (Goody's Fast Relief 500)

Texas Motor Speedway (Duck Commander 500)

Bristol Motor Speedway (Food City 500)

Richmond International Raceway (Toyota Owners 400)

Talladega Superspeedway (Aaron's 499)

Kansas Speedway (5-Hour Energy 400 benefiting Special Operations Warrior Foundation)

~ Charlotte Motor Speedway (All-Star Race)

Charlotte Motor Speedway (Coca-Cola 600)

Dover International Speedway (FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks)

Pocono Raceway (Pocono 400)

Michigan International Speedway (Quicken Loans 400)

Sonoma Raceway (Toyota/Save-Mart 350)

Kentucky Speedway (Quaker State 400)

Daytona International Speedway (Coke Zero 400)

New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Lenox Industrial Tools 301)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Brickyard 400)

Pocono Raceway ( 400)

Watkins Glen International (Cheez-It 355)

Michigan International Speedway (Pure Michigan 400)

Bristol Motor Speedway (Irwin Tools Night Race)

Darlington Raceway (Southern 500)

Richmond International Raceway (Federated Auto Parts 400)

Chicagoland Speedway* (GIECO 400)

New Hampshire Motor Speedway* (Sylvania 300)

Dover International Speedway* (AAA 400)

Charlotte Motor Speedway* (Bank of America 500)

Kansas Speedway* (Hollywood Casino 400)

Talladega Superspeedway* (Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500)

Martinsville Speedway* (TUMS Fast Relief 500)

Texas Motor Speedway* (AAA Texas 500)

Phoenix International Raceway* (AdvoCare 500K)

Homestead-Miami Speedway* (Ford EcoBoost 400)

(Races marked with an asterisk (*) comprise the Chase for the Cup. Races with a tilde (~) are non-points races.)


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