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We're off to America's Heartland and the Kansas Speedway for the running of the STP 400! This recently repaved track has progressive banking from 17-20 degrees in the turns and 10-12 degrees in the straights. We have another 1.5 mile track here, so 267 laps are needed for the 400 mile distance. This race will be a night race, so as to utilize Kansas Speedway's recently installed lights.

Here's your starting line-up:

1. Beavis (7) (looks like that talk he had with Robby Gordon is starting to pay off)
2. Tommy Pickles (24)
3. Danny Fenton (16) (your winner last time around in Texas)
4. Dudley Puppy (99)
5. Hank Hill (98) (first of 11 races for the 98 bunch, his points will go to the 32, who failed to qualify)
6. Kim Possible (88)
7. Blossom (51)
8. Nigel Uno (1)
9. Abigail Lincoln (5)
10. Vince Lasalle (56)
11. Ash Ketchum (22)
12. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
13. Yugi Moto (11)
14. Ferb Fletcher (9)
15. Tristan Taylor (20)
16. Scooby-Doo (47)
17. Phineas Flynn (43)
18. Ed (27)
19. Kick Buttowski (14)
20. Ashley Armbruster (15)
21. Nikki Wong (13)
22. Timmy Turner (17)
23. Eddy (31)
24. Sokka (38)
25. Doug Funnie (48)
26. Trixie Tang (42)
27. Cindy Vortex (10)
28. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (97)
29. Aang (26)
30. Peter Griffin (93)
31. Katara (34)
32. Homer Simpson (83)
33. Arnold Shortman (37)
34. Brad Carbunkle (30)
35. Milo Kamalani (41)
36. Ginger Foutley (09)
37. Bonnie Rockwaller (21)
38. Manny Rivera (90)
39. Jeremy Johnson (39)
40. Gumball Waterson (87)
41. Joey Wheeler (18)
42. Dan Kuso (46)
43. Edd (29)

Forecast: 73 degrees, clear. No chance of rain.

Let's take it up to FOX Sports!

(NASCAR on FOX 2001-2007 theme)

Mike Joy: Last week, NASCAR's finest took to one of the most challenging tracks on the circuit in Texas, where Danny Fenton slipped by Nigel Uno in turn 4 on the final lap to snatch the victory. Today, we head to America's Heartland and the Kansas Speedway for the running of the STP 400! THIS IS NASCAR ON FOX! Welcome to Kansas, everybody! I'm Mike Joy along with Larry MacReynolds and Darrell Waltrip. DW, we've raced at this track since 2001, we've done 2 races a year here since last year and this is our first time racing here at night. How's the track changed from happy hour on Friday to tonight's Sprint Cup showdown?

DW: Mike, these guys qualified and practiced in the daylight and they're racing at night. This track'll be unpredictable, these drivers have never raced at night on this track. It's a completely new challenge for these crew chiefs and I'd like to see how they handle this.

Larry Mac: We have 267 laps to conquer here at Kansas; It's saturday night, we're racing under the lights, it's no-holds barred NASCAR action in the heartland of America! I can't wait any longer, let's get this race started!

Mike Joy: Alright, Larry Mac. Ask and you shall recieve. Let's go trackside for the command.

Track Announcer: Race fans, here to say the most famous words in racing, please welcome THE KING OF NASCAR....RICHARD PETTY!


(43 800 horsepower engines rev up)

Mike Joy: Our Dodge starting grid shows that Beavis had a little chat with car owner Robby Gordon over the week and it apparently paid off as he scored the Coors Pole Award. While you take a look at the rest of the grid, see where your favorite driver is starting, let's ring up Ash Ketchum in the 22 car, he starts 11th today.

DW: Ash, it's Darrell Waltrip in the FOX booth. You got a copy?

Ash: Pikachu and I got you, DW. Say hi to DW, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

DW: Alright, first off I find it wierd that you bring your Pikachu with you in the car. Secondly, you practiced and qualified in the daytime on Friday, you're racing on Saturday night. How do you think the track has changed since you practiced?

Ash: Alright, first off, Pikachu is like my wingman. He goes where I go, especially inside an 800 horsepower racing machine, it's why I had Mr. Penske put in a passenger's seat specifically for Pikachu. Secondly, we had a Truck Series race here last night, the track's got some rubber down from that as well as our happy hour practice and qualifying. As we go along, I think the track's gonna tighten up, gain a llittle more grip....these crew chiefs are in for the challenge of their lives tonight because we've never raced here at night before.

