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This week, we honor those who have served at home and abroad with 500 miles at NASCAR's fastest track, Atlanta Motor Speedway! This is the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500! Here's our starting lineup:

1. Tristan Taylor (22)
2. Edd (4)
3. Nigel Uno (1)
4. Yugi Moto (11)
5. Dudley Puppy (19)
6. Johnny Test (42)
7. Jeremy Johnson (31)
8. Ferb Fletcher (9)
9. Kim Possible (88)
10. Abigail Lincoln (5)
11. Ben Tennyson (47)
12. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
13. Ed (27)
14. Blossom (78)
15. Otto Rocket (3)
16. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
17. Joey Wheeler (18)
18. Cindy Vortex (10)
19. Danny Fenton (16)
20. Rudy Tabootie (17)
21. Nikki Wong (13)
22. Vince Lasalle (55)
23. Phineas Flynn (43)
24. Marco Diaz (25)
25. Ashley Armbruster (15)
26. Sokka (38)
27. Virgil Hawkins (32)
28. Katara (34)
29. Matt Quinlan (6)
30. Hank Hill (23)
31. Dipper Pines (66)
32. Storm Shadow (21)
33. Homer Simpson (83)
34. Ginger Foutley (30)
35. Tommy Pickles (24)
36. Timmy Turner (20)
37. Randy Cunningham (48)
38. Guy Hamdon (41)
39. Kick Buttowski (14)
40. Eric Cartman (26)
41. Aang (35)
42. Ash Ketchum (36)
43. Arnold Shortman (37)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 42 degrees
Track Temp.: 70 degrees
Weather: Cloudy, 20% chance of rain
Green Flag Time (scheduled): 1:25 PM


(NASCAR on FOX 2001-2007 theme)

Chris Myers: FOX Sports presents....the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series! Today, we come to you from the Atlanta Motor Speedway for race 2 of the 2015 season, the FOLDS OF HONOR QUIKTRIP 500! We're scheduled to go green at 1:25 PM, but as you can's raining here in Atlanta. There's a 20% chance of rain in the forecast, that's what you're seeing right now as we welcome you inside the Hollywood Hotel, where it's warm and dry every day, alongside Jeff Hammond and Michael Waltrip, I'm Chris Myers. This is where America gathers every weekend for motorsports, NASCAR on FOX. Story of this week....inspection issues. 13 drivers had to go through pre-qualifying inspection up to 4 times before the 2nd round of knockout qualifying. They couldn't get a lap in to set a time, they'll all be starting from the rear. Among those starting from the rear - Randy Cunningham, Tommy Pickles, Timmy Turner and Kick Buttowski. A lot of power in the back of the pack, Mikey.

Michael Waltrip: Plenty of power in the back, Chris. You got the 2013 champion starting 35th, his teammate in the 48, Randy Cunningham....he starts 37th. Cunningham was rookie of the year in 2013. Timmy Turner, 8 wins combined over the last 3 seasons, he's deep in the field. Guy Hamdon, the defending winner of this race, starts 38th. It's gonna be a tough road ahead for those guys. But they got a long time to get to the front. Note to NASCAR....FIX YOUR INSPECTION SYSTEM!

Jeff Hammond: Some serious punch in the back of the field there, Mikey. Pickles, Turner, Hamdon, Cunningham....a flawed inspection system put them in the rear. First off, if you have to go through inspection 4 times before you can even hit the track when you didn't do anything wrong, there's obviously something wrong with the system. Secondly, we have teams that try to push the envelope during inspection. That's all well and good, but when those teams push too far, that envelope gets pushed over the edge and we get these fiascos. I think Tommy Pickles and Timmy Turner put it best when they said that this inspection issue was an absolute disgrace.

Chris Myers: Disgrace to the drivers and a disgrace to the sport. We're set to go green shortly before 1:30 this afternoon. However, rain continuing to fall here at Atlanta. Let's head upstairs to the 3 men who'll call the race - Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds. How are you today, gentlemen?

Mike Joy: We'd be doing better if it wasn't raining! Hi, everyone. Welcome to Atlanta. Alongside Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds, I'm Mike Joy. Guys, we're coming off a Daytona 500 that saw a rookie claim his first career victory in his first start and a sweep of Speedweeks. This week, the plates are off and we'll be seeing speeds upwards of 210 MPH on this very tricky and very fast Atlanta Motor Speedway. What do you think has changed since we left Daytona last Sunday?

Larry McReynolds: First off, this is a 1.5 mile track, as opposed to the 2.5 mile track at Daytona. Secondly, when we do go green, we'll be racing on what we call a green racetrack. All the rubber from the practice and qualifying sessions as well as from the Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series races....that's gone. We don't know how these cars will handle until we build some of that rubber back up on this track.

Darrell Waltrip: There's also the threat of rain in the forecast, guys. Could it be a race to halfway or will we be going to the full distance? The sense of urgency will be evident early and often here.

Mike Joy: We were set to go green at 1:25 PM....that's not gonna happen. Track drying equipment already out. It'll be a while before we get the green flag. When we do go racing, you'll see it right here on FOX.

(3:55 PM)

Mike Joy: We're back here in Atlanta, track is dry, the rain has stopped, let's go down trackside for the command.

Track Announcer: It's time for the most famous words in motorsports! Please welcome our grand marshal, the founder and CEO of Folds of Honor, MAJOR DAN ROONEY!

Major Dan Rooney: On behalf of all our men and women in the armed forces fighting at home and abroad.....DRIVERS, START YOUR ENGINES!

(43 850 horsepower engines fire up)

Mike Joy: There's a sound we've waited to hear all day! We were delayed 2 and a half hours by rain. We take a look at our Kobalt Tools starting grid for today's Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500. Tristan Taylor is on pole for this race, first pole of the season for the 22 team. Only championship contenders from last season inside the top 20 are Kim Possible in the 88 and the defending series champion, Danny Fenton in the 16. Tommy Pickles, Timmy Turner, Guy Hamdon, Kick Buttowski are among those starting near the back of the field. They all missed round 2 of knockout qualifying due to inspection issues and didn't post a time. 325 laps, just over 500 miles, our scheduled distance.....

Larry Mac: That pit window's the key, it's 52-56 laps. We're scheduled to have a competition caution at lap 25. Due to the rain we had here earlier, NASCAR's given teams an extra set of tires. You'll be making at least 10-12 pit stops. The team that's best at conserving tires could wind up in Victory Lane today....or tonight, for that matter.

Mike Joy: Pace car to pit road, field now in the hands of Tristan Taylor as he will lead them to green!

Larry Mac: DW, 2nd race of the year, fastest track on the circuit, time to REACH UP THERE AND PULL THOSE BELTS TIGHT ONE MORE TIME!

DW: Get ready, guys! Time to get fired up in Hot-lanta! BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! LET'S GO RACIN', BOYS!

(Start of the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500)

Mike Joy: Lap 1 to Tristan Taylor, that's an additional point towards the championship for the 22 team. Marco Diaz picking up right where he left off from the Daytona 500, already up near the top 15.

Larry Mac: And how about his teammates, Randy Cunningham and Tommy Pickles? They started 35th and 37th, respectively. They're closing in on the top 25 and we're only 3 laps in!

DW: The tough thing about this track is that it's a mile of turns and a half mile of straightaways. This track is tough on tires, so if you're not careful, you'll blow a tire all too easily.

Mike Joy: 5 laps now on the board, Taylor's lead now 1.4 seconds over 2nd place Edd. Yugi Moto making his way past Nigel Uno, that's for 3rd place, he takes Dudley Puppy in the 19 with him, so Puppy to 4th and Nigel Uno back to 5th. We take a look at our drivers who had to start at the rear:

Tommy Pickles - 35th to 20th (+15)
Randy Cunningham - 37th to 22nd (+15)
Kick Buttowski - 39th to 28th (+11)
Guy Hamdon - 38th to 29th (+9)

(Lap 25 - Caution 1)

Mike Joy: 1st caution of the race is out, it's the scheduled competition caution called for by NASCAR after heavy rain drenched the greater Atlanta area last night. We were delayed 2 and a half hours by rain. The finish of this race will more than likely be under the lights. Pits are open here at lap 26, here comes the field! Chris Neville, we start with you!

