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Welcome back to Charlotte Motor Speedway! A happy Memorial Day to everyone and a big thank you to all those who served in our Armed Forces, both past and present. It's finally time for the 54th running of the Coca-Cola 600! Here's how they'll line up for the start:

1. Yugi Moto (11)
2. Spongebob Squarepants (51)
3. Timmy Turner (20)
4. Dan Kuso (55)
5. Ashley Armbruster (15)
6. Abigail Lincoln (5)
7. Danny Fenton (16)
8. Joey Wheeler (18)
9. Nigel Uno (1)
10. Jeremy Johnson (39)
11. Kim Possible (88)
12. Randy Cunningham (48)
13. Dudley Puppy (99)
14. Tommy Pickles (24)
15. Edd (29)
16. Trixie Tang (42)
17. Vince Lasalle (56)
18. Phineas Flynn (43)
19. Ferb Fletcher (9)
20. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
21. Nikki Wong (13)
22. Ed (27)
23. Ash Ketchum (36)
24. Cindy Vortex (10)
25. Kick Buttowski (14)
26. Sokka (38)
27. Eddy (31)
28. Hank Hill (93)
29. Bonnie Rockwaller (21)
30. Rudy Tabootie (17)
31. Tristan Taylor (22)
32. Arnold Shortman (37)
33. Beavis (7)
34. Ben Tennyson (47)
35. Katara (34)
36. Blossom (78)
37. Manny Rivera (90)
38. Homer Simpson (83)
39. Brad Carbunkle (30)
40. Jake Long (32)
41. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (87)
42. Ginger Foutley (09)
43. Aang (35)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 84 degrees
Track Temp.: 121 degrees
Weather: Clear, no chance of rain
Green Flag Time: 2:20 PM


(ELP - Welcome Back My Friends)

Chris Myers: It's Memorial Day....a day to look back, to look ahead, to celebrate our veterans.....and for racing. Today, it's a Memorial Day Matinee at the hub of NASCAR! 43 drivers are set to battle it out for 600 miles on NASCAR's longest day! Today, it's the Coca-Cola 600 on FOX! Welcome to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the 54th running of the Coca-Cola 600, along with Jeff Hammond and Michael Waltrip, I'm Chris Myers. Happy Memorial Day to all the men and women of our Armed Forces and to you watching at home. God Bless America. Jeff, we were rained out yesterday, how do you think the drivers will handle racing on a green track?

Jeff Hammond: Like you said, Chris, we've got a green racetrack. The rain last night washed out all the rubber from the All-Star Race, the Truck Series, qualifying, practice and the Nationwide Series race. We've dealt with this situation twice before this season at Daytona and Fontana. These drivers handled it well there, but this time, here at Charlotte, completely different track, you've got the men and women of our Armed Forces watching you this Memorial Day, the pressure's on from lap 1.

Michael Waltrip: You talk about pressure here in Charlotte, you'll obviously think about the Coke 600. This is NASCAR's longest race. This will challenge the drivers physically and mentally. Just one mistake could send you up the creek without a paddle.

Chris Myers: The longest race of the season and the icing on the Memorial Day triple play.....the COKE 600 just about set to get underway. Let's go trackside for the opening ceremonies.

Track Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats as the Charlotte Police Department honorguard presents our nation's colors. Please remain standing as the 108th Air Defense Batallion representing the 18th Airborne Corps in Fort Bragge preforms a salute to our nation's military.


(the 7 soldiers prepare their rifles)

Sergeant: AIM!

(guns are pointed towards the sky)

Sergeant: FIRE!

(7 blanks are fired)

Sergeant: READY! AIM! FIRE!

(7 more blanks are fired)

Sergeant: READY! AIM! FIRE!

(7 more blanks are fired)


('Taps' is played)

Track Announcer: Now to honor America with the singing of the National Anthem on this Memorial Day, please welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Famers JOHN 'COUGAR' MELLENCAMP & BRUCE 'THE BOSS' SPRINGSTEEN!

(Mellencamp and Springsteen preform the National Anthem as a set of Lancers from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base flies over the track)

Chris Myers: A little NASCAR racing for you on this Memorial Day Monday. We hope you've been enjoying your 3-day weekend. Now to take it upstairs to the 3 men who'll call today's Coca-Cola 600....Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds.