DW: Alright, good luck Ash....and Pikachu, thanks for talking to us.

Ash: 10-4.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

DW: Anyone else find it wierd that he brings a Pokémon with him?

Larry Mac: That's just wrong on all levels.

Mike Joy: Anyway, let's take a look at our VISA Race Rundown:

Distance: 267 laps/400.5 miles
Pit Window: 45-48 laps
Pit Row Speed: 40 MPH
Purse: $2,850,000
Winner's Share: $640,000

Larry Mac: Let's take a look at our FedEx UNDERSTANDING THE RACE:

First Caution (average): Lap 25
Number of Cautions (average): 8 (record: 11 (2002))
Number of Pit Stops (average): 7
Final Caution (average): Lap 240

Mike Joy: Back to back 1.5 mile tracks, Texas and Kansas, both of which these drivers'll deal with in the Chase, this is gonna be a little test run for when we decided the championship in the fall, Larry Mac.

Larry Mac: DW, this is the heartland of America, race 8 of the season, REACH UP THERE AND PULL THOSE BELTS TIGHT ONE MORE TIME!


Larry Mac: Tommy Pickles tryin' the high line on Beavis, here comes Dudley Puppy in the 99 givin' a push to his teammate, Danny Fenton in the 16, your winner last week in Texas!

Mike Joy: 1 bonus point to the 7 of Beavis for leading the first lap as we are 4 WIDE FOR THE LEAD HEADING INTO TURN 2 ON LAP 2!

(Lap 44)

Mike Joy: Our first caution of the race has come out as the 41 has spun in turn 2! Now, that is not the reason for the yellow. The caution is out for all the oil that was dropped on the track because of it. Pit stops upcoming, Krista Voda?

Krista Voda: The 7 car of Beavis, your leader, reports that the car is 'MAD TIGHT'. They're gonna make a track bar adjustment on this 7 car, 4 tires and fuel, he's away! Dick Berggren?

Dick Berggren: Nigel Uno in the 1 car slid into his pit stall but luckily stayed inside the white lines! They'll make a chassis adjustment on this 1 car, 4 tires and fuel, he's down and away! Steve Byrnes?

Steve Byrnes: Dudley Puppy was running 2nd at the time of the yellow flag. He radioed in to his crew chief, Kitty Katswell 2 laps earlier, reporting that his car is TOO TIGHT IN THE CENTER. Track bar adjustment's been made, 4 tires and fuel going in, he's down and away and he'll win the race off pit row!

Top 10 after stops:

1. Dudley Puppy (99)
2. Tommy Pickles (24)
3. Beavis (7)
4. Nigel Uno (1)
5. Vince Lasalle (56)
6. Ash Ketchum (22)
7. Ferb Fletcher (9)
8. Kim Possible (88)
9. Danny Fenton (16)
10. Jeremy Johnson (39)

(RESTART: Lap 52 (8 caution laps))

Mike Joy: We get the restart 52 laps in here at Kansas and let's CRANK IT UP!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 96)

Mike Joy: TROUBLE TURN 3! The 30 of Brad Carbunkle has found the wall and the caution is out just as we had finished up a cycle of green flag pit stops, Larry Mac. I expect we'll see a quiet pit row here.

Larry Mac: You expected correctly, Mike Joy. No one's coming to pit row here.

(RESTART: Lap 103 (7 caution laps))

Mike Joy: GREEN FLAG! Look at that 99! He got a good run off of turn 2, he'll swipe the lead from Beavis in the 7 and take his teammates with him! Beavis is just trying to get back to the bottom before that 24 of Tommy Pickles gets by him for 4th, he can't! Pickles gets by him for 4th, here comes the 10 of Vortex for the 5th slot!

Larry Mac: Beavis got freight trained right from the get go, DW. That's something you normally don't see on a 1.5 mile track such as this one.

(Lap 130)

Mike Joy: A piece of sheet metal has gone astray to bring out our 3rd caution of the night just 4 laps short of the halfway point here at Kansas Speedway. Larry Mac, do we expect much action here on pit row?

Larry Mac: We should, Mike Joy, as we were on the edge of another round of green flag pit stops.