Chris Neville: Mike, Randy Cunningham started 37th, made his way to 20th before the yellow. 4 tires and fuel for the 48 and he's away! Matt Yocum?

Matt Yocum: It'll be 4 tires and fuel for defending series champion Danny Fenton, no adjustments for the 16 and he's away! Jamie Little?

Jamie Little: Phineas Flynn battling a 'mad tight' condition here, Matt. They'll take 2 rounds of track bar out of the right rear, 4 tires and fuel for the 43 and Flynn's away!

Top 10:

1. Tristan Taylor (22)
2. Edd (4)
3. Danny Fenton (16)
4. Nigel Uno (1)
5. Yugi Moto (11)
6. Joey Wheeler (18)
7. Timmy Turner (20)
8. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
9. Marco Diaz (25)
10. Tommy Pickles (24)


Randy Cunningham: Men Over The Wall Too Soon (will restart 39th)
Rudy Tabootie: Men Over The Wall Too Soon (will restart 38th)
Ashley Armbruster: Removing Pit Equipment (will restart 37th)
Ben Tennyson: Too Fast Entering (will restart 36th)

(RESTART: Lap 31 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Randy Cunningham, Rudy Tabootie, nailed for their crew going over the wall too soon; Ashley Armbruster removed equipment from the pit box; Ben Tennyson was too fast on entry, they'll restart at the back of the field for this restart. GREEN FLAG!

DW: A little contact there between Otto Rocket in the 3, Vince Lasalle in the 55, coming off of turn 3 there, Mike.

Mike Joy: That was for position. Rocket running 12th, Lasalle now runs 11th....

Larry Mac: Looks like Rocket's got a little tire rub on the left rear, guys.

Mike Joy: Presumably from that contact between him and Vince Lasalle. Tristan Taylor has led every green flag lap so far, we're through 34 of 325 laps here in Atlanta for the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, we'll go Side-By-Side here, you're watching NASCAR on FOX!

(NASCAR on FOX Side-By-Side)

(Lap 52 - Caution 2)

Mike Joy: Caution out for the 2nd time today, that left rear tire of Otto Rocket....that's gone. It's made its way to the racetrack, caution for debris and Otto Rocket will get the free pass on this yellow. For an explanation on this call, we go to our NASCAR rules analyst, former crew chief Andy Petree.

Andy Petree: This is a judgment call here, Mike. NASCAR rules state that if the first driver a lap down is charged with bringing out the caution, they are deemed ineligible for the free pass. Since this caution is caused by debris coming from the 3 car of Otto Rocket, Rocket will be awarded the lucky dog free pass.

(RESTART: Lap 59 - 7 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Tristan Taylor will lead us to the restart as we complete 59 of the 325 laps here in Atlanta....

DW: Got a spin in turn 2, Mike!

Mike Joy: Caution is out and this time, it will be charged to Otto Rocket! He was running 31st at the time, the last car on the lead lap, and it looks like he may have had a little help from the 26 of Eric Cartman!

Larry Mac: Watch this restart, Mike. This is what happens when you're caught on that outside line and someone spins the tires. Edd spun the tires on the restart, bottlenecked the entire outside line, Cartman gives Rocket a little shove heading through turn 2 and Otto Rocket goes and does a little yardwork there, Mike Joy.

Mike Joy: Rocket on and off of pit road, Storm Shadow will receive the free pass this time around. This will put 32 cars on the lead lap when we go back green.

(RESTART: Lap 66 - 7 caution laps)

Mike Joy: We were delayed 2 and a half hours by rain, we're through 66 laps here in Atlanta, let's do a little CRANK IT UP for the troops as we come to the restart!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 152 - Caution 4)

Mike Joy: Back here in Atlanta, 11 laps shy of halfway here, under caution for the 4th time, debris on the backstretch brings out the caution here. Pits are open, we start with Jamie Little.

Jamie Little: Guy Hamdon, the defending winner of this race, opting for a track bar adjustment, trying to loosen his car up as we get into the night, 4 tires and fuel for the 41 and he's away! Vince Welch?

Vince Welch: The 2nd of the Stewart-Haas cars, the 4 of Edd, also taking 4 tires and fuel, no adjustments for the 4 car and he's away! Matt?

Matt Yocum: Polesitter Tristan Taylor also going for 4 tires and fuel, no adjustments on the 22, he's away!

Top 10:

1. Tristan Taylor (22)
2. Edd (4)
3. Randy Cunningham (48)
4. Danny Fenton (16)
5. Timmy Turner (20)
6. Tommy Pickles (24)
7. Marco Diaz (25)
8. Otto Rocket (3)
9. Guy Hamdon (41)
10. Yugi Moto (11)

(RESTART: Lap 159 - 7 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 159 laps on the board this time, 166 to go here in Atlanta, GREEN FLAG! BACK UNDERWAY!

Larry Mac: Never thought we'd see this! 4 WIDE IN ATLANTA!

DW: That's not gonna work, 4 wide in Atlanta! Someone's gotta give here!

Mike Joy: That someone was the 48 of Randy Cunningham! Advantage to Danny Fenton at the line! He led that lap by a bumper over Tristan Taylor in the 22 and Edd in the 4. 3 wide behind Fenton in the 16!

Larry Mac: Here we go again!

DW: This is a caution waiting to happen, Mike!

Mike Joy: That caution was almost Johnny Test! He got loose in turn 3, able to save it, we stay under green. Halfway this time by in Atlanta....CRASH IN TURN 2! HOMER SIMPSON IS AROUND! Right at the halfway point....there's our 5th caution of the race.

(RESTART: Lap 168 - 5 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 157 laps to go this time, green flag in the air....AND BLOWING UP IS DUDLEY PUPPY!

(19 Team Communications)

Dudley: Lost a right front tire there, guys. Bringing it in.

Kitty: 10-4, let's bring it to the garage. We're done here, guys.

(RESTART: Lap 174 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Let's try this again, 174 laps complete, green flag in the air....let's do a little night time CRANK IT UP!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 227 - Caution 7)


Larry Mac: Diaz involved, Tommy Pickles got it, Nigel Uno involved as is Rudy Tabootie, Cindy Vortex and Phineas Flynn.

DW: Oh my god! A whole slew of good cars got totaled here, Mike Joy. There's Matt Quinlan in the 6 car, he got involved in the wreck....

Mike Joy: Official total is 14 cars, most of them with good finishes in last week's Daytona 500, now mangled up in the wreck here at lap 228.

Involved in Wreck - Lap 228:

Nigel Uno (1)
Otto Rocket (3)
Matt Quinlan (6)
Cindy Vortex (10)
Nikki Wong (13)
Rudy Tabootie (17)
Storm Shadow (21)
Tommy Pickles (24)
Marco Diaz (25)
Eric Cartman (26)
Phineas Flynn (43)
Ben Tennyson (47)
Randy Cunningham (48)
Blossom (78)

(RED FLAG: Lap 232)

Mike Joy: 93 laps to go here in Atlanta, red flag has come out for a monster 14 car pile up in turn 2 that took out the winner of last week's Daytona 500, Marco Diaz as well as teammates Tommy Pickles and Randy Cunningham. Jamie Little is with our Daytona 500 winner.

Jamie Little: Marco Diaz was just released from the infield care center. Marco, you saw the replays....what happened there?

Marco: Well, that 11 car came up beside me, I tried to block him down low, which I probably shouldn't have done and all of a sudden, I collect Tommy, Randy and about 11 other cars. Not the way we wanted to build off a Daytona 500 win now, isn't it? We'll be off to Vegas next, put this wreck behind us and focus on next week in Sin City.

Jamie Little: Marco Diaz had a top 10 run going for him. He'll leave Atlanta with a totaled car.