Mike Joy: Thanks, Chris. We were rained out last night, this is only the 2nd time that the Coca-Cola 600 will be run on Memorial Day. How do you think the drivers are reacting to this curveball?

Larry Mac: Mike, this was totally unexpected. These teams have absolutely no notes, they're unprepared for how this track will respond to conditions like what we're facing this afternoon.

DW: Mike, Larry....we've waited long enough. LET'S GO RACIN' FOR THE TROOPS!

Mike Joy: Well, let's not wait any longer, DW. Let's go trackside for the command.

Track Announcer: Race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports! Here to give the command, please welcome Big Machine Records recording artist TAYLOR SWIFT!


(43 850 horsepower engines fire up)

Mike Joy: We take a look now at our Coca-Cola starting grid for the 54th Coca-Cola 600. Yugi Moto in that FedEx #11 car for Joe Gibbs Racing is on point today, upstart driver Spongebob Squarepants is alongside him. Kim Possible, last year's Coke 600 winner and your All-Star Race Winner rolls off 11th with newly-engaged teammate Randy Cunningham alongside her. He's one of the contenders for the revived Sprint Million. Any driver who can win a race at 3 of the 4 original 'Grand Slam' tracks: Daytona, Talladega, Darlington and right here at Charlotte, will win $1,000,000. Cunningham won the Daytona 500 to start the season, Joey Wheeler won Darlington two weeks ago, he starts 8th and Timmy Turner, your Talladega winner, is the highest running Sprint Million contender. He'll start 3rd today.. We'll run 400 laps for 600 miles today, pit speed is 45 miles per hour and the pit window is 50-55 laps on a tank of Sunoco race fuel. There's our grand marshal, Taylor Swift. She's behind the wheel of the Chevy pace car today. The pace car will make the hard right hand turn to the pit area, field now in the hands of Yugi Moto in the 11, he'll take the field to the green where Simon Helberg from 'The Big Bang Theory', our honorary starter today, will get things started.

Larry Mac: DW, she's the longest race we run of all 36....but also in honor of our men and women, boys and girls fighting for our freedom....REACH UP THERE AND PULL THOSE BELTS TIGHT ONE MORE TIME!

DW: I don't care where you are, whether you're here today or if you're in Afghanistan, Iraq or Kuwait.....THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! LET'S GO RACIN' BOYS!

Mike Joy: Turn 3, we have a battle for the lead, Timmy Turner in the Dollar General #20 and teammate Yugi Moto in the FedEx #11...Moto makes the outside line work as he leads lap 1! Here's a note about this 43 car field....every car is sponsored, no start-and-park entries, every driver has the intention of running the full race today.

DW: And I think that tells you the importance and the prestige of this race. You come here loaded for bear, ready to have a good run and make a name for yourself.

Larry Mac: You look at our top 6 or 7 cars, even though there's a second and third group behind them, all 43 cars are running that inside lane, right by that white line.

DW: As long as your tires are good, you can run the bottom a little bit. Right now, you're goin' slideways, but as the race wears on, the track's gonna start to rubber up and gain grip and that's where fresher tires usually prevail.

Mike Joy: On board with Kim Possible out there in 8th position backed up some of the pack in turn 3 as Timmy Turner shoots by teammate Yugi Moto for the lead! First lead change of the day, happens at lap 6.

(Lap 14 - Caution 1)

Mike Joy: First caution of the race is out for a piece of debris making its way to turn two....there it is, a piece of sheet metal off of the 35 car. Caution out at lap 14 of 400 scheduled. We listen in on 6th place driver Randy Cunningham.

(48 Team Communications)

Theresa Fowler: 3 wide with 39 and the 42. Hold your line.

Debby Kang: Still there....still're clear. Clear by half.

Heidi: Caution's out for debris. You're P6 right now.

Randy: 10-4, girls. How much longer?

Heidi: We just started. 14 laps down....

Debby Kang: 386 to go.

Randy: Aw, WONK.

Heidi: It's a long race, just keep doin' what you're doin' and I'll see you a little later, 'kay?

Randy: 10-4, H-dub!

(RESTART: Lap 18 - 4 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Pace car makes the sharp right hand turn to the pit lane, Timmy Turner will lead 'em back to the stripe....GREEN FLAG IS BACK IN THE AIR AT LAP 18!

