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The Sprint Showdown was just the first dish on the All-Star it's time for the main course! 21 drivers, 100 laps, $2,000,000 to the winner! It's time for the NASCAR SPRINT ALL-STAR RACE! Here's the starting lineup:

1. Abigail Lincoln (5)
2. Eddy (31)
3. Timmy Turner (20)
4. Ashley Armbruster (15)
5. Vince Lasalle (56)
6. Joey Wheeler (18)
7. Randy Cunningham (48)
8. Kim Possible (88)
9. Trixie Tang (42)
10. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
11. Nigel Uno (1)
12. Kick Buttowski (14)
13. Phineas Flynn (43)
14. Jeremy Johnson (39)
15. Dudley Puppy (99)
16. Danny Fenton (16)
17. Tommy Pickles (24)
18. Edd (29)
19. Cindy Vortex (10)
20. Ash Ketchum (36)
21. Rudy Tabootie (17)

Race Conditions:

Air Temp.: 64 degrees
Track Temp.: 82 degrees
Weather: Clear, no chance of rain.
Green Flag Time: 9:30 PM

SPEED Channel?

(NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on SPEED theme)

Krista Voda: It's a picture perfect night in Charlotte and we're set to go All-Star racing! Let's go down for driver introductions with our own John Roberts!


John Roberts: Hello everyone, I'm John Roberts from SPEED Channel and it's time to meet your 2013 NASCAR SPRINT ALL-STARS! Starting 18th, the driver of the #29 Budwieser/Iron Man 3 Chevrolet from Peachtree City, Georgia....EDD!

#29 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Jason Hunt
Front Tire Changer - Jason Pulver
Front Tire Carrier - Austin Craven
Rear Tire Changer - Dustin Necaise
Rear Tire Carrier - Aaron Schields
Jackman - Bryan Smith

John Roberts: Starting 17th, driver of the #24 DuPont/Drive To End Hunger Chevrolet from Vallejo, California.....TOMMY PICKLES!

#24 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Brad Pickens
Front Tire Changer - Chad Avrit
Front Tire Carrier - Dion Williams
Rear Tire Changer - Cory DeMarco
Rear Tire Carrier - Gene Cornwell
Jackman - Bailey Walker

John Roberts: Starting 16th, driver of the #16 3M Ford, from Chicago, Illinois....DANNY FENTON!

#16 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Robert Best
Front Tire Changer - Kevin Novak
Front Tire Carrier - Bryan Huitt
Rear Tire Changer - Curtis Thompson
Rear Tire Carrier - Justin Edgell
Jackman - Sean Meckelson

John Roberts: Starting 15th, driver of the #99 Fastenal Ford from Columbia, Missouri....DUDLEY PUPPY!

#99 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Joe Karasinski
Front Tire Changer - Mike Lingerfelt
Front Tire Carrier - Alan Troutman
Rear Tire Changer - Kale Uphoff
Rear Tire Carrier - Josh Shiplett
Jackman - Dennis Killian

John Roberts: Starting 14th, driver of the #39 Quicken Loans/US Army Chevrolet from Danville, Washington....JEREMY JOHNSON!

#39 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Jackman - Andrew Turner
Front Tire Changer - Scott Brzozowski
Front Tire Carrier - Brad Robinson
Rear Tire Changer - Jonathan Sherman
Rear Tire Carrier - James Houk
Gasman - Andy Rueger

John Roberts: Starting 13th, driver of the #43 PepBoys Auto Ford, also from Danville, Washington....PHINEAS FLYNN!

#43 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Jackman - Rodney Fetters
Front Tire Changer - Greg Donlin
Front Tire Carrier - Lance Hanna
Rear Tire Changer - Justin Fiedler
Rear Tire Carrier - Eric Wallace
Gasman - Derick Jennings

John Roberts: Starting 12th, driver of the #14 Mobil 1 Chevrolet, Columbus, Indiana's KICK BUTTOWSKI!

#14 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Jackman - Mike Casto
Front Tire Changer - Ira Jo Hussey
Front Tire Carrier - Tood Drakulich
Rear Tire Changer - Daniel Smith
Rear Tire Carrier - Mike 'Shrek' Morneau
Gasman - Jeff 'Gooch' Patterson

John Roberts: Starting 11th, driver of the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet, the defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.....NIGEL UNO!

#1 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Jackman - Mitch Lash
Front Tire Changer - Bryan Jacobsen
Front Tire Carrier - Brett Morrell
Rear Tire Changer - Jeremy Fuller
Rear Tire Carrier - Doug Riepe
Gasman - Benjy Grubbs

John Roberts: Starting 10th, driver of the #2 Miller Lite Ford from Richmond, Virginia....HOAGIE GILLIGAN!

#2 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Nick Hensley
Front Tire Changer - Ben Brown
Front Tire Carrier - Scott Reiniger
Rear Tire Changer - David Mayo
Rear Tire Carrier - Larry Robinette
Jackman - Bryan White

John Roberts: Starting 9th, the driver of the #42 Target Chevrolet, TRIXIE TANG!

#42 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Ed Watkins
Front Tire Changer - Dennis Terry
Front Tire Carrier - Jake Brzozowski
Rear Tire Changer - Chris McMullen
Rear Tire Carrier - Chip Goode
Jackman - Mark Jacobs

John Roberts: Starting 8th, the driver of the #88 National Guard Chevrolet, the defending winner of the Coke 600....KIM POSSIBLE!