(RESTART: Lap 242 - 15 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 83 laps to go when we come to the restart, green flag in the air and DANNY FENTON TO THE LEAD! He's gonna take Joey Wheeler with him!

Larry Mac: Give an 'atta boy' to that 16 team, Mike. They wrecked out at Daytona, come here to Atlanta and they have the race lead here with 82 to go.

DW: Don't think we've left that 18 car out of the equation! Joey's ready to get back to Victory Lane and make the Chase! He'll do anything in his power to make sure that happens.

Mike Joy: 9th place changing hands, that's Dipper Pines on teammate Ashley Armbruster. He brings Yugi Moto with him! All 3 of the remaining Joe Gibbs cars are inside the top 10. Wheeler runs 2nd, Timmy Turner is 5th, Yugi Moto now runs 10th with 80 laps to go in Atlanta! Vince Welch has one of the casualties from the last yellow. Vince?

Vince Welch: Here with Otto Rocket, Mike. Otto, you were running 9th before getting tangled up in that wreck, tell us what happened.

Otto: All I saw was smoke, Vince. Reggie was telling me to go low. I tried ducking to the apron, but that's where I got hit by that 25 car. This was just an example of how things went from bad to worse for us with the tire going down, our spin early in the race and now this....brutal. Just plain brutal.

Vince Welch: Otto Rocket was on point for another top 10 run today, instead a late race wreck ends his night a little early here in Atlanta.

(Lap 296 - Caution 8)

Mike Joy: 8th caution of the night has come out, this one for rain. Joey Wheeler is your leader, Danny Fenton 2nd, Tristan Taylor 3rd, Kim Possible 4th and Yugi Moto is 5th. If these standings hold out, it would be Wheeler's first win since Darlington in 2013. Word from race control is that we'll go the full distance under caution. So it looks like Joey Wheeler will make the Chase under the weirdest of circumstances here in Atlanta!

(Lap 325)


DW: A well-deserved, long-overdue win for these guys, Mike.

Larry Mac: A win is a win....Joey's probably wishing that it didn't come under yellow.


(18 Team Communications)

Joey: A win is a win, guys! Way to go!

Serenity: Welcome to the Chase, big bro!

Yugi: Well done, Joey! I knew you could do it!

Joey: Thanks, Yugi!

(Victory Lane)

Vince Welch: Joey Wheeler hasn't seen Victory Lane since Darlington in May of 2013. He comes here to Atlanta and leads the last 48 laps, here he comes now.....Joey, you had no wins all last season. Now 2 races into this season, you're in the Chase. How does it feel to get that weight off your shoulders, Joey?

Joey: I tell ya, Vince, it feels great to be in the Chase, not have to worry about winning to get in anymore. I'd like to win at least 2 more races before the regular season lets out. I admit that we did not have the best car tonight. Lucky the rain came when it did. Thanks to all of Joe Gibbs Racing - Dudley, Timmy, my best bro, Yugi Moto, Coach Gibbs....M&Ms, FedEx, Home Depot, Dollar General, DeWalt, Stanley Tools, Arris Engines....don't think I forgot anyone.

Yugi: Joey, I think you forgot your own sister.

Joey: Thanks, Yugi. Almost forgot my own sister! Gotta thank my sister and crew chief, Serenity. Couldn't have done this without you! Love ya, Serenity! We're heading back home next week! Gonna score a victory in Vegas!

Vince Welch: Joey Wheeler locks his spot in the Chase with a win in Atlanta.

That's the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500! Here's how they finished:

1. Joey Wheeler (18)
2. Danny Fenton (16)
3. Tristan Taylor (22)
4. Kim Possible (88)
5. Yugi Moto (11)
6. Abigail Lincoln (5)
7. Edd (4)
8. Ashley Armbruster (15)
9. Dipper Pines (66)
10. Ginger Foutley (30)
11. Guy Hamdon (41)
12. Johnny Test (42)
13. Vince Lasalle (55)
14. Timmy Turner (20)
15. Kick Buttowski (14)
16. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
17. Jeremy Johnson (31)
18. Katara (34)
19. Ash Ketchum (36)
20. Arnold Shortman (37)
21. Hank Hill (23)
22. Ed (27)
23. Ferb Fletcher (9)
24. SpongeBob Squarepants (51)
25. Aang (35)
26. Sokka (38)
27. Virgil Hawkins (32)
28. Nigel Uno (1) (DNF: Accident)
29. Otto Rocket (3) (DNF: Accident)
30. Matt Quinlan (6) (DNF: Accident)
31. Cindy Vortex (10) (DNF: Accident)
32. Nikki Wong (13) (DNF: Accident)
33. Rudy Tabootie (17) (DNF: Accident)
34. Storm Shadow (21) (DNF: Accident)
35. Tommy Pickles (24) (DNF: Accident)
36. Marco Diaz (25) (DNF: Accident)
37. Eric Cartman (26) (DNF: Accident)
38. Phineas Flynn (43) (DNF: Accident)
39. Ben Tennyson (47) (DNF: Accident)
40. Randy Cunningham (48) (DNF: Accident)
41. Blossom (78) (DNF: Accident)
42. Dudley Puppy (19) (DNF: Engine)
43. Homer Simpson (83) (DNF: Engine)

Points (after 2 of 36 races):

1. Joey Wheeler - 84 points (1 win)
2. Kim Possible - 83 points
3. Yugi Moto - 79 points
4. Edd - 74 points
5. Dipper Pines - 69 points
6. Ginger Foutley - 67 points
7. Ashley Armbruster - 60 points
8. Marco Diaz - 56 points (1 win)
9. Vince Lasalle - 56 points
10. Danny Fenton - 54 points
11. Tommy Pickles - 54 points
12. Matt Quinlan - 54 points
13. Katara - 53 points
14. Otto Rocket - 53 points
15. Guy Hamdon - 48 points
16. Aang - 47 points
17. Rudy Tabootie - 46 points
18. Tristan Taylor - 45 points
19. Abigail Lincoln - 43 points
20. Johnny Test - 43 points
21. Ed - 43 points
22. Cindy Vortex - 42 points
23. Arnold Shortman - 41 points
24. Sokka - 41 points
25. Ferb Fletcher - 40 points
26. Randy Cunningham - 39 points
27. Virgil Hawkins - 39 points
28. Timmy Turner - 38 points
29. Phineas Flynn - 38 points
30. Ash Ketchum - 38 points
31. Nikki Wong - 38 points
32. Kick Buttowski - 36 points
33. Dudley Puppy - 34 points
34. Hoagie Gilligan - 33 points
35. Jeremy Johnson - 32 points
36. Nigel Uno - 32 points
37. Hank Hill - 32 points
38. SpongeBob Squarepants - 32 points
39. Blossom - 23 points
40. Ben Tennyson - 23 points
41. Storm Shadow - 18 points
42. Homer Simpson - 15 points
43. Eric Cartman - 8 points

Next Race: KOBALT 400

We're off to Hot-lanta for race 2 of the season! Time to salute those who have served at home and abroad with 500 miles on NASCAR's fastest track! It's the FOLDS OF HONOR QUIKTRIP 500!
We're back in San Jose as Otto Rocket and the Sharks bring the best record in the NHL to the Shark Tank against Dudley Puppy and the Ottawa Senators, who are fighting for playoff survival! Here's our starting lineups:

Sharks (48-6-8):

Center: Reggie Rocket (19) [A]
Left Wing: Otto Rocket (3) [C]
Right Wing: Twister Rodriguez (12) [A]
Defense: Lars Rodriguez (39)
Defense: Eddie Valentine (7)
Goalkeeper: Sam Dullard (31)

Senators (28-23-8):

Center: Dudley Puppy (19) [C]
Left Wing: Kitty Katswell (11) [A]
Right Wing: Jack Rabbit (4)
Defenseman: Verminious Snaptrap (32)
Right Wing: Leather Teddy (15)
Goalkeeper: Sharing Moose (35)

Referees: Marc Joanette and Marcus Vinnerborg
Linesmen: Ryan Galloway and Derek Nansen

This game will be on ABC with Gary Thorne and Bill Clement in the booth and Mike Milbury at ice level. Over to them now.