Mike Joy: Here they come! Krista?

Krista Voda: The 24 of Tommy Pickles was running 4th prior to the yellow. He called in to crew chief Chuckie Finster about a possible loose wheel. They're gonna change all 4 tires and 2 cans of Sunoco race fuel goin' into this 24 car, he's away! Matt Yocum?

Matt Yocum: Beavis was dropped to 5th on that last restart. He reports that the car is still too tight. A round of track bar going out of this 7 car. 4 tires and fuel going in, he's off! Steve?

Steve Byrnes: Matt, your leader, the 99 of Dudley Puppy has nothing to report on this 99 car. 4 tires and fuel for the 99, he's down and away and he'll win the race off pit row!

Top 10 after stops:

1. Dudley Puppy (99)
2. Danny Fenton (16)
3. Timmy Turner (17)
4. Tommy Pickles (24)
5. Beavis (7)
6. Homer Simpson (83)
7. Phineas Flynn (43)
8. Kim Possible (88)
9. Kick Buttowski (14)
10. Hoagie Gilligan (2)

(RESTART: Lap 137 (7 caution laps))


Larry Mac: Man, that Dudley Puppy got a great restart and he just left his teammates in the dust as they battle for 2nd and 3rd! Here comes Ashley Armbruster battling for 10th with the 2 of Hoagie Gilligan! She'll take that spot going into turn 2 and take her teammate, the 56 of Vince Lasalle with her!

(Lap 190)

Mike Joy: TROUBLE IN THE BACKSTRETCH! The 51 has spun out and she collects the 90 of Manny Rivera! We have our 4th caution with 77 laps to go here in Kansas just as we came out of green flag stops, Larry Mac.

Larry Mac: Unless you're at the tail end of the field, you DO NOT STOP here!

(RESTART: Lap 202 (12 caution laps))

Mike Joy: Here we go! We restart with 65 laps to go and LET'S CRANK IT UP AGAIN!

(Crank It Up graphic)

(Lap 231)

Mike Joy: We have caution for the 5th time tonight for debris in turn 4. Larry Mac, we're inside the window to make it to the end here if it stays green, expect pit row to be a pretty busy place. Here they come! Krista?

Krista Voda: The 24 getting a routine 4 tire pit stop here, they can make it to the end from here! Matt?

Matt Yocum: Beavis was running 6th before the yellow, just 4 tires and fuel to the finish for him, he's away! Dick?

Dick Berggren: Timmy Turner, your race leader, asking for just 4 tires and fuel to the finish of this one, he's down and away! He will win a crucial race off pit row!

Top 10 after stops:

1. Timmy Turner (17)
2. Tommy Pickles (24)
3. Beavis (7)
4. Kim Possible (88)
5. Dudley Puppy (99)
6. Ash Ketchum (22)
7. Abigail Lincoln (5)
8. Yugi Moto (11)
9. Kick Buttowski (14)
10. Joey Wheeler (18)

(RESTART: Lap 239 (8 caution laps))

Mike Joy: RESTART! We have 28 laps to go in Kansas! TROUBLE IN THE FRONTSTRETCH! The 93 has spun out and he'll bring out the yellow for the 6th time with 27 laps to go in the STP 400.

Larry Mac: Everyone can essentially make it to the checkered flag from here, Mike Joy. We're good to go to the finish, boys!

(RESTART: Lap 249 (8 caution laps))

Mike Joy: Let's try this again! 18 laps to go in Kansas! WE HAVE TROUBLE IN TURN 1! NIKKI WONG HAS SPUN AND HIT THE WALL! CAUTION #7 IS OUT WITH 17 LAPS TO GO!

(RESTART: Lap 259 (10 caution laps))

Mike Joy: Well, maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. RESTART WITH 8 LAPS TO GO!

Larry Mac: How about Ash Ketchum in the 22 car! He got a great run coming out of turn 3 and he's challenging Dudley Puppy for P5 as we have a BATTLE FOR THE LEAD WITH 7 LAPS TO GO! 4 WIDE, THEY'RE BOUNCIN' OFF EACH OTHER! 7, 17, 24, 88 BATTLING IT OUT! 6 LAPS TO GO!

Mike Joy: 4 wide for the lead and the win! Here comes trouble in the form of the next great Pokémon Trainer, Ash Ketchum in the 22 as we have only 4 laps to go and we have caution! It is for debris in the backstretch on lap 263 and this will set up a green-white-checker run to the finish.