#88 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Caleb Hurd
Front Tire Changer - Clay Robinson
Front Tire Carrier - Kevin Harris
Rear Tire Changer - Joe Slingerland
Rear Tire Carrier - Matt Ver Meer
Jackman - Nick Covey

John Roberts: Starting 7th in his first Sprint All-Star Race, your 2013 Daytona 500 winner, from El Cajon, California.....RANDY CUNNINGHAM!

#48 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Brandon Harder
Front Tire Changer - Colin Fambrough
Front Tire Carrier - Art Simmons
Rear Tire Changer - Calvin Teague
Rear Tire Carrier - Matt Tyrrell
Jackman - TJ Ford

John Roberts: Starting 6th, driver of the #18 M&Ms Toyota, your Darlington winner....JOEY WHEELER!

#18 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Tom Lampe
Front Tire Changer - Nick Odell
Front Tire Carrier - Brad Donaghy
Rear Tire Changer - Jake Seminara
Rear Tire Carrier - Kenny Barber
Jackman - Jeff Fender

John Roberts: Starting 5th, driver of the #56 NAPA Auto Parts/Fast and Furious 6 Toyota, VINCE LASALLE!

#56 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Wes Evans
Front Tire Changer - Eric Maycroft
Front Tire Carrier - Craig Curione
Rear Tire Changer - Lee Cunningham
Rear Tire Carrier - Adam Mosher
Jackman - Brian Chase

John Roberts: Starting 4th, driver of the #15 5-Hour Energy Toyota, ASHLEY ARMBRUSTER!

#15 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Jackman - Shaun Peet
Front Tire Changer - Danny Kincaid
Front Tire Carrier - Jason Gay
Rear Tire Changer - Chuck Efaw
Rear Tire Carrier - Richard Coleman
Gasman - Mike Metcalf

John Roberts: Starting 3rd, driver of the #20 Home Depot/Despicable Me 2 Toyota, Los Angeles, California's TIMMY TURNER!

#20 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - John Eicher
Front Tire Changer - John Royer
Front Tire Carrier - Joe Crossen
Rear Tire Changer - Chris Taylor
Rear Tire Carrier - Eric Groen
Jackman - Jason Tate

John Roberts: Starting 2nd, driver of the #31 Caterpillar Chevrolet, from Peachtree City, Georgia....EDDY!

#31 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Jon Wallace
Front Tire Changer - Tim Sheets
Front Tire Changer - JD Holcomb
Rear Tire Changer - Zach Price
Rear Tire Carrier - Bob Dowens
Jackman - Andrew Childers

John Roberts: Your polesitter tonight, the driver of the #5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet....ABIGAIL LINCOLN!

#5 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Chris Fasulka
Front Tire Changer - Kelly Kellis
Front Tire Carrier - Michael Oxendine
Rear Tire Changer - Kip Wolfmeier
Rear Tire Carrier - Ben Fischbeck
Jackman - Jeff Kerr

John Roberts: Now let's meet the drivers who transferred in by way of the Sprint Showdown! Starting 19th, driver of the #10 Chevrolet, CINDY VORTEX!

#10 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Rick Pigeon
Front Tire Changer - Shane Pipala
Front Tire Carrier - Joe Bernal
Rear Tire Changer - Coleman Dollarhide
Rear Tire Carrier - Dewayne Moore
Jackman - Gabe Martin

John Roberts: Starting 20th, your runner-up in the Sprint Showdown, driver of the #36 AutoZone Chevrolet....ASH KETCHUM!

#36 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gas Man - Josh Martin
Front Tire Changer - Hunter Masling
Front Tire Carrier - Robert Miolen
Rear Tire Changer - Jacob Ray
Rear Tire Carrier - Ryan Painter
Jackman - Brad Pippa

John Roberts: You, the fans, have voted! It's now time to reveal who has won the fan vote and the name of another driver who'll race for $2,000,000 in tonight's Sprint All-Star Race! The winner of the Fan Vote is......RUDY TABOOTIE!

#17 Over-The-Wall Crew:

Gasman - Sean Ward
Front Tire Changer - Justin Nottestad
Front Tire Carrier - Collin Pasi
Rear Tire Changer - Jon Moore
Rear Tire Carrier - Ryan McCray
Jackman - Cameron Cobb

John Roberts: We also want to introduce you to tonight's honorary starter! Tonight's CFO, Chief of Flag Operations, JEFF PROBST! Our grand marshal tonight is from the CBS hit comedy 'How I Met Your Mother'.....NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! With that, the starting lineup is set for tonight's 2013 NASCAR SPRINT ALL-STAR RACE! Enjoy, everyone!

(NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on SPEED theme)

Krista Voda: The stage is set! Ahead lie 100 laps, 21 drivers racing their hearts out for $2,000,000! The 29th NASCAR SPRINT ALL-STAR NEXT on SPEED!

Well, that's part 1! The race will begin in Part 2! STAY TUNED!
The stage is set, it's time for the stars of NASCAR to come out and play! Nothing to lose and $2,000,000 to gain! It's time for the 2013 NASCAR SPRINT ALL-STAR RACE! This part has the driver/team intros.
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