Gary Thorne (voiceover): The San Jose Sharks have been among the surprise stories of this NHL season. With February about to be put in the rear view mirror, the Sharks, led by their star line of Otto Rocket, Twister Rodriguez and Reggie Rocket, sport the best record in the National Hockey League and are poised to make a deep playoff run. The Senators, on the other hand, have struggled through the season. Try as they might, they just can't maintain momentum and sit 6th in the Atlantic Division. Today, these 2 teams clash in a Saturday matinee at the Shark Tank. Dudley Puppy and the Senators take on Otto Rocket and the San Jose Sharks, NEXT on the NHL ON ABC!

(NHL on ABC 2000-2004 theme and intro)


Gary Thorne: And a capacity crowd set to file into SAP Center in San Jose to see the best team in the NHL, the San Jose Sharks, take on the Ottawa Senators, right here on the NHL on ABC! Good afternoon, everyone. Gary Thorne here alongside my longtime partner Bill Clement. Bill, it's crunch time. April's closing in fast and there are some teams on the brink. If they don't figure things out soon, they'll be out on the golf course a little early.

Bill Clement: And the Senators are one of those teams, Gary. No matter how hard they try, and they've tried their absolute best this season, they just can't seem to build momentum. That is what's been killing them this season. I'd be surprised to see them break 45 wins with so few games left in this season.

Gary Thorne: Game 63 for the Sharks, game 60 for the Senators. After today, 19 left for the Sharks, 22 for the Senators. We take a look at our officiating crew, Marc Joanette and Marcus Vinnerborg are the referees. The linesmen are Ryan Galloway and Derek Nansen. The standbys are from the Calgary Flames and we are underway in San Jose! Sharks send out the Rocket siblings, Otto and Reggie, alongside Twister Rodriguez, on the first forward line. Lars Rodriguez, Eddie Valentine are on defense, Sam Dullard in net. Senators send out Puppy, Katswell, Rabbit as the forwards, Snaptrap and Teddy on defense and Sharing Moose between the pipes. Puck carried along now by Lars Rodriguez, blocked in front by Snaptrap and onto the stick of Reggie Rocket. Played on through by Reggie Rocket, led across to Twister Rodriguez and back to Reggie Rocket. Reggie Rocket with it, fires a shot! Save made by the Sharing Moose! Rebound for Otto Rocket, saved by the Sharing Moose! Rodriguez takes it, plays it along to Valentine, shot deflected, side of the net and THE SHARING MOOSE HAS IT! HE WILL COVER UP FOR THE FACE-OFF!

Bill Clement: Good opening shift for the Sharks there, Gary. 4 shots on net, but the quickness of the Sharing Moose stopped anything from developing.

Gary Thorne: Face-off won by the Sharks in the defensive zone, Reggie Rocket centers it to her brother for a shot! SAVED BY THE SHARING MOOSE! HE COVERS UP FOR THE WHISTLE! And there's a fight after the whistle! Lars Rodriguez, Verminious Snaptrap, dropping the gloves to the left of the Sharing Moose!

Bill Clement: That Snaptrap's a dirty rat! I highly doubt he'd win this bout.

Gary Thorne: You called it, Bill. Lars Rodriguez gets the take down, coincidental majors coming for Rodriguez and Snaptrap at 1:06 of the opening period. The National Hockey League on ABC will return after these messages and a word from our ABC stations!

San Jose Sharks - 0
Ottawa Senators - 0

18:54 - 1st Period


Gary Thorne: Final seconds tick off the Senators power play, 4 shots for Ottawa that time around, nothing came of it. 9 minutes gone by in the opening frame, no score to this point as Valentine rejoins the game. Twister Rodriguez with it, quick pass to Eddie Valentine for a shot....SCORES! (San Jose Sharks goal horn) EDDIE VALENTINE WITH HIS 23RD OF THE YEAR AND THE SHARKS GO UP 1-0!

Bill Clement: A major mistake on defense by the Senators. Dudley Puppy leaves his assignment. He was assigned to cover Eddie Valentine as he came out of the box. He goes to his left, covers Reggie Rocket. Twister Rodriguez, bottom right of your screen there, recognizes the lapse in coverage, passes over to Valentine for the quick shot, nothing the Sharing Moose could've done.

Goal: Eddie Valentine (23)
Assist: Twister Rodriguez (74)
Time: 9:18 - 1st Period

Period Summary:


SJ: Eddie Valentine (23)
Assist: Twister Rodriguez (74)
Time: 9:18 - 1st Period


SJ: Lars Rodriguez
Fighting (Major)
Time: 1:06 - 1st Period

OTT: Verminious Snaptrap
Fighting (Major)
Time: 1:06 - 1st Period

SJ: Eddie Valentine
Cross Checking
Time: 7:02 - 1st Period

SJ: Clio Rodriguez
Time: 15:47 - 1st Period

2nd Period Summary:




OTT: Leather Teddy
Fighting (Major)
Time: 13:44 - 2nd Period

SJ: Pi Piston
Fighting (Major)
Time: 13:44 - 2nd Period

SJ: Pi Piston
Time: 13:44 - 2nd Period

SJ: Otto Rocket
Time: 16:09 - 2nd Period

(3rd Period)

Gary Thorne: Sharing Moose makes his way to the bench, less than a minute to go in regulation. Senators down 1-0, extra attacker is in. Puppy loses it! Dudlely Puppy has just turned it over! Otto Rocket alone against the defense! Throws it at the open goal....SCORES! That's 64 for Otto Rocket! He's now 13 away from breaking the single season record! 2-0, Sharks!

Goal: Otto Rocket (64)
Time: 19:32 - 3rd Period

Period Summary:


SJ: Otto Rocket (64)
Time: 19:32 - 3rd Period




Sharks: 42
Senators: 28

Final Score

San Jose Sharks - 2
Ottawa Senators - 0

Win: Sam Dullard (49-6-8)
Loss: Sharing Moose (28-24-8)

We're heading back to Philadelphia for our next featured game as Marco Diaz and the Flames take on Arnold Shortman and the Flyers! STAY TUNED!
TOON NHL: Senators vs. Sharks
Otto Rocket and the Sharks return to San Jose to take on Dudley Puppy and the Ottowa Senators, who's trying their absolute best to get back in the playoff hunt!
Well, here's a Re-write of one of my earlier 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil' works, with the song that did not make it into the final draft.

We start this story off in the beginning of January at Echo Creek Academy, where our heroes, 'Safe Kid' Marco Diaz and inter-dimensional princess Star Butterfly, attend classes. We see Marco and Star walking to their next class, but Marco isn't too pleased at Star's recent stunt.

Marco: Star, I can't believe you signed us up for the school talent show!

Star: I think it'll be fun, Marco!

Marco: Star, how should I put this.....I'm not that talented.

Sad but true....Marco was much too safe to be talented. In fact, his only known talent was being a massive safety freak! Every time he was called 'the Safe Kid', Marco got steamed beyond belief! To keep Marco from getting even more out of control, Star put a hand on Marco's shoulder to try and calm him down.

Star: Marco, calm down! We'll work this out, you and me together....we'll find a way!

Marco smiled. That long, sweet smelling blonde hair of Star's always had this effect on him, as did her sparkling blue eyes and, in Marco's opinion, amazing figure. However, Marco didn't know what this effect was. All he knew is that it took hold of him every time Star was VERY close to him....almost within kissing range.

When they returned to Marco's house after school, they contemplated what they were going to do for the talent show. They had no homework that day, so they had basically all day to figure things out. Among the talents considered were sword swallowing, plate spinning and magic acts, all of which were shot down by Marco due to safety concerns. This left the two inter-dimensional friends (possibly lovers) with a tough choice to make.

Marco: I don't know what to do here, Star. I told you, I'm totally untalented and these suggestions are total safety hazards!

That's when Star gets a magical idea.

Star: DING! I think I've got an idea! Why don't we do a duet?