Larry Mac: 3 WIDE FOR THE LEAD IN TURN 2! Look who decided to join the battle, Danny Fenton in the 16 car! He's gonna snatch the lead heading into turn 3!

Mike Joy: Here's what happened on the ensuing Timmy Turner and Yugi Moto, the 20 and the 11 cars, center of your screen....

DW: Right....there. The 20 car spun his tires and the 11 just couldn't capitalize soon enough. That allowed Danny Fenton in the 16 car to sneak right on by and take the lead from Team Gibbs. Nice move by Danny Fenton, move of the race candidate right there!

(Lap 30 - Caution 2)

Mike Joy: The 7 car has scraped the wall in turn 4 to cause the caution flag to unfurl for the 2nd time today in the 54th Coca-Cola 600. Pit stops underway, Krista Voda!

Krista Voda: Mike, Timmy Turner says the car is too loose on entry. They'll make a wedge adjustment, 4 tires and fuel for the 20 car, Turner's away! Steve Byrnes?

Steve Byrnes: Krista, Randy Cunningham had made his way to 4th before the yellow, just 4 tires and fuel, no adjustments for the 48! The NASCAR Ninja's away! Erin Andrews?

Erin Andrews: And polesitter Yugi Moto called in complaining his car is too tight in the center. They'll make a track bar adjustment, 4 tires and fuel for the 11.....he's away and he'll win the race off pit row!

Top 10:

1. Yugi Moto (11)
2. Danny Fenton (16)
3. Randy Cunningham (48)
4. Kim Possible (88)
5. Timmy Turner (20)
6. Nikki Wong (13)
7. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
8. Nigel Uno (1)
9. Kick Buttowski (14)
10. Phineas Flynn (43)

(RESTART: Lap 37 - 7 caution laps)


Larry Mac: Fenton says, NO DICE, NINJA! Early on in this race, you're gonna wonder if this is the same track you've been racing on the past two weeks.

DW: All the practice and qualifying was in the daytime. The race was supposed to be at night. We're racing in daytime. I promise you that the track will come to you in due time.

(Lap 52 - Caution 3)

Mike Joy: 52 laps complete here in Charlotte, our 3rd caution of the race is out on our most solemn of days, Memorial Day. No crash, no blown engine and no rain. NASCAR, in what I think is an extrodinary gesture, has decided to throw the caution as we come to the 3:00 hour, the time in which our President has asked all Americans to honor those who have served in the defense and protection of our country. NASCAR's gonna bring the cars to the front straightaway, park them, shut them off....all the fans are to their feet, all the flags have been lowered to half mast and all of the crewmen have come to the edge of their pit boxes to aid in this solemn salute to all those who have served. We're about 45 seconds to 3:00, we'll all stand in silence, tribute to all the great soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Reservists, National Guard and all of those who have, throughout the history of our country, taken up arms to win, protect the freedom of Americans and like-minded people around the globe. We'll ask you too for a minute of silence.

(RESTART: Lap 63 - 11 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Happy Memorial Day to all those who serve at home and abroad, GREEN FLAG IS OUT FOR THE RESTART AT LAP 63! How about a special Memorial Day CRANK IT UP?

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 114 - Caution 4)

Mike Joy: 114 laps complete here in Charlotte for the 54th Coca-Cola 600, under caution for the 4th time as Nikki Wong has tagged the wall in turn 4 and the entire tail light panel on that 13 car is torn off. You see it right there in the entrance to the frontstretch, that's the reason for our 4th yellow of the race at 115 of 400 laps, just after green flag stops here in Charlotte. Cindy Vortex will get the Aaron's Lucky Dog Free Pass. She's the first car a lap down in the 26th position.

(RESTART: Lap 122 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Here we go with the restart, 122 laps complete, green flag in the air....they're 3 wide for the lead in turn 2! Here comes JOEY WHEELER!

Larry Mac: Joey Wheeler, trying to go back to back, he won at Darlington 2 weeks ago to get into the Sprint All-Star Race last week. He wants to try to get into NEXT YEAR'S Sprint All-Star Race as well as putting himself in the hunt for the wild card when we get to the Chase for the Cup!

DW: Don't look now, but here comes the Ninja!

Larry Mac: Wheeler's gonna make the pass in turn 2 as we complete 124 laps here in the Coke 600!