(RESTART: Lap 268 (5 caution laps))

Mike Joy: Here we go! 2 laps to decide it all! BATTLE FOR THE LEAD! Ash Ketchum in the 22, Tommy Pickles in the 24 and Timmy Turner in the 17! WHITE FLAG IS OUT! NEXT FLAG WILL END IT! THEY'RE STILL 3 WIDE FOR THE WIN IN THE BACKSTRETCH! WHO'S GONNA TAKE IT? HERE THEY COME, CHECKERED FLAG.....TURNER! TIMMY TURNER WINS THE STP 400!



Chester: Seriously, Timmy? You'd seriously add in your crush's name in your celebration when she's on a different team?

Timmy: What do you think?

Chester: Forget I asked.

(after the burnout)

Matt Yocum: The pink hatted wonder, Timmy Turner, pickin' up his first win of the year at Kansas. Roush-Fenway goin' back to back on the 1.5 mile tracks after Danny Fenton won last Saturday night in Texas. Timmy, obviously Jack Roush's mile and a half program is a force to be dealt with. With the win, you're basically in Chase contention. How's it feel to not only FINALLY win a race, but to be in the championship hunt just 8 races into the season?

Timmy Turner: It feels great, Matt. Danny & I are in the hunt, we want to sweep the Chase slots for RFR by having Dudley with us. That's gonna be tough next week as we're goin' to a track that hasn't been particularly kind to us in the past at Richmond. Just the fact that I won the race feels nice, but let's be honest, I WANT THAT SPRINT CUP! Ford EcoBoost, Best Buy, Crown crew chief, Chester McBadbat, everyone at Roush-Fenway Racing.....You guys are just plain AWESOME!

Matt Yocum: I also noticed that you used the name of your crush, Trixie Tang. Even I'm questioning why you'd do that when she's on a different team.

Timmy: That's on a need to know basis, Matt.

Matt Yocum: Oh by the way, she's right behind you.

Trixie Tang: I heard someone say my name!

Matt Yocum: Well, thanks for joining us, Trixie. You finished 12th tonight, did you expect something different out of tonight?

Trixie Tang: Well, I would've wanted to run up front with Timmy for a few laps, possibly contend for the win. However, it was a fine showing for the #42 Target Chevrolet and EGR. My teammate finished 6th, so that'll hopefully boost us up in the points and we'll see ya in Richmond!

Matt Yocum: Hey, would you like to throw it back up to the guys up in the booth?

Trixie: Mike, Larry, Darrell, back to you guys in the booth.

(Afterwards, Trixie kisses Timmy to congratulate him on the win)

Finishing Order:

1. Timmy Turner (17)
2. Tommy Pickles (24)
3. Ash Ketchum (22)
4. Kim Possible (88)
5. Beavis (7)
6. Nigel Uno (1)
7. Phineas Flynn (43)
8. Edd (29)
9. Hoagie Gilligan (2)
10. Danny Fenton (16)
11. Dudley Puppy (99)
12. Trixie Tang (42)
13. Ed (27)
14. Joey Wheeler (18)
15. Ferb Fletcher (9)
16. Abigail Lincoln (5)
17. Doug Funnie (48)
18. Jeremy Johnson (39)
19. Ashley Armbruster (15)
20. Kick Buttowski (14)
21. Vince Lasalle (56)
22. Eddy (31)
23. Yugi Moto (11)
24. Homer Simpson (83)
25. Tristan Taylor (20)
26. Hank Hill (98)
27. Sokka (38)
28. Dan Kuso (46)
29. Arnold Shortman (37)
30. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (97)
31. Aang (26)
32. Cindy Vortex (10)
33. Ginger Foutley (09)
34. Scooby-Doo (47)
35. Bonnie Rockwaller (21)
36. Milo Kamalani (41)
37. Peter Griffin (93)
38. Katara (34)
39. Gumball Waterson (87)
40. Nikki Wong (13) (DNF: Accident)
41. Manny Rivera (90) (DNF: Accident)
42. Blossom (51) (DNF: Accident)
43. Brad Carbunkle (30) (DNF: Accident)

Points (after 8 of 36 races (I'm excluding Rudy from this part from now on because he's on a limited schedule)):