Marco: You mean we sing a song together?

Star: EXACTLY! And there's no safety concerns to worry about.

Marco just smiled. He knew now that he should never doubt his inter-dimensional (girl) friend. One question came to mind.....what song were they going to sing? After a pizza dinner (Fridays were pizza nights in the Diaz house), Star and Marco thought about what song they'd sing at the talent show. Who would've thought that a cartoon would give them their answer?

Marco: Hey Star....

Star: Yeah, Marco?

Marco: I think I figured out what song we're gonna sing at the talent show tomorrow!

Star: Don't tell me you're thinking about us doing the theme song to 'Liberty's Kids', Marco?

Marco: That is what I'm thinking! What do you say, Star?

Star: I could I see it any other way, Marco?

I take it that would be a 'yes'. Saturday night rolls along and that means it's time for the Echo Creek Academy talent show! Star and Marco are seen backstage preparing for their performance. Star, as usual, is perky and confident. Marco, on the other hand, is tentative and extremely nervous.

Marco (thinking): Okay, Marco....chill. It's just a talent show. You're just doing a duet.....with Star....your best friend....your totally hot best friend. Man, she's hot! That sweet blonde hair, those sparkling blue eyes, her gorgeous's just overwhelming. Could I be in love with her?

Star: Marco?

Marco: Wha? Yeah, Star?

Star: You okay?

Marco: Never been better.

Star: AWESOME! Come on, Marco! We've got a duet to sing!

Principal Skeeves took the stage at 7:00 sharp to start the show. After his monolouge, he then introduced the first act....Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.

Skeeves: For our first act tonight, we have a duet between Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz! They'll be singing 'Through My Own Eyes' from the television series 'Liberty's Kids'!

The audience applauds Star and Marco, then the sounds of a pop remix of a 1700s marching tune took over the speakers. Once those sounds faded out, Star began singing.

Star: Give me a world that's equal on all sides
Marco: Let freedom flow as constant as the tides
Star: I pray with each sunset, don't forget to rise
Marco: (Don't forget to rise)
Star: I live without regret
Star and Marco: For ordinary lives

Star and Marco: I'm lookin' at life through my own eyes
Searchin' for a hero to idolize
Feeling the pain as innocence dies
Looking at life through my own eyes
I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day
I listen to my heart and I obey
How can I see it any other way?
I'm looking at life (looking at life)
Through my own eyes

Marco: I see a land with liberty for all
Star: Yet still I know the truth will rise and fall
Marco: (Oooh yeah-yeh)
That's just the way it goes
Star and Marco: A word now to the wise
The world was made to change
Each day is a surprise

Star and Marco: Lookin' at life through my own eyes
Searchin' for a hero to idolize
Feeling the pain as innocence dies
Looking at life through my own eyes
I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day
I listen to my heart and I obey
How can I see it any other way?
Looking at life (looking at life)
Through my own eyes

Star and Marco: And I know when you're looking for the truth
If you go and read between the lines
You'll discover how and why

Marco (rap): I take my heart into battle
Give that freedom bell a rattle
Get my independence signed
Declare it on the dotted line
In Philidelphia freedom ring
And patriotic voices sing
Red White & Blue never give up
We represent America

Star and Marco: I'm lookin' at life through my own eyes
Searchin' for a hero to idolize
Feeling the pain as innocence dies
Looking at life through my own eyes
I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day
I listen to my heart and I obey
How can I see it any other way?
I'm looking at life (looking at life)
Through my own eyes

After Star and Marco's duet ended, the audience applauded them loudly, giving off the completely correct impression that they liked, no, loved their performance. Afterwards, Star and Marco returned to the backstage area to wait out the rest of the acts. By 9 PM, all the acts had performed and the winner was decided. Principal Skeeves returned to the stage to announce who had won.

Skeeves: And the winner of this year's Echo Creek Academy talent show is......STAR BUTTERFLY AND MARCO DIAZ! Come on up here, you two!

Marco: We-We did it? WE WON?

Star: Told you there was nothing to worry about!

Star and Marco rushed out to the stage to greet the applauding audience. As they are presented with their awards, Star and Marco took each other's heads in their hands, pulled them close and kissed each other. As they continued their makeout session, not only did they tongue kiss, but the crowd just cheered louder as if they all knew Star and Marco were going to hook up!

Skeeves: It's about time!

Mrs. Diaz: I was beginning to think that Star and Marco would NEVER hook up!

Mr. Diaz: Well done, Marco, mi hijo!

As the auditorium began to empty out, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz ran up to Star and Marco and hugged them.

Mrs. Diaz: Oh, Marco! We're so proud of you!

Mr. Diaz: Somehow we always knew you and Star would make a great couple, Marco.

Marco: We get that a lot.

Mrs. Diaz: Why don't we head to Slaussen's to celebrate?

Marco: You read my mind, mom! Star, you up for some ice cream?

Star: Race you to your mom's car!

Marco: Oh, bring it!

Star and Marco run out of the Echo Creek Academy auditorium and right into Mrs. Diaz's car. Mrs. Diaz then starts the car and the group of 4 then head off to celebrate Star and Marco's success in the talent show (and their hook-up).
Star vs. The Forces of Talent Shows - REWRITE!
As some of you aren't aware, I was debating between two songs when I originally wrote 'Star vs. The Forces of Talent Shows'. One was 'If I Didn't Have You' from 'Monsters Inc.', which was the song I ended up using. The other was 'Through My Own Eyes' from the PBS series 'Liberty's Kids'. That's the song Star and Marco will be singing in this rewrite.

Here's the song:…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
4 years after Star first arrived on Earth, she has since learned to control her wand. She has also hooked up with the first friend she made on Earth, Marco Diaz. Now, she and Marco are ready to graduate from Echo Creek Academy and take on the world! One problem, Queen Butterfly wants to take her back to Mewni to try and force Star into an arranged marriage....but not if Marco has anything to say about it!

We pick things up at Butterfly Palace in the center of Mewni. Star is in her room in a long, white dress. Her blonde hair is done in curls and a white veil flowed down her back.

Star (voiceover): Here I am, about to be married off to some guy I might not even know. Mom is way too old-fashioned. Why couldn't she just accept dad's wishes and let me be with Marco? Need I remind mom that both she and dad loved him? Oh, I hope Marco gets back with dad soon. Wait a second! I'm getting ahead of myself here. You're probably asking yourself...'how did you get yourself into this situation?' and more importantly 'WHERE'S MARCO?' I think those questions would be answered most effectively if we went back. Let's go back to when this all started....1 month ago....on the day of mine and Marco's graduation from Echo Creek Academy.


It was the middle of June. A bright and sunny afternoon graced Echo Creek. School had just let out for the summer. For Star and Marco, however, it was the end of their senior year. You know what that means! It was graduation day!

Marco: Can you believe it, Star? I thought this day would never come!

Star: I know! We're finally graduating!

Marco: We're on top of the world!

Star and Marco had hooked up just before their sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since. Needless to say, they were the entire school's favorite couple. They would start and end every school day with a steamy makeout session and always had classes together. Star and Marco shared each other's secrets and understood each other's feelings.
The best of inter-dimensional friends soon became Echo Creek Academy's power couple.

Star: I never thought I would have to say goodbye to this place.

Marco: Star, graduation's not the's only the beginning.

Star: How sure are you?

Marco: Sure enough to do....THIS!

Marco pulls Star close and kisses her passionately on the lips. Star then wrapped her arms around Marco and kissed him back with even more passion, even to the extent of sliding her tongue in to French kiss him. After they broke the kiss, Star turned to the 'Congratulations Seniors!' banner and said the words she never thought she would have to say.

Star: So long, Echo Creek Academy.

Marco: See? Totally NOT the end of the world!

When Star and Marco got home, they found it nearly filled with college acceptance letters for both of them!

Mrs. Diaz: It's like every school in the world wants you guys!

Mr. Diaz: Not surprising....we knew you were destined to do great things, mi hijo.

Marco: Thanks, mom and dad!

Mrs. Diaz: So, have you two decided which college you'll be off to?