Mike Joy: 124 laps, 186 miles complete in this year's Coke 600, Joey Wheeler is your new leader. It's our 17th lead change and our 5th different leader. Yugi Moto has led 30 laps, Timmy Turner had led 52 circuits, Randy Cunningham with 20 laps, and Nigel Uno has led 21 laps prior to Joey Wheeler taking the lead from him at lap 124. Wheeler's led 6 laps so far as we now have 130 laps complete in the Coke 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

(Lap 152 - Caution 5)

Mike Joy: Caution #5 has come out at 152 laps/228 miles into the Coca-Cola 600 of 2013 and it's for 2 pieces of debris; a half-full Coke bottle and a set of cables making their way to the track. You see a lot of damage to the 18 of Joey Wheeler, your race leader. He's led 28 laps so far, Ferb Fletcher in the 9 also with damage as well as Dan Kuso in the 55. It's confirmed that the cable that fell to the track was a piece of our Sprint Unlimited Cam that we use here on FOX to try and give you every possible angle on the track to present the most complete coverage of NASCAR racing on the FOX family of networks.

(Lap 156 - RED FLAG)

Mike Joy: NASCAR has decided to pull out the red flag for cleanup of the cable that we use for our Sprint Unlimited Cam, the cause of our 5th caution of the race. Cars have been parked on pit road in their respective stalls, reason being is that NASCAR has allowed the teams to fix any damage they may have sustained from that cable under this red flag, in addition to changing tires and fuel. This is a very unique situation, something we don't see in every red flag we encounter in NASCAR.

Larry Mac: We probably won't see something like this again, DW.

DW: This kind of freak occurance like what we're seeing here happens very rarely, Larry. I know I've never faced this kind of red flag situation in all my years as a driver!

Mike Joy: As soon as NASCAR is certain that all the cabling from our Sprint Unlimited Cam is cleared away, they'll re-grid the field in the order that they were running at the moment of caution. No one will lose any positions because they made repairs under this red flag.

(4:52 PM)

Mike Joy: Red flag has been withdrawn, yellow flag back out, field sets out from the pit lane, we are just about set to go back racing from a 42 minute red flag. Closing in on 5:00 here in Charlotte, we'll go side-by-side and be back for the restart. You're watching NASCAR on FOX!

(NASCAR on FOX Side-By-Side)

(RESTART: Lap 160 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Here we go again....GREEN FLAG IS OUT! 240 LAPS TO GO IN THE COKE 600! We have a statement from the Charlotte Motor Speedway about the rope line cable that caused our most recent caution and red flag. 12 fans sustained injuries, 7 were treated and released from the infield care center, 5 others were transported to a local hospital for observation. CHALLENGE FOR THE LEAD! Joey Wheeler in the 18 and Tommy Pickles in the 24.....Pickles will take the lead at lap 162!

(24 Team Communications)

Chuckie: New Leader....24.

Tommy: Chuckie, you're starting to sound like Chad Knaus. We all know that I can't stand Jimmie Johnson or Chad Knaus.

Chuckie: Sorry about that, Tommy. I just forgot.

Tommy: Chuckie, sometimes I just don't understand you.

(Lap 184)

Mike Joy: Green flag pit stops well underway, Timmy Turner is in, so are Randy Cunningham and Bonnie Rockwaller. Joey Wheeler in with Dan Kuso, Ashley Armbruster, Vince Lasalle, Rudy Tabootie, Dudley Puppy and Jeremy Johnson. Tommy Pickles to the pit lane at lap 187 and everyone else follows suit! Matt Yocum is with the 24 bunch.

Matt Yocum: Tommy Pickles says the car is MAD LOOSE on entry. They'll make a track bar adjustment, 4 tires and fuel for the 24, he's away! Steve Byrnes, you've got the 43.

Steve Byrnes: Matt, our points leader Phineas Flynn is too loose on exit. Wedge adjustment for the 43, 4 tires and fuel, Flynn's away! Krista?

Krista Voda: Nigel Uno says his car is much too free in the center, they'll put a spring rubber in the right side, 4 tires and fuel for the 1 car, Uno's away! Erin Andrews?

Erin Andrews: I'm gonna double that 1, turn it into the Blue Deuce. Appears as though they've hit the setup on the 2 car, 4 tires and fuel, no adjustments for Hoagie Gilligan, he's away!