1. Tommy Pickles - 345 points
2. Kim Possible - 321 points
3. Nigel Uno - 304 points
4. Timmy Turner - 297 points
5. Danny Fenton - 291 points
6. Abigail Lincoln - 286 points
7. Phineas Flynn - 286 points
8. Doug Funnie - 246 points
9. Dudley Puppy - 245 points
10. Ferb Fletcher - 236 points
11. Jeremy Johnson - 225 points
12. Kick Buttowski - 224 points
13. Joey Wheeler - 223 points
14. Trixie Tang - 218 points
15. Yugi Moto - 216 points
16. Ed - 215 points
17. Edd - 212 points
18. Ashley Armbruster - 206 points
19. Tristan Taylor - 205 points
20. Eddy - 201 points
21. Hoagie Gilligan - 197 points
22. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - 190 points
23. Vince Lasalle - 189 points
24. Ash Ketchum - 188 points
25. Homer Simpson - 181 points
26. Nikki Wong - 151 points
27. Arnold Shortman - 145 points
28. Bonnie Rockwaller - 144 points
29. Cindy Vortex - 135 points
30. Scooby-Doo - 115 points
31. Beavis - 105 points
32. Peter Griffin - 104 points
33. Ginger Foutley - 104 points
34. Jake Long - 100 points
35. Aang - 81 points
36. Brad Carbunkle - 76 points
37. Katara - 74 points
38. Milo Kamalani - 69 points
39. Sokka - 67 points
40. Manny Rivera - 63 points
41. Gumball Waterson - 62 points
42. Blossom - 56 points
43. Dan Kuso - 50 points

Round 8 of the championship takes us to America's Heartland and the Kansas Speedway for the STP 400!
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BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Oh, and get this.....I'm actually working on an ALTERNATE ENDING for Operation INTERVIEWS!
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Need I say that Pikachu is so cute? :aww:

Way to go, Timmy!

TRIXIE?!? But what about Tootie?
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Pikachu is the MASCOT of the whole Pokémon franchise, of course he's cute!

I used Trixe because:

A. she's voiced by the same person who voiced my 2nd favorite Rugrat, Kimi (Dionne Quan voice both Trixie and Kimi).

B. Tootie reminds me too much of Lizzie, Nigel's ex-girlfriend (squeaky voice, stalker-like attitude, etc.) Besides, Nigel works better with Rachel, anyway.
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Probably not as cute as Chikorita.

A. Okay.

B. Alright, but Timmy ends up marrying Tootie at the end of that special whose name I can't remember.
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Actually, Butch Hartman left it abmiguous as to who Timmy ends up with at the end of 'Channel Chasers'. I only watched 'Grow Up, Timmy Turner!' because Drake Bell from 'Drake & Josh' and 'The Amanda Show' was playing the lead.
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see.
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Well it certainly was nice to see Beavis run as well as he did.

I certainly never would've thought that Pikachu would ride with Ash in the car; once again you've one-upped me on a potential idea!

And I really didn't expect Trixie to kiss Timmy; last time I checked, she hated him in the actual show.

Anyway, I do have one suggestion; you know how some characters have "special powers," like airbending, waterbending, ghosting, fairy godparents, electricity, etc? If you recall, I did, on a few rare occasions in my series, have characters use their special powers to gain advantages and hinder other competitors. I'd love to see you do something like that, if you would!

Great work once again, and I look forward to Richmond!
BurstFlame24 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Like I said, Beavis must've had a nice, long chat with Mr. Robby Gordon after the Texas race. He didn't want to make the car owner mad.

Pikachu is Ash's wingman (or wing-mouse, so to speak). Whereever Ash goes, Pikachu goes. I still don't get why Pikachu hated to be in a Pokéball.

As for Trixie kissing Timmy....I CERTAINLY WASN'T GOING TO USE TOOTIE IN THIS ONE! Tootie reminds me too much of Nigel Uno's ex-girlfriend, Lizzie Devine (partly because they have the same voice actress, Grey Delisle).

The characters in my series are trying to curb the use of their special powers as best they can because in my series, NASCAR WILL BE CRACKING DOWN ON SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES. Any driver that uses superpowers WILL get hit with a 25 point penalty.

Still 3 races left until All-Star Week! The Pit Crew Challenge participants could change in that time span!
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