Star and Marco turned to each other and grabbed an envelope, both of which had a shadow of a Trojan helmet on it.

Star: The tribe has spoken, Mrs. Diaz.

Marco: We've decided to go to the University of Southern California this fall.

Inseparable, indeed. Star and Marco survived high school together and now they were going to survive college together.....or so they thought. Not 2 hours after Star and Marco had gotten ready for their graduation ceremony, an unexpected guest appeared at the Diaz house. The manticore-drawn carriage seemed to appear out of thin air, but it actually appeared through a portal created by dimensional scissors. Star and Marco deduced that there were only 3 people besides Star that had dimensional scissors - Pony Head, Ludo....and Star's parents. Now, throughout their journeys, Star brought Marco to Mewni countless times to meet her parents. Needless to say, Marco had built up quite a rapport with Star's mom and dad. A knock was then heard at the door. Marco was the first to act as he walked down the steps to open the door. Sure enough, it was indeed Queen Butterfly standing at the door.

Marco: Ah, Queen Butterfly! Didn't expect to see you here on Earth, your majesty.

Queen Butterfly: Just thought I'd surprise you and Star on your graduation day, dear Marco. I take it you've been treating my daughter well?

Marco: But of course, your majesty!

Queen Butterfly: Not here on Earth, Marco. I have no power here. Just call me Mrs. Butterfly.

Marco: Of course, Mrs. Butterfly. Speaking of Star....where is she?

Star ran to the top of the steps and jumped on the railing....


Star executed her famous rail slide in which she slid down the railing, flipped and landed on her feet.

Marco: Nice dismount, Star!

Star: I've been practicing.

Marco: She love to make a big entrance.

Queen Butterfly: I know. It's been a while since I've seen you two together. How have things been?

Star: You'll never believe this, but....MARCO AND I HOOKED UP! We started dating right before our 2nd year of high school!

Queen Butterfly was shocked, but still impressed that Star was able to find someone for her.

Queen Butterfly: Your dad always knew that you and the safe kid were meant to be together.

Not that label again! Marco always hated being called 'The Safe Kid', especially when Star's mother called him that!

Marco: Man! Not again! You wear a helmet in the gym shower ONE TIME and you're labeled for life!

Star: He hates being labeled 'The Safe Kid', mom.

Marco: So what brings you here, Mrs. Butterfly?

Queen Butterfly: Well, first, I'd like to congratulate you two on your graduation.

Marco: Thank you, Mrs. Butterfly.

Star: Thanks, mom!

Queen Butterfly: Secondly, I'm planning on taking Star home to Mewni to marry the future king.

Star and Marco were shocked. As mentioned earlier, they had started dating before the start of their sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since. Now, Queen Butterfly wants to separate them just so she could marry Star off?

Marco: Mrs. Butterfly, not to be rude or anything, but why are you going to do this? I thought you liked me being with Star!

Queen Butterfly: Well, I'm glad you asked, Marco. First off, I do like you being with Star. You've been nothing but a positive influence on her. Star, ordinarily, your father and I would have no qualms about having you and Marco tie the knot. In fact, if he were here right now, I'd have you two married right now! Unfortunately, while your dad's in lockup, I can't take any chances, even with you having control of your wand, Star.

Star: Lockup? Who kidnapped him?

Queen Butterfly: Ludo.

That figures. Queen Butterfly then turned to Marco with a serious expression on her face as if she knew what she wanted Marco to do.

Queen Butterfly: Marco, you and Star have always been there for each other. Now, I need you to be there for her. I need you to go into Ludo's dimension, defeat him and rescue my husband. You have proven to be a trustworthy guardian to my daughter time and again. Now, I need you to prove yourself again.

Marco: I'll do my best, Mrs. Butterfly.

Queen Butterfly: You're a great kid, Marco. Your mission will begin after your graduation. Star, I'll come to retrieve you after graduation. Marco, do you mind if I show myself out?

Marco: Of course not!

Marco, being the gentleman that he is, holds the door open for Queen Butterfly as she walks out towards her manticore-drawn carriage. Manfred, the Butterfly family's trusted liason, then opens the portal to Mewni and everyone on the carriage steps through. The portal then closes, leaving Echo Creek as quiet as it usually is. Marco was still confused. He had no clue about traditions on Mewni.

Marco: I'm confused. Does this happen a lot? Do all princesses get forced to marry young?

Star: Not anymore. My mom was the last to be forced into marriage. However, she truly loved my dad, so it was not considered an arranged marriage. Dad didn't want me to be married young, but he's not here to talk mom out of it thanks to Ludo kidnapping him.

Marco: Any clue who the guy is?

Star shook her head.

Star: I don't have any idea who mom's forcing me to marry. For all I know, it could be a slime monster!

Marco: Well, whomever it might be, I'm not letting you get married off like this! NO WAY, NO HOW!

Star: You heard my mom! The only way you can stop the marriage is if you defeat Ludo and rescue my dad!

Marco: Star, please! I'm a black belt now. I can handle Ludo and his gang of misfits! Plus, I have a way of getting to Ludo's dimension and back! Remember, you gave me a set of dimensional scissors for my birthday!

For Marco's 18th birthday that April, Star got him his own set of dimensional scissors. That way, he wouldn't have to use Star's scissors every time he wanted to go to the Amethyst Arcade dimension. In this case, the dimensional scissors would be used on his mission to rescue King Butterfly.

6 PM soon came along. With it, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz came to Marco's room to remind Star and Marco that their graduation ceremony was starting soon.

Graduation ceremonies are one in the same. They're always boring. All they are is just waiting for your name to get called. Once your name is called, you walk up, shake the principal's hand and grab your diploma. Then, for that one moment, everyone you met in high school, friend, teacher or otherwise, cheers for you. Once you finally receive your diploma, it's like a huge weight is finally lifted off your shoulders. Star's name was among the first to be called. She ran up to Principal Skeeves, hugged him and grabbed her diploma as everyone cheered for her. A few minutes passed and about 3 dozen other graduates took their turn on stage before Marco's name was called. After Marco grabbed his diploma, he turned to look at Star from where he was standing on stage and flashed a smile at his girlfriend. From that smile, Star knew that everything would be alright. After the ceremony, Star and Marco were bombarded by Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, who were among the first to congratulate them on their graduation. A portal then opened to reveal Queen Butterfly.

Queen Butterfly: Star! Marco! Congratulations! I hate to admit this, Marco....but my first impressions of you were off. I thought you were a safety obsessed freak at first. As you and Star grew and the 2 of you visited us on Mewni, you really grew on me. You're a great kid, Marco. I know and your parents'll do great things for the world. While I take Star back to Mewni to prepare for her wedding, I want you to figure out a way to beat Ludo and bring my husband back home.

Marco: I won't let you down, Mrs. Butterfly!

Marco winked and flashed a thumbs up at Queen Butterfly, reassuring her that he will succeed in his mission.

Queen Butterfly: Your mission begins....NOW.

Star: I'll see you soon. Good luck, Marco!

Star and her mom stepped through the portal, headed back to Mewni. Marco, on the other hand....was about to go into 'Beast Mode'.


Marco: I can't believe I let this happen! Star's about to be married off to someone she doesn't know! I can't take this lying down! Next stop....Ludo's dimension!

Marco cut a hole in the air with his dimensional scissors, opening a portal to Ludo's dimension. When he arrived, he found a dark castle where the sun never shined. Marco thought, 'Yep. This is Ludo's palace, alright'. Marco entered the castle and soon had to walk up 50 flights of stairs to make it to Ludo's throne room.

Ludo: Excellent work, my servants! Soon, Princess Butterfly will be married off to her ex-boyfriend and she won't even know what hit her! Then, I'll have that demon prince destroy Star Butterfly and I'll take the wand for myself! First, the wand will be mine, then....THE UNIVERSE!

Marco: Not while I'm around!

Marco's voice took Ludo aback. Though he had faced off against Marco and Star before, no Earthling had ever ventured into his dimension before.