Mike Joy: And at lap 192, it'll cycle back to Tommy Pickles in the 24 car. Flat right rear for Rudy Tabootie, unscheduled pit stop for him. A couple penalties on that last cycle of green flag stops. Tristan Taylor, too fast entering; Jeremy Johnson, too fast entering; Vince Lasalle, too fast exiting; Eddy, too fast exiting. Pass through penalties for those 4 drivers.

(Lap 198 - Caution 6)


Larry Mac: Caution's out for the 6th time. Some damage to the SAFER barrier, that's gonna warrant a red flag.

(Lap 202 - RED FLAG)

Mike Joy: You called it, Larry Mac! 2nd red flag of the race is out at 202 laps/303 miles into the Coke 600, just past halfway here in Charlotte. Our first red flag at lap 156 lasted 42 minutes. This red flag is to allow for safety crews to repair the SAFER barriers in turns 3 and 4. We don't know how long that'll take, but as always, once they finish, we'll go back racing.

(6:42 PM)

Mike Joy: Drivers have been called to their cars, engines are being refired, official red flag time: 1 hour and 4 minutes. We'll go back green officially at lap 206 with 194 laps to go.

(RESTART: Lap 206 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 194 laps to go, GREEN FLAG IS OUT! LET'S CRANK IT UP!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 292 - Caution 7)


Larry Mac: Red flag....

(Lap 298 - RED FLAG)

Mike Joy: You know, Larry Mac....sometimes, I just hate it when you're right. We're under the red flag for the 3rd time after 298 of 400 laps in the Coke 600. In case you joined us late, let's take a look at our VISA Race Summary:

Cautions: 7
Caution Laps: 52
Leaders: 11
Lead Changes: 34
Average Speed: 162.094 MPH
Current Leader: 48 - Randy Cunningham

(9:14 PM)

Mike Joy: First red flag was 42 minutes, 2nd red flag was an hour and four minutes, this red hour and 16 minutes. We are set to go back racing after the 3rd red flag of the Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR's longest race. We thought this was going to be a Memorial Day Matinee. Instead, it's become a ripoff of the 12 Hours of Sebring and we still have 102 laps left to run!

(RESTART: Lap 300 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: GREEN FLAG IS OUT! 100 LAPS TO GO IN THE COKE 600! Cunningham is on it, Larry Mac!

Larry Mac: He's absolutely flying, Mike Joy. I've been sayin' this ever since our NASCAR on FOX coverage began in 2001, THE NIGHTTIME IS THE RIGHT TIME. This is when these drivers need to show their hand, the final quarter of the race. If you have something for the win, now's the time to show it.

DW: The night is right, Larry Mac. I'm pretty sure Randy Cunningham will agree with you.

(48 Team Communications)

Randy: How many more laps?

Howard: 95, make that 94. Lap 306 of 400. You are P1.

Randy: Am I having a moment or is it really nighttime?

Heidi: Randy, we're racing at night here.

Randy: I thought we were racing in the afternoon.

Heidi: That's what 3 red flags will do to you.

(Lap 342 - Caution 8)

Mike Joy: 58 laps to go and we're under our 8th caution of the race for debris in the backstretch....a spring rubber from the 1 car. There it is. Cunningham continues to lead with polesitter Yugi Moto in 2nd, Jeremy Johnson 3rd, Phineas Flynn 4th, Tommy Pickles 5th, Nigel Uno 6th, Trixie Tang 7th, Edd 8th, Timmy Turner 9th and Kim Possible rounding out the top 10.

(RESTART: Lap 351 - 9 caution laps)

Mike Joy: 49 laps to go, set for another Claritin CLEAR TO DRIVE RESTART. GREEN FLAG'S OUT! WE'RE BACK UNDERWAY WITH JUST 49 LAPS TO GO IN THE COKE 600! Challenge for the lead! Ninja vs. Duelist!

Larry Mac: Cunningham's gonna get a little run off of 2 and he'll make the pass on Moto in the backstretch!

DW: Be advised, it's not over yet. We still have 48 laps to go.

Mike Joy: It's not over until the last caution flag waves, Larry Mac.

Larry Mac: And history tells us that we haven't see our last caution yet. Our last caution in this race on average appears around 40 laps to go. In the last 4 600 mile races here, the last caution came out with less than 20 to go.

(Lap 376 - Caution 9)

Mike Joy: Caution flag flying for the 9th time tonight for debris in the backstretch, another spring rubber coming loose, this one from Katara's 34 machine. She's running 16th tonight with 23 laps to go. Great run going tonight for those Front Row Motorsports guys.

(48 Team Communications)

Randy: Getting a little worn out here, guys. What time is it?

Heidi: It's 10:32 PM.

Randy: 8 hours and 12 minutes since we went green. Longest I've ever been in a racecar.

Heidi: Don't worry Ninja-boy. 23 more laps and we'll be done here.

Randy: I'd love an ice-cold Pepsi after this!

Heidi: You and me both, Randy.

(RESTART: Lap 384 - 8 caution laps)

Mike Joy: GREEN FLAG IS OUT! We are just 16 laps away from completing....'The 12 Hours of Charlotte'. That's what this Coke 600's become with 3 red flag delays. It's become the 12 Hours of Charlotte!

Larry Mac: Red flags are powerful, Mike Joy. Thanks to those red flags, Randy Cunningham is 15 laps away from being only the second rookie to ever win the Coke 600! First was Matt Kenseth in 2000, one of only a handful of drivers to score their first career win in the 600. Of course, last year, teammate Kim Possible pulled off what most thought was impossible. She pulled off the Memorial Day Trifecta and won Monaco, Indy and the 600 in the same day. We all thought it was impossible and crazy!

DW: Mike, Larry.....check the name. She's Kim Possible, she can do anything!

(Lap 396 - Caution 10)

Mike Joy: TROUBLE TURN 2! 4 CARS INVOLVED! DAN KUSO HAS CRASHED, HE COLLECTS TEAMMATE VINCE LASALLE, JOEY WHEELER AND BONNIE ROCKWALLER JUST HAD NOWHERE TO GO! Caution out for the 10th time! Not a lot of damage on that 18 machine, 21's done, 55 and 56 both out of it. Caution comes out with just 3 laps to go in the Coca-Cola 600.

(RESTART: Lap 402 - 6 caution laps)

Mike Joy: Green-white-checker....GREEN FLAG IS OUT! 2 LAPS TO GO IN THE COKE 600! Cunningham is off and running!

Larry Mac: Phineas Flynn spun his tires coming to the green and that bottlenecked the whole outside line. That allowed for Randy Cunningham to get a good sized lead heading into turn 2. He's since stretched it out to half a second as we come to the white flag!


(48 Team Communications)

Theresa Fowler: 1 to go, Randy. 43's 4 carlengths back.

Randy: Get a batch of Pepsis ready for us! 2 more turns!

Debby Kang: You really think you're going to be on Chris Berman's Fastest 3 Minutes?

Randy: This isn't football, it's NASCAR racing. Secondly, how do you remember Berman's Fastest 3 Minutes?

Heidi: NFL Primetime.

Debby Kang: Monday Night Countdown.

Randy: Thought so.

Heidi: Pedal, Randy, Pedal! Pedal, Randy, Pedal!

Mike Joy: The biggest upset in Coke 600 history is about to happen right here! Your Daytona 500 winner Randy Cunningham will take the checkered flag and win the Coca-Cola 600!


Theresa Fowler: You just won the Coca-Cola 600!

Howard: All you need is a Talladega win and you'll get that $1,000,000 bonus!

Heidi: Well done, Randy! I'll be waiting for you in victory lane!

Randy: Meet you there, Heidi! Time, Howard?

Howard: 11:08 PM

Randy: Official time of the race, counting red flags: 8 hours, 48 minutes

(after the burnout)

Erin Andrews: Randy Cunningham shocked the world last season, winning 4 of the last 5 races of 2012. He comes back in 2013, winning the Daytona 500 and now winning NASCAR's longest race, the Coke 600. Randy, you've won 2 of NASCAR's major events. What's this say about your season so far?

Randy: It's totally THE CHEESE, Erin. I never expected to win either Daytona in February or this race right here, the Coke 600....let alone both in the same season. It's just surprising. If I had one thing to say, I'd say that Rick Hendrick knows how to pick 'em. That's all I have to say and we'll try to build off this win at Dover on Sunday.

Erin Andrews: Randy Cunningham, the NASCAR Ninja, takes the Coca-Cola 600. Guys?

After Randy's interview with Erin Andrews, his girlfriend Heidi Weinerman shows up next to him and gives him a congratulatory kiss.