Ludo: Who's the dead punk who said that?

Marco: I am! Marco Diaz, evil's worst nightmare! You have someone that doesn't belong to you!

Ludo: Ah, yes....King Butterfly. He's locked up in my dungeon. If you want him back, you'll have to get past my monster army!

An army of 70 or so monsters soon jumped in front of Ludo. However, Marco's smug grin never disappeared.

Marco: I must warn you....I'm a black belt.

The army of monsters charged at Marco. However, they were no match for the black belt karate student. Marco was able to make short work of the monster army, leaving them piled up in heaps on the floor of Ludo's throne room.

Ludo: I better....RUN!

Ludo tried to escape....but Marco was just too quick! He snatched Ludo up and held him in a crushing vice grip.

Ludo: Can't....breathe!

Marco: Now, unless you want to suffer the same fate as your minions, I suggest you lead me to where you're hiding King Butterfly....NOW!

Ludo: He' dungeon. BOTTOM FLOOR!

Marco: He better be....OR I'LL KILL YOU MERCILESSLY!

Sure enough, King Butterfly was in Ludo's dungeon. When Marco reached the bottom level of the castle, he worked his way through the labyrinth of the dungeon and found where Ludo was holding King Butterfly.

King Butterfly: MARCO! Boy, am I glad to see you, kid!

Marco: Check the calendar, your majesty. IT'S GRADUATION DAY!

Marco pulled the lever to King Butterfly's cell, freeing him from his imprisonment. He then explained the situation to King Butterfly.

King Butterfly: WHAT?! NO! This will never do! The Queen and I love you, Marco! We most certainly saw you fit to marry Star and that has never changed, Marco.

Marco: That will change if Queen Butterfly has her way!

King Butterfly: We have to get back to Mewni....NOW!

Marco: Not to worry, King Butterly....for I got THESE!

Marco got out the dimensional scissors Star got him, cut open a hole in the air and opened a portal to Mewni. Once there, they headed straight for Butterfly Palace, where it was wedding day.

Star (voiceover): Which brings us to where you came in. So, here I am again, about to be married off to someone I might not even know. My mom is so old-fashioned, it's not even funny. Guess it's time for me to get going. Oh, Marco! Where ever you are....HURRY! I don't want to get married off this young unless it's to you!

Just as the wedding had started and the squire had asked for objections, Marco barged in with King Butterfly in tow.

King Butterfly: You know I'm not as fast as I was at your age, Marco!

Marco: I'm sorry, but we have to save Star! It's up to you, your majesty!

King Butterfly knew what he had to do. He had to object to the union of Princess Star Butterfly and Demon Lord Tom before it was too late.

King Butterfly: As a matter of fact, squire...I OBJECT TO THIS UNION! Earthling Marco Diaz has defeated Ludo and rescued me. For that, I am eternally grateful. Star, I believe you should be able to marry whoever you want.

Queen Butterfly's jaw dropped at what she saw. Her husband was back, crown and all. And it was all thanks to Marco.

Queen Butterfly: Marco, my did it! You have completed your mission and saved my husband. Once again, you have proven yourself worthy of being my daughter's future intended.

Marco: Thank you....both of you.

Star's ex-boyfriend and now former husband-to-be, Tom, was NOT impressed.

Tom: Where does that leave me?

Marco: Mind if I do the honors?

Queen Butterfly: We'd be insulted if you didn't!

King Butterfly: You've already done so much for us.

With a nod, Marco took Queen Butterfly's scepter and raised it to the sky.

Marco: By the power vested in me by King and Queen Butterfly, I hereby sentence Demon Lord Tom to eternity in the dungeon with no possibility of parole!


Marco: Guards.....

Marco snaps his fingers and an army of 20 guards shows up beside the royal family....and the 'Safe Kid'.

Marco: ....Take this demon pest away!


Marco: No....and I don't care.

The entire palace cheered at Marco's triumph over Tom. However, there was one more thing for Marco to do. So, he took a blue velvet box from his left pants pocket and walked up to Star.

King Butterfly: Now, Marco....I believe you have something to say.

Marco: I do. Star, throughout this whole ordeal, you were on my mind this entire time. I did this whole thing for you. Before you came into my life, I was a safety obsessed freak. Now, I welcome danger with a smile. I would love to welcome even more danger....every day....with you.

Star: Does this mean....?

Marco nodded and dropped down on one knee. He then opened the blue velvet box to reveal a diamond ring.

Marco: Star Butterfly, would you make me the happiest man in the universe and do me the honor of being my bride?

At the sight of the diamond ring in front of her, Star cried tears of joy, as did King and Queen Butterfly. Star's parents knew this was coming ever since they first dropped Star off on the Earth dimension.

Star: Marco, I don't know what to say except....YES! I WILL MARRY YOU, MARCO!

Star took the ring out of its box. slipped it on her left ring finger and showed it to the entire palace. King and Queen Butterfly then asked Star and Marco where they were planning on holding the wedding.

Marco: Well, King and Queen Butterfly....where else would we have it but where Star and I first met...on Earth....back home in California.

Star: Of course you two are invited!

Marco: I was planning on inviting your parents anyway, Star.

King Butterfly: It's no trouble at all, Marco.

Queen Butterfly: We'll be there.

King Butterfly: Just let us know when and where.

Marco: Thank you, your majesties. We're actually holding off on the wedding until we've been through college.

Queen Butterfly: You're a very wise kid, Marco.

Marco: Check the calendar, your majesty....IT'S GRADUATION DAY!

Queen Butterfly then burst into tears, recalling the first time she met Marco when he was all of 14 years old.

Queen Butterfly: I'm sorry,'s just'll always be that spunky safe kid to me and my husband.

King Butterfly: Calm down, my Queen. As for the both of you....your mom and I wish you and Marco nothing but the best of luck, Star.

Star: Thank you, Dad!

King Butterfly: And Marco....treat Star well, won't you?

Marco: Of course, sir.

Queen Butterfly: Come back and visit any time!

Marco: We will, Queen Butterfly! Come on, Star...let's get going!

Star: Right behind you, Marco! Bye, mom and dad!

King Butterfly: Goodbye, Star!

Queen Butterfly: Take care of yourselves, kids!

Star and Marco then stepped through the portal created by Marco's dimensional scissors and made their way back home to Echo Creek. Once back in Echo Creek, they broke the news of their impeding marriage.

Mr. Diaz: Aye! It's about time!

Mrs. Diaz: Who would've thought you'd have it in you, Marco?

Star and Marco's cheeks turned a bright red as Marco's parents continued to embarrass them. They then ran up to Marco's room, where Marco got a devious plan.

Marco: So, since we'll be married soon....I think we should get a little honeymoon practice in.

Star: Honeymoon practice? I'm not sure I follow, Marco.

Marco gets a devilish smile on his face and decides to take manners into his own hands.

Marco: I'll show you.

Marco wrapped his arms around Star and kissed her hard on the lips. Star broke the kiss and let Marco take off his hoodie, then she slid his black shirt off and felt his well-toned abdomen.

Star: It's your turn to strip me, Wild Man.

Marco blushed as he lifted up Star's sky blue top, soon removing it completely. Star smiled at how good her "Wild Man" looked with a complete surprised look on his face. She was just as nervous as Marco was now. After all, it was both their first times. Marco tried to calm himself as Star pressed her breasts against Marco's chest. Marco looked uneasy, but eventually got used to the awkward moment.

Marco: Star, how are you so calm? This is our first time!

Star: It's because we'll be doing this a lot more often.

She was right. Now that they were on the verge of getting married, Star and Marco would be doing....this....a lot more often. Star then got off of Marco's lap and they both took off the pants they were wearing, leaving them in just their underwear. Star's face was completely red from being in this awkward situation.

Star: Marco, can you unhook my bra?

As if he was under some sort of spell, Marco did as he was told and took off Star's violet bra, leaving her C-cup breasts bare. Marco just couldn't stop staring, making the both of them blush as Star slid the rest of her underwear off. Marco followed his girlfriend's action of removing his underwear. This time, it was Star who couldn't stop staring at her boyfriend, causing her to blush. She approached Marco, kissing him again. She was sitting right next to his manhood and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Star: Marco....I think I'm ready for this. I want you.