That's the Coca-Cola 600! Here's how they finished:

1. Randy Cunningham (48)
2. Phineas Flynn (43)
3. Tommy Pickles (24)
4. Yugi Moto (11)
5. Kim Possible (88)
6. Abigail Lincoln (5)
7. Nigel Uno (1)
8. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
9. Ashley Armbruster (15)
10. Danny Fenton (16)
11. Dudley Puppy (99)
12. Jeremy Johnson (39)
13. Kick Buttowski (14)
14. Edd (29)
15. Trixie Tang (42)
16. Eddy (31)
17. Ed (27)
18. Timmy Turner (20)
19. Rudy Tabootie (17)
20. Ferb Fletcher (9)
21. Katara (34)
22. Sokka (38)
23. Arnold Shortman (37)
24. Hank Hill (93)
25. Cindy Vortex (10)
26. Aang (35)
27. Ben Tennyson (47)
28. Ash Ketchum (36)
29. Joey Wheeler (18) (DNF: Accident)
30. Vince Lasalle (56) (DNF: Accident)
31. Bonnie Rockwaller (21) (DNF: Accident)
32. Dan Kuso (55) (DNF: Accident)
33. Spongebob Squarepants (51) (DNF: Accident)
34. Blossom (78) (DNF: Accident)
35. Tristan Taylor (22) (DNF: Accident)
36. Beavis (7) (DNF: Accident)
37. Nikki Wong (13) (DNF: Accident)
38. Homer Simpson (83) (DNF: Transmission)
39. Brad Carbunkle (30) (DNF: Engine)
40. Jake Long (32) (DNF: Engine)
41. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (87) (DNF: Engine)
42. Manny Rivera (90) (DNF: Drive Train)
43. Ginger Foutley (09) (DNF: Electrical)

Points (after 12 of 36 races):

1. Phineas Flynn - 486 points
2. Randy Cunningham - 485 points
3. Tommy Pickles - 456 points
4. Kim Possible - 437 points  
5. Nigel Uno - 432 points
6. Timmy Turner - 423 points
7. Abigail Lincoln - 400 points
8. Edd - 366 points
9. Hoagie Gilligan - 391 points
10. Yugi Moto - 389 points
11. Kick Buttowski - 388 points
12. Danny Fenton - 385 points
13. Jeremy Johnson - 381 points
14. Trixie Tang - 374 points
15. Dudley Puppy - 366 points
16. Vince Lasalle - 366 points
17. Ashley Armbruster - 353 points
18. Joey Wheeler - 333 points
20. Cindy Vortex - 282 points
21. Rudy Tabootie - 281 points
22. Nikki Wong - 272 points
23. Ed - 269 points
24. Arnold Shortman - 249 points
25. Dan Kuso - 248 points
26. Eddy - 238 points
27. Ferb Fletcher - 234 points
28. Tristan Taylor - 211 points
29. Hank Hill - 210 points
30. Ben Tennyson - 199 points
31. Ash Ketchum - 183 points
32. Bonnie Rockwaller - 165 points
33. Homer Simpson - 157 points
34. Blossom - 124 points
35. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - 119 points
36. Beavis - 121 points
37. Katara - 119 points
38. Brad Carbunkle - 117 points
39. Sokka - 111 points
40. Aang - 99 points
41. Jake Long - 89 points
42. Spongebob Squarepants - 81 points
43. Manny Rivera - 65 points
43. Ginger Foutley - 47 points

Next Race: FEDEX 400

Here's where the real action begins. We have a Memorial Day Matinee in store for you as Charlotte Motor Speedway plays host to the 54th COCA-COLA 600!
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Pretty wild race - especially the part with the TV camera cables snapping; just like earlier today in real life! :wow:

Actually, Randy Cunningham would not be the first rookie in history to win the 600 - that was Matt Kenseth in 2000.

And one more thing - you're showing way too much bias towards Randy Cunningham, dammit! :facepalm:
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Sometimes you just have those moments where your mind takes over above all else. You get those mental lapses, facts get crooked, thinking gets all out of whack. I want to spread the wins around, but this time, my mind had other ideas.
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Oh, sweet!
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
I'll give you but one's a Chevy driver.
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Wait, I think I have an idea; does this Chevy driver drive for Tommy Baldwin?
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Or Stewart-Haas Racing.
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DarthWill3 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Randy wins again... Show-off.
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