As Star kissed him, Marco blushed as sighs of happiness escaped his mouth. Attempting to man up, Marco tried to flirt back at Star, challenging her to 'take him'. Star then rose up from Marco's lap and lowered herself onto Marco's manhood. Star remained stationary for some time as she attempted to get used to the feeling of Marco being inside her. Marco nearly bit his tongue at this new sensation. The tightness around his manhood along with Star's moaning only heightened the safe kid's anxiety. Star's moaning soon became pleasurable as she had gotten accustomed to the feeling of having Marco inside her.

Star: It feels so good, Marco!

As Star closed her eyes, Marco thrusted his hips to quicken the pace. Enjoying their 'honeymoon practice', Marco kissed Star hard on the lips as they changed position so that Star was riding Marco. They were both extremely close to orgasm. They felt as though they couldn't hold back any longer.

Marco: I-I love you, Star Butterfly!

Marco had pulled out just in time as he released on her. Now worn out from their 'honeymoon practice', Star and Marco fell onto Marco's bed, sweating from what they did. Star turned to Marco and smiled.

Star: That....was....AMAZING!

Marco: And dangerous?

Star: And dangerous, Marco. Guess I can really call you "Wild Man" now.

Marco: Guess so, Star.

Star: I'm gonna go take a shower and freshen up. You wanna come with?

Marco: You read my mind, Star!

Luckily for Star and Marco, Marco had a bathroom right next to his room. Just before the jumped in the shower, Marco said to Star....

Marco: Told ya it wasn't the end of the world!

As they stepped in the shower, Star and Marco thought to themselves....'today is only the beginning'.

Sorry, I had the series finale of 'Kim Possible' stuck in my head when I was writing this! Please forgive me if this sounds like something else you might have read. Plus....I kinda wanted to do a mature scene for Star and Marco. I hope that turned out okay. I'll have some more mature scenes between the 2 coming up in my NASCAR Toon Cup Series, so stay tuned for that!
Got another 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil' story for you!
Plot: It's been 4 years since Star first came to Earth. She has since learned to control her wand and hooked up with Marco. Now, she and Marco are about to graduate from Echo Creek Academy and are ready to take on the world! One problem, Queen Butterfly has arrived to try and take Star back to Mewni to force her into an arranged marriage.....but not if Marco has anything to say about it!


Michael Nebbia
United States
Time to get back to racing! The green's about to fly for the first major race of the year....the ROLEX 24! Here's the Entry List:


01 - Chip Ganassi Racing:

Timmy Turner
Johnny Test
Nigel Uno
Maya Santos
Miguel Santos

02 - Chip Ganassi Racing:

Reggie Rocket
Ash Ketchum
Hoagie Gilligan
Rudy Tabootie
Otto Rocket

1 - Tequila Patron ESM:

Star Butterfly
Marco Diaz
Penn Zero
Becky Botsford

2 - Tquila Patron ESM:

Dudley Puppy
Dan Kuso
Milo Kamalani
Matt Quinlan

57 - Krohn Racing:


5 - Action Express Racing: 

Tristan Taylor
Yugi Moto
Atticus Rhodes

6 - Michael Shank Racing:

Manny Rivera
Ginger Foutley
Spongebob Squarepants

7 - Starworks:

Storm Shadow
Snake Eyes

31 - Action Express Racing:

Joey Wheeler
Marik Ishtar
Jaden Yuki
Alexis Rhodes

10 - Wayne Taylor Racing:

Randy Cunningham

Tommy Pickles

Kim Possible

Heidi Weinerman

0 - DeltaWing:

Dipper Pines
Tommy Gilligan
Mabel Pines
Wendy Corduroy

66 - RG Racing:

Ish Taylor

Ashley Reynolds

Ricky Cervantes

70 - SpeedSource:

Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher

07 - SpeedSource:

Candace Flynn
Stacy Hirano
Jeremy Johnson

60 - Michael Shank Racing:

Chester McBadbat
Bucky McBadbat

77 - Doran Racing:

Cree Lincoln
Abigail Lincoln
Chad Dickson

90 - Spirit of Daytona:

Jake Long





99 - GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing:

Danny Fenton
Sam Manson
Tucker Foley
Dash Baxter

Prototype Challege (PC):

8 - Starworks:

Doug Funnie
Skeeter Valentine

85 - JDC Motorsports:

Bonnie Rockwaller
Brick Flagg
Josh Mankey

38 - Preformance Tech Motorsports:


52 - PR1 Motorsports:

Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Kevin Levin

61 - BAR1 Motorsports:

Gumball Waterson
Darwin Waterson

54 - CORE Autosport:


11 - RSR Racing:

Kick Buttowski
Gordon Gibble
Kendall Perkins

16 - BAR1 Motorsports:

Mark McCutchen
Steve Sharp
Carlos Rey
Megan Fassler

GT - Le Mans:

3 - Corvette Racing:

Jade Chan

Virgil Hawkins

Richie Foley

4 - Corvette Racing:

Jeremie Belepois

Aielita Stones

Ulrich Stern

Odd Della Robbia

Yumi Ishiyama

17 - Falken Tire

Stan Marsh
Kyle Broflovski
Eric Cartman

24 - BMW Team RLL:

Taranee Cook


Will Vandom

25 - BMW Team RLL:

Eliza Thornberry

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

Ashoka Tano

51 - AF Corse

Eli Shane
Will Shane
Trixie Sting

98 - Aston Martin Racing:



Beast Boy



911 - Porsche North America:

Todd Daring
Riley Daring
Johnny Hitswell

912 - Porsche North America:

Yusei Fudo
Jack Atlas
Crow Hogan

Grand Touring - Daytona:

009 - TRG-AMR:


007 - TRG-AMR:

Yogi Bear
Boo Boo Bear
Ranger Smith

19 - Muehlner Motorsports:

Mr. Potato Head

18 - Muehlner Motorsports:

Star Benson
Paulina Sanchez

28 - Konrad Motorsports:

Fred Flinstone
Barney Rubble

22 - Alex Job Racing: 

Denzel Crocker
Geraldine Waxelplax

23 - Alex Job Racing:

Rex Raptor
Weevil Underwood

33 - Riley Motorsports:

Juandissimo Magnifico
Blonda Fairywinkle

30 - NTG Motorsport:

Lee Kanker
May Kanker
Marie Kanker

48 - Paul Miller Racing:

Hank Hill
Homer Simpson

44 - Magnus Racing:

Adam Lyon
Jake Spidermonkey

45 - Flying Lizard Racing:

Dee Dee

56 - Waltrip:

Ashley Armbruster
Vince Lasalle
TJ Detwieler
Gus Griswald

49 - AF Corse:


63 - Scudiera Corsa

Daria Morgendorffer
Quinn Morgendorffer
Jane Lane

64 - Scudiera Corsa

Kimiko Tohomiko
Raimundo Pedrosa
Tai Kamiya

66 - TRG:

Veronica Star
Remy Buxaplenty

67 - TRG:


68 - TRG: 


58 - Wright Motorsports:

Stan Smith
Francine Smith
Hayley Smith

73 - Park Place Motorsports:


81 - GB Autosport:

Guy Hamdon

Kelly Hamdon

74 - Audi Sport:

Peter Griffin
Lois Griffin
Meg Griffin

78 - Racer's Edge:

Arnold Shortman
Gerald Johannsen
Helga Pataki

80 - TruSpeed Motorsports:

Yuma Tsukumo
Tori Meadows

87 - Vehicle Technologies:

Brad Carbunkle
Zak Saturday

93 - Riley Motorsports:

Jonesy Garcia
Nikki Wong
Jen Masterson

97 - Turner Motorsport:

Alvin Seville
Simon Seville
Theodore Seville
Brittany Miller
Jeanette Miller

The clock is set and the race is on! STAY TUNED